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Урок по английскому языку на тему "The first president of Kazakhstan" (10 класс)

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The theme of the lesson: The first President of Kazakhstan

The aim of the lesson: to enlarge the students’ speech vocabulary, to develop listening,

reading, writing, speaking skills and their critical thinking, to

revise previously taught vocabulary and grammar materials, to

bring up to love Motherland, to create a relaxed, non-

threatening atmosphere in the classroom.

Type of the lesson: mixed lesson

Methods of the lesson: Critical Thinking by Reading and Writing

Visual aids: Active Board, a computer, an electronic book, stickers (presentations and


  1. Greeting

  • Good afternoon, students! I’m glad to see you! Now let’s our lesson.

  1. Brain – writing

  • I want to ask some questions

  1. Where do we live? What country?

  2. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

  3. Who is the head of our country?

  4. Who is he? Is he a king, a queen or a president?

  5. Is he the first president of our country? Has our country a president before N. Nazarbayev? And why?

(Because N Nazarbayev became the first president of Kazakhstan in 1990 and then only in 1991 Kazakhstan adopted the Constitutional law on the independence of the republic of Kazakhstan. And nowadays he is the president of our country)

- And you know the election of the president of Kazakhstan will be on the 26th of April. We’ll hold the election of the President in our school by not voting, but your knowledge. And today you must your knowledge at English.

  1. And when do we celebrate Independence Day? (16th, December)

  2. When do we celebrate the First President’s Day? (1st December)

  • And how do you think? What is the theme of the lesson?

  • OK, very well

  • The theme of our lesson is “The first president of Kazakhstan” (write date and day of the week)

  • And I want you to write some information about our president on your notebooks. What do you know about N.Nazarbayev?

(Then they will read their sentences)

  • And know I want you to look at the presentation; I want to add some information about our president. Also there are many schools, parks, universities named after Nursultan Nazarbayev in our country.

(Presentation, slide 2, 3, 4)

  1. Divide into 2 groups

  • I want to divide you in groups. For this come here choose these smiles and sit by the same smiles.

  • What are they on your hands?

  • Smiles. Smile to each other please!

  1. Listen to the CD about N. Nazarbayev

  • And let’s do the tasks by this topic. I’ll give you texts you must read it and give the title to paragraphs (work in groups)

  1. Choose the correct answers

1940 He was born in …

1967 He graduated from consortium’s technical college as a metal engineer.

1984 Nursultan Nazarbayev became Chairman of the Council of Ministers

of the Kazakh SSR.

1989 He was appointed as the First Secretary of the Central Committee of

the Communist Party.

1990 He won the presidential election and became the first President of the

young country.

  • And now take your classmate’s notebooks and check their answers, please.

  • How many right answers has she got?

  • Look at the board and there are right answers and marks

  1. Are these sentences true or false? If the sentence is false you will correct it.

  1. Nursultan Nazarbayev was born in the village of Kaskelen of the Almaty Region. F

  2. He graduated from it with the diploma of engineer. F

  3. He worked his way up from an iron caster, turn ace worker, controller to senior gasman. T

  4. He became a party leader for Temirtau and Karaganda and later was transferred to Petropavlsk. F

  1. In 1991 Nursultan Nazarbayev became a Chairman of the Council Ministers. F

  1. Grammar practice.

  • At the previous lessons we studied the Conditional Sentences.

  • How many types have the Conditional Sentences?

First Conditional, Second Conditional and Third Conditional

Table of the Conditional Sentences

  1. Grammar tasks on Conditional Sentences

  • Test “Choose the correct answer”

  • Put the verbs into correct form.

  1. Home work

To write an essay “If I were a president …”

  1. Marking

Satbayev secondary school


The First President of Kazakhstan

(the mixed lesson, 10th form)

Teacher: Kairgalieva A.K.

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Меня зовут Кайыргалиева Айнур Куановна. Я учитель английского языка. Люблю свою профессию и детей. Мне особенно нравится работать с детьми начальных классов. Мои ученики призеры и участники разных конкурсов и олимпиад по английскому языку. Я сама в этом году заняла первое место в конкурсе панорамных уроков учителей английского языка.

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