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Виртуальное путешествие по Лондону.

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Конспект урока по английскому языку в 7г классе

Учителя английского языка Жидковой Т.Ф.


"Виртуальное путешествие по Лондону" (7класс)

Цель: Обобщение материала по теме «Лондон и его достопримечательности».


  1. Воспитательные:

  • формировать у учащихся уважение и интерес к культуре и народу Великобритании;

  • формировать потребность в практическом использовании английского языка в социально-культурной сфере;

  • воспитывать культуру общения.

  1. Развивающие:

  • развивать у учащихся интерес к изучению английского языка;

  • углублять познавательные мотивы;

  • развивать эмоциональную сферу учащихся и их актёрские способности.

  1. Образовательные:

  • обобщить и расширить знания учащихся о столице Великобритании, обычаях и традициях страны;

  • расширить общий и лингвистический кругозор учащихся.

  1. Практические:

  • развивать у учащихся умения и навыки монологической и диалогической речи;

  • учить учащихся применять Present Perfect с ранее усвоенной грамматической конструкцией Past Simple;

  • развивать умение выступать публично с подготовленным устным сообщением на заданную тему.

Технические средства обучения: мультимедийный проектор (презентация PowerPoint)

I. Организационный момент.

Today our lesson will be unusual.

Have you ever been to London? I suppose you haven’t. Now you have such an opportunity.

At our lesson we’ll make a trip to London, the capital of Great Britain. It’s one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world.

II. Повторение грамматики.

  • But at first let’s revise Past Simple and Present Perfect. It will help us at our journey. (слайд 1)

What words do we often use in Past Simple? (yesterday/last/ago/in)

What about Present Perfect? (already/yet/just/ever)

What form of the verb and what auxiliary verb do we use in Past Simple? (V2/did)

What form of the verb and what auxiliary verb do we use in Present Perfect? (V3/have (has))

Let’s read some examples:

  • And do you remember Irregular verbs? Let’s revise some of them (be/see/read/buy/meet/build) (слайд 2)

  • And now let’s make up the sentences. (слайд 3)

Read the phrases and translate them. Look at the example.

Open your copy-books. I give you 2 minutes to write down the sentences usingthe Present Perfect Tense. Match the verb with a phrase to make a sentence.

Read your sentences.

Very good. Thank you.

III. Речевая зарядка.

  • Повторение лексических единиц.

Before going to London let’s review all the words which will help us in our journey. I’ll name the letter and your task is to name the word which begins with this letter. (слайды 4 - 17)

B: Bank of England, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, British Museum, bury

C: crown, church, Covent Garden, column, Changing the Guards

F: financial, fashionable, fortress, famous

H: Houses of Parliament, Horse Guards, Hyde Park, House of Lords, House of Commons

N: National Gallery, narrow, Nelson’s Column, noble

P: Palaces of Westminster, prison, Poet’s Corner, pavement

T: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Thames

Excellent! Thank you.

  • Драматизация диалогов.

And now let’s talk a bit. On your desks you have cards with the dialogues in Russian. Translate and dramatize them. (слайд 18)


- Are you going to London for the first time?

- Yes, I have always dreamt to visit this city.

- I believe there are many attractive places.

- Certainly. I’ll see everything I’ve read and heard about London.


- What would you like to visit in London?

- Oh, there are so many places I want to see. But I’ll start with the Tower of London.

- I’ve heard it has a great history.

- You are right. I’d like to see famous ravens.


- In London there are so many unusual things.

- What do you mean?

- I mean double-decker buses.

- Oh. We’ll make a double-decker bus tour about London and see many sights from its top.

Perfect! Good.

IV. Основной этап.

  • And now, ladies and gentlemen.

We welcome you to London.

London is one of the largest cities in the world. About seven million people live here. London is more than two thousand years old. London’s most famous sights are Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Your hometask was to prepare short reports about these sights. And start with the main square. (слайд 19)

P1: Trafalgar Square is a geographical center of London. It’s the largest among London’s squares. On the column in the centre there is a statue of Admiral Nelson who defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The main building of Trafalgar Square is the National Gallery. It has a fine collection of European paintings. (слайды 20 - 21)

P2: Now we pass famous London parks. Entrance to the parks is free and you may walk on the grass, lie down to rest on it, if the weather is fine you may even ride horses. London Parks have cafes and art galleries. Hyde Park became the first public garden. It is known for its Speaker’s Corner, where everyone can stand up and say what he wants. (слайды 22 - 23)

P3: At last we are at Buckingham Palace. It is the London home of the Queen. When the flag is flying on the top she is at home. There is a wonderful daily ceremony, which takes place at 11.30. Usually Londoners and a great number of tourists watch Changing the Guards in front of the Palace. It’s a very beautiful parade. (слайды 24 - 25)

P4: In front of you there are the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The Houses of Parliament is the seat of the British government. There are two chambers in British Parliament: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. St. Stephan’s Tower of the Houses of Parliament contains the famous Big Ben. It is one of the most famous clocks in the world.

(слайды 26 - 27)

P5: In a moment you will see Westminster Abbey. It is a royal church. The last monarch coronated in the Abbey was present Queen Elisabeth the IInd. Many English kings and queens were buried there. Westminster Abbey is famous for its Poets’ Corner too. Many great writers are buried there: for example Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling.

(слайды 28 - 29)

P6: Now we are crossing Tower Bridge over the river Thames. From here you can see the Tower of London. English kings lived there many years ago. It was a fortress, a Royal palace and a prison, but now it’s a museum. The ravens are another famous sight. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall. (слайд 30)

P7: We are now making our way to the second famous church, St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is the greatest work of the architect Sir Christopher Wren. Many important public figures are buried here. (слайд 31)

P8: The last point of our excursion is Covent Garden. It’s the biggest cultural and shopping center in Britain. It was a big fruit and vegetable market. It is now a tourist shopping centre with cafes and restaurants. (слайд 32)

  • You have just visited some interesting places in London. Let’s see how well you know them. Look at the photos and name them.

What is it? (Показываю иллюстрации некоторых достопримечательностей Лондона) (слайды 33 - 40)

OK. Your memory is good.

Now, check up what you have learnt about these sights, how attentive you are.

Fill in the crossword answering the questions. (слайды 41 - 42)

V. Заключительный этап.

Our tour has finished. Thank you for your attention and activity.I hope very much that you have enjoyed our tour of London.

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