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Christmas Party

Вечер открывают Литвиненко Дарья, Еремейчик Валерия, Адамян Роза.

The bells are ringing

They’re ringing clear

They tell every person

That Christmas time is near.

Ведущий: Christmas is the time when people are waiting for miracles. It’s the time when happiness is found. Today we’ll try to prove that miracles do happen and if we are open to receiving, they can come at any time. We declare our Christmas Party open!

Song “Christmas is all around” (Linovitskaya M.S.)

Ведущий: Every year children all over the world wait for Santa Claus or Father Frost coming down the chimney or flying inside through the window, leaving them presents and fulfilling their cherished dreams.

Ведущий: Yes, and writing Christmas letters has become an inseparable part of this holiday. I wonder what children include in these annual upgrades today?

Ведущий: Let’s ask them about it.

Nikita, do you believe in Santa Claus?

Nikita: Of course, I do. All children believe in Santa.

Ведущий: Have you written a letter to him?

Nikita: Yes, I have.

Ведущий: What would you like Santa Claus to give you as a present?

Nikita: I want Santa Claus to bring me an IPod.

Ведущий: Darina, what about you? Do you like Christmas?

Darina: Yes, it is my favourite holiday.

Ведущий: Do you hope to find any presents under the Christmas tree?

Darina: I do.

Ведущий: What would you ask Santa Claus for?

Well, children’s dreams vary greatly today.

Ведущий: Yes, their wishes are different but very important to each of them.

Do you remember about our small guest?

Ведущий: Of course, I do. Uliyana has come to our party to share her cherished dreams hoping that Santa Claus will hear her and definitely carry out her wishes.

Презентация письма Санта Клаусу ученицы 6 класса

Ведущий: Uliyana, we’re certain that SC will get your letter and won’t make you wait for a long time. Miracles exist if we believe in them.

Song “It's The Heart That Matters Most

Let us tell you about the snowy Christmas Day that the heroes of our fairy-tale were blessed by a healing visit of Christmas angel and the miracle that she blessed them with.

Marriage Advertisement

Baba Yaga:

Some people call me DJ Baba.

You may call me simply Yaga.

I came here just from Hell

A Christmas story for you to tell.

Once upon a time there lived three young men and one young lady. They travelled the world in search of fame, fortune and gratitude. Now these four went from place to place, country to country, spreading the joy of fun.

Song «Somewhere in the north»

Somewhere in the forest, somewhere in the north.

There lived a snow maiden together with Father Frost

They make all children happy, give presents on New Year’s day

Are friends with Baba Yaga and funny snowman.

Под музыку Баба Яга уводит снегурочку.

Father Frost: Snowman!

Snowman: Yes….

Father Frost: Where is our snow maiden?

Snowman: She’s out of sight.

Father Frost: Yes, you’re quite right.

Baba Yaga: Do you know, Frosty Daddy,

where is your Fair Lady? (Смеется)

Father Frost: One more your dirty trick

And I’ll freeze you with my stick.

Snowman: Let me try to break the ice

I’ll persuade her at any price.

We’re pressed for time, my darling (целует руку Бабе Яге)

Since New Year’s Day is coming.

Baba Yaga: Get your daughter safe and sound

But a little bit spellbound.

Звучит музыка There she was just walking down the street. Снегурочка появляется.

Snow maiden: Did you call me?

I’m here.

What’s the trouble with you, dear?

Father Frost & Snowman: We’re feeling so blue

And everything because of you.

Father Frost: Where is your decency?

What a shame,

All my efforts were in vain. (Баба Яга потирает руки)

Snow maiden: Why do you fly into a passion?

I’m just dressed in the latest fashion.

Im not a girl of five (Снеговик дотрагивается до юбки Снегурочки)

(Ударяя Снеговика по рукам) And I’m not at all your wife.

Let me live my own life.

Baba Yaga: What a pretty photo!

He is extremely nice!

I wish he were my husband.

Read quicker, what he writes.

Snow maiden: Wow! Marriage advertisement.

Oh, Baba Yaga, you’re so brave.

To marry, having one foot in the grave.

(Читает) Well, a young foreign man of a middle height,

Wants a pretty girl (mmmmmmm - хором),

For a Christmas night (aaaaaaaaa-хором).

