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Урок по теме :ЕДА

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Theme: You are what you eat.

The Aims:


to learn new words and word combinations on the theme;

to review vocabulary of food containers;

to practice how to classify vocabulary;

to teach pupils how to make a shopping list;


to develop reading skills;

to develop communicational skills;

to practice students in team work;


foster a culture of food as a component of a healthy lifestyle;

to develop a desire to improve your own culture;

to develop a culture of shopping;

  1. Organizational moment

Greeting/Aims (6 minutes)

Teacher: Good morning, children!
Students: Good morning, teacher.
Teacher: I’m glad to see you.
Students: We are glad to see you too.

Teacher: I hope you are all fine and are ready to work hard at your English lesson. You know that there are fruits and vegetables. We also can say «food» and «drinks». Do you know that we can say «food» but also «meal»? Food is what we eat and meal is any of the regular occasions, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, when food is served and eaten. I want you to guess the theme of our lesson. It’s easy, I’ll help you. Let’s watch a video.

Additional material: video.


Teacher: Please tell me what is this boy eating?

Student 1: An apple, a cereal and a water.

Teacher: So, what can you say about this food?

Student 2: This food is healthy.

Teacher: Absolutely right. The theme of our lesson is «You are what you eat». The aim of our lesson is to learn new words and word combinations. By the end of the lesson you will be able to use the new words in your speech, to classify the vocabulary, to make a shopping list and also you’ll learn more about healthy food.

2. Check on homework. (1 minute)

II. The main part of the lesson.

Vocabulary (9 minutes)

Teacher: Now you know that we can categorize food. Let’s practice it. Give me five fruits and five vegetables. Excellent! But we also can use other categories like meat, dairy products etc.

Let’s repeat the words you’ve learnt and learn some new.

Additional material: presentation.



Teacher writes the food categories on the board and asks students to categorize the vocabulary.

Additional material: cards

Suggested answer:

vegetables (n): lettuce, tomatoes, frozen peas, potatoes

fruit (n): bananas, apples

meat (n): lamb chops, mince

poultry (n): chicken legs, turkey

dairy products (n): low-fat yoghurt, eggs, low-fat milk, a tub of ice-cream, butter, cheese

nuts & seeds (n): peanuts, almonds

oils (n): olive oil, vegetable oil

fish (n): tuna, salmon

beverages (n): coffee, tea

cereal, grains & pasta (n): wholemeal bread, cereal, brown rice, white bread, spaghetti

snacks (n): a packet of crisps, frozen pizza, a tub of ice-cream, a bar of chocolate, biscuits,

hot dog

spices & herbs (n): salt & pepper, basil

Teacher: And now tell me what do you like to eat?

Student 1: I like coffee and biscuits.

Student 2: I prefer apples and chocolate.

Teacher: And I like milk, honey and cereal. I want to buy these products in the evening and put them in my bag. Hmm… It doesn’t’ seem right. It’s inconvenient when the products are mixed. Where should we put it? Of course, in containers!

Teacher asks students to complete the phrases with the correct containers.

Additional material: models of containers, presentation

Suggested Answer:

A box of cereal

a bottle of water

a jar of honey

a cup/packet of tea

a tin of sardines

a packet of crisps

a can of cola

a cartoon/bottle of milk

Teacher: I hope it wasn’t hard for you. You can use this picture as a helper while learning these words.


Reading (9 minutes)

Teacher: We know a lot of products now. Let’s read the text about how these products help our health.

Teacher: First of all look at this list of new words. I prepared mini vocabularies for you.

Additional material: Vocabularies.

Teacher reads and explains new words for children.

Teacher: While reading, underline all words connecting with food. You must use our «Go on» scheme. So, Alina , read first three sentences and then say who must go on. Be attentive, guys!


Additional material: cards, presentation.

Speaking (7 minutes)

Teacher: Let’s discuss this text. We are going to make a dialogue. Will you help me? It is easy! Your task is to prepare a dialogue with your partner using the pattern on the board. You should fill the words you’ve learnt today. Start, please!

Teacher monitors the activity and helps where necessary. Then teacher asks pairs to repeat their dialogues for the class.

Teacher: Very well! Your dialogues were great, but I want to give these prizes to students which dialogues were the best today. Well done, guys!


Additional material: cards, presentation.

Project work (7 minutes)

Teacher: Excellent! I hope it was interesting for you. I think you’ve understood that we should eat healthy food and we shouldn’t eat junk food. Now I want you to imagine that we are going to go to a supermarket. The task for a 1st team is to make a shopping list containing only a healthy food and the task for a 2nd team should contain only a junk food. Use these posters. Start, please!


Additional material: posters.

Students present their shopping lists.

  1. Ending of lesson (5 minutes)

  1. Giving homework

Teacher: Guys, I hope you understood that healthy food is a very important part of our life. Look at the blackboard!

Additional material: poster.


Teacher: Read this proverb. How do you understand it? Very well. Guys, for the next time I want you to prepare a quiz about yourself. Read the explanation and think about it. Maybe you should eat more apples .


  1. Putting Marks

  2. Suming-up
    Thank you for a hard work. The lesson is over. See you soon.

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