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Внеклассное мероприятие "How do you know English?"

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How do you know English?

Host: Good afternoon, dear participants, judges and guests! Today we meet at the annual decade of English language. The topic of our competition is How do you know English? We have three teams. The members of the teams will do some tasks, which are divided into 6 rounds. So let’s start.

Round 1

The 1st task is to present yourself and your team.

Round 2

Look at the board you can see some questions. Your task is to give right answer.

For every correct answer you get 5 points.

Round 3

You get a sheet of paper with tasks. You must correct the sentences. You have 5 minutes.

Round 4

Now it’s time to check your speaking skills. Your team must choose two topics and after that, you have 5 minutes to be ready for speaking.

(While participants are preparing for speaking, the host is working with audience, they answer the questions and decide which group they want to give points).

After 5 minutes participants tell their topics.

Round 5

Next task is to guess the word as quickly as possible. Look at the board you can see letters in the wrong order.

Round 6

And the last round is to describe the picture. You stay without looking at the board and teams try to describe the picture. You need to guess: who or what is this?

Host: Excellent! You have won! Clap your hands! Thank you for the game! Goodbye!

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