Oh, I’m leaving you.

Let me, please, be happy.

Let my dreams come true.

Father Frost: What? In a foreign country?

No! You must stay with me at home.

Снегурочка плачет под песню «You are frozen».

Баба Яга огорчена и уговаривает Деда Мороза.

Baba Yaga: Don’t be silly, go abroad.

You can live there like a Lord.

If you stand your Proficiency Test, Father Frost.

You’ll be promoted to a higher post.

What? Don’t you believe me?

Meet Shilla and Mila.

Oh, Shillo na milo.

Вот, блин, забыла.

Ah, Shura and Mura,

They will persuade you, I’m sure.

Цыганочка. Появляются 2 цыганки.

Ц1: Oh, a marriage is in sight.

Do you want it to be all right?

Ц2: If you want to know your future, give us money “mucho-mucho”

Ц1: No money, no luck, honey.

No cent-nothing meant.

Snow maiden: Who is my love?

Is he rich or poor?

What’s your card telling?

What? A frog in the moor?

Ц2: No gold-nothing told.

Ц1: Frog is green like green is money,

Do you see, my pretty honey?

Ц2: The more you pay, the more you learn.

Don’t forget it, a beautiful girl.

Snow maiden:: What? A bottle?

Is he an alcoholic or a drunkard man?

Ц1: No, he’s simply a Coca-Cola fan.

Snow maiden: Ah…And what about this eagle can you say?

Ц1 и Ц2: It means your flight to the USA.

Snow maiden: What a pity! How can I get there?

Baba Yaga: Right on my broomstick,

Just through the air.

My broomstick is magic

Since this” is its name.

To any country you can fly away.

Since this very hour, since this very day.

I wish we were in the USA.

Scene II

Появляется Санта Клаус с оленем и подарками.

Deer: I’m a deer, he’s my boss.

Santa Claus: Hi, guys, I’m Santa Claus.

What’s wrong with you?

I don’t hear your applause.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m as busy today as a bee.

A lot of presents here you can see.

But it would be better for my deer and me,

To find a beauty under the fur tree.

Deer: My boss is a dreamer, he really thinks

That there are magicians, that miracles exist.

He even has in store some drinks

And keeps in the pocket two marriage rings.

С песней появляются Дед Мороз, Снегурочка и Снеговик.

We came to NY city

To meet the Christmas night

We hope that Russian beauties

Will bring you much delight.

We wish you merry Christmas

And much happiness and joy

And think that snow maiden

Will impress your dreamy boy (2 times).

We love USA, though we live dalyoko.

Here we are, though we live dalyoko.

Father Frost: Merry Christmas, Santa Claus!

Santa Claus: Glad to meet you Father Frost.

Father Frost: Do you want to marry our Lady?

Santa Claus: Yes, Father Frost, I’m always ready.

Deer: Look! She’s too young, too thin. She is as thin as a rale.

I’d advise you to send her back to Russia by mail.

Baba Yaga: Our girl is skin and bone

But she’d never been alone.

Father Frost: Decide it quickly on the spot.

Do you like our snow maiden or not?

Santa Claus: Well, I like her.

Snow maiden: You are so good to me a real gentleman

Let’s now dance together

Dear superman.

Танец под музыку «Style»

Baba Yaga: When Christmas party came to its end

The Russian heroes were missing their land

As it was time for them to leave

Some started to cry, others to grieve.

Snow maiden: What am I to do?

I just feel split in two?

Baba Yaga: I can’t see your further grief.

I shall help you with my stick.

Santa Claus: But what are you going to do?

Baba Yaga: Just to divide her into two.

Father Frost: She’s a living-being, not a piece of tart.

Baba Yaga: Don’t be afraid, Father Frost, you will get your part.

Santa Claus: You want to use your X-erox, I’m afraid.

Baba Yaga: No! Silence, please. The experiment is made.

Since this very moment,

Since this holly night,

There are two snow maidens – one daughter, another bride.

Snow maidens: We both shall be happy in Russia and the USA.

And we shall meet together

On Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Santa Claus: It’s a real wonder of this day

Father Frost: Yes, every miracle is possible today

Snow maiden1: But Christmas night is not so long.

Snow maiden2: So, let’s sing our final song.

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