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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему " Друзья"

Урок по английскому языку на тему " Друзья"

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Цели урока:


активизировать процесс запоминания излагаемого лексического материала путём комбинирования новых и ранее усвоенных лексических единиц;

активизировать процесс формирования грамматических рецептивных навыков на базе знакомых структур в Complex Object и модального глагола must;

формировать навыки неподготовленной речи.


обогащать и систематизировать лексический и грамматический материал продуктивного плана;

формировать коммуникативные умения: вести диалог,  формулировать вопросы, развивать слуховую оперативную память;


воспитать уважительное, толерантное отношение к чужому мнению;

стимулировать интерес учащихся к изучению иностранного языка через интересные    формы и методы работы.


предупреждать переутомления детей путем смены деятельности и музыкальной паузы.

Тип урока: совершенствование лексических навыков говорения с использованием лексико-грамматических таблиц

Форма урока: урок - дискуссия


 - технология  развивающего, личностно-ориентированного обучения, технологию коллективного взаимообучения.


- слайды с лексическими таблицами;

- мультимедийный проектор;

- программное обеспечение (Ms Оffice, , Power Point);

Методы: объяснительно-иллюстративные (беседа, анализ таблицы, формулировка фактов);частично-поисковый (комментирование практических действий с выводом, выбор примеров - подтверждений с опорой на наглядность)

Приёмы: использование ТСО, самостоятельная работа по пройденному материалу, критического мышления.

Формы организации урока: коллективные, индивидуальные, групповые.

Предполагаемый результат: развитие  ключевых компетентностей, таких как: предметная и информационная, воспитание поведенческой культуры и интереса к изучаемому предмету.

Ход урока:

1.Организационная часть


Hello, everybody! The ring is bell!

Please take your seats! Let`s begin our lesson!

2. Актуализация опорных знаний.

 2.1. Warming up

Are you OK? – I hope so. Are you happy? – I hope so.

My dear boys and girls! I’m not going to tell you what we shall do in our today’s lesson. I would like you to guess and name its topic. I hope it won’t be a very difficult task because I know you like clever and quick-witted pupils. Are you ready to start? Are you ready to throw yourself into things? Then, let’s go! (my words)

Life is full of ups and downs

So many obstacles to face,

So difficult to dawn a smile

To end each night with grace.

A journey not for weak at heart,

To succeed one must be clever.

Attempt this challenge not alone

For best friends are forever.

They fill your heart with cheer,

They offer support not often found.

The best friends are forever,

They never let you down.

3.Мотивация учебной деятельности


Well, who has already guessed what our lesson is about? – Pupils’ answers.

Yes, today is the day that we speak about friends and friendship. The motto of our lesson you can see on my slide. These words belong to Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle.

4. Основная часть

4.1. Speaking

1) I’m sure that all of you have friends. Maybe they are your classmates, your neighbours…

What is a true / best friend like? In order to answer this question, we’ll use the word combinations from the table.

Slide № 1

A True Friend is / must be…

the most kind-hearted, cheerful, responsible, loyal, honest, sociable, intelligent, helpful, generous, reliable.

2) And where do people usually make friends?

Slide № 2

Usually we make friends…

in the kindergarten, in the holiday camp, at work, in an airport, by using a computer,

at the disco, while studying, in a car park, in the sports center, in the yard.


Now I’d like you to listen to monologues about how people met their friend:

by using a computer?

at work?

in a car park?

in an airport?

while studying?

(After students have finished listening, we check their results)

True answers: S.1(e), S.2(c), S.3(b), S.4(a), S.5(d)

And where did you meet your friend for the first time? Do you remember that?

3) They say: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Do you agree with this proverb?

Now I’d like you to share your opinion on the point…

when people usually help their friends, particularly your friend.

Slide № 3

gives me a helping hand when I…

am in trouble;

am in a bad mood;

am ill;

don’t know what to do;

have problems with my schoolwork,

need advice;

the others.

4) Our life is not only work and studying. Sometimes we learn more about our friends socializing with them. What is the best thing to do in spare time?

Slide № 4

Free time…

do sports;

go shopping;

walk in the park;

talk on the phone;

travel together;

communicate through the Internet;

the others.

Well, is it typical of you or not? How often do you spend free time together? What do you usually do? What do you like do together?

5) What mustn’t a true friend do? Mind the grammatical constructions with must!

Slide № 5


quarrel with me, ignore my problems, let me down, see things the same, deceive me,

refuse to help me, help me at the lesson, share all secrets with me.

6) And the last but not least. Explain what a person must do to become a true friend.

Mind the grammatical construction with Complex Object!

4.3. Reading

Slide № 6

I’d like my friend to…

worry about me;

forgive me if I do something wrong;

keep my secrets;

understand me;

stand by me no matter what..;

cheer me up;

confide in me.;

the others.

5. Рефлексия.

5.1. Обобщение материала

Group work.

To tell the truth it was very interesting to listen to you today. But now I want you to create a portrait of a true friend, using the table. You should do it in groups. (I divide students in 3 groups and give them 3-5 minutes to prepare a small monologue about a true friend. They are also given a table)

You have worked well today. The time has come to relax a little and sing our favourite song KsM “Best Friends Forever”.

5.2. Домашнее задание

At home you are to write a composition “My best friend”

(Students write a composition using models prepared in advance…

My best friend is…

We made friends…

My close friend gives me a helping hand when I…

We usually / often…

My best friend always…

He / she never…

5.3. Оценивание

- You worked well, your marks are:

- Our lesson is over!  Have a rest!

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