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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Фонетический конкурс" (4-5 класс)

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Phonetic contest

The Seasons”

I Этап

Student 1: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls, dear ladies and gentlemen! You are welcome to our Phonetic Competition!

Student 2: As we know the weather is unpredictable. That’s why we are going to talk about the seasons today.

Student 1: N, what is the season now?

Student 2: I don’t know. It was rainy yesterday. Today it is snowing.

Student 1: I think our friends know the answer.

Poems about Autumn

Student 1: Oh, yes. It is autumn now. But it looks like winter. Do you like winter?

Student 2: Yes, I do. It is a very beautiful season. Let’s listen to some poems about winter.

Poems about Winter

Student 1: My mother and grandmother really like spring. What do you think? Why do they prefer this season?

Student 2: I can’t find the answer. I think, we should listen to the poems about spring and get to know what beautiful things this season has.

Poems about Spring

Student 1: What pictures are over there?

Student 2: Oh, there are photos from my summer holidays.

Student 1: Did you like your holidays?

Student 2: Yes, of course. It was great. Besides, summer is my favourite season.

Student 1 : I think everyone likes summer. Am I right? Do you like summer? (обращение к залу)

Poems about Summer

II Этап

ОЗУ: The first round is over. We congratulate our participants.

Now, while our jury are deciding who will continue the competition we will play a game.

We have three rows. And we will need 4 volunteers. Our volunteers are reading the text out loud, and when you hear special words you have to say special words written on the board.

People or season all for one and one for all

spring and summer – happy-go-lucky

autumn or autumn great minds think alike

boy – come rain or shine

Teacher: You know hundreds years ago the seasons didn’t follow one after another but were mixed because they didn’t know who would follow who and fought. It was ruining people’s lives. That’s why one day the people chose a courageous boy who should persuade the seasons to live in peace. It was difficult to find the seasons he was tired but he did it.

The first season he met was Winter

-Hey, Winter.
-Yes, a small boy.

-We want you to be the first season in the year.

-Why should I. I want to be the last season.

-Why?! But Winter, You’re the cleverest and the oldest season.

-Ok, I will be the first.

He continued. When he walked across a forest he heard a laugh of Spring. It was a young and extremely beautiful season. He ran after her and at last he talked to Spring.

  • Oh, dear spring! I and all the people would like you to follow your eldest sister, Winter.

  • I do not want follow any season! I want to play and with Autumn and with Summer and to listen to Winter’s stories.

  • But it will be impossible for people to live. We need such a tender season after winter!

  • I agree, if you play a game with me.

The boy played and continued the journey.

Suddenly, the boy heard a thunder. It was wild Summer. Playing with wind the season was shouting and laughing.

The boy caught Summer.

  • Do you want to be the third season.

  • And who will be next to me.

  • Spring and Autum.

  • That’s great. I like playing with Spring and it is so calm with wise Autumn!

So, Summer the boy should find the last and the most wise season.

He was looking for her so long! At last she called him.

  • A small, brave boy! Are you looking for something?

  • Wise Autumn! I was looking for you. Can you be the last season in the year, be…

  • I understand the people need peace at the end of the year. They want to relax.

  • That’s true.

  • Did you persuade the rest of my sisters.

  • yes, I did.

  • I agree then.

That’s was a story how seasons started to live in order.

ОЗУ: Thank you very much! You did a great job! Now we will know the lucky name to continue our contest!

Жюри называет мена финалистов.

ОЗУ: You guys are finalists and thet’s your task. It’s a little text for each of you. You have 2 minutes to prepare the reading.

When summer comes the weather gets warmer and sometimes it's very hot. It's the farmer's busy season. He works in his fields from morning till night. Sometimes the sky is overcast with heavy clouds. There are storms with thunder, lightning and hail. Autumn brings with it the harvest time. The days get shorter and the nights longer. The woods turn yellow and brown, leaves begin to fall from the trees The sky is grey and it often rains.”

ОЗУ: Now we are ready to hear the results of our Phonetis Contest.


Thank you for your attention and hard work.

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