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Задание на отработку времен группы Continuous

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Задание 1. Измените предложения так, чтобы они были в Continuous, дополнив предложения обстоятельствами времени: now, at 11 oclock, when you came, fromto, all the day, где необходимо.

1. First-year students work in the anatomy museum. 2. He will make ;i report on the muscular system. 3. She prepared the text «Voluntary and Involuntary Muscles» at home. 4. We translated 5 sentences from this text. 5. Last Monday we had a practical lesson on the structure and functions of smooth muscles.

Задание 2. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол во Future Continuous.

  1. This time next year I (not/work) for this company any more.

  2. I (sit) at home. You can come at six tomorrow.

  3. At nine o’clock the day after tomorrow, she (study) at the university.

  4. We won’t be at home this evening as we (look) after our neighbor’s baby.

  5. He (have) breakfast at ten o’clock, so, please. Do not disturb him.

  6. Jacob can give the papers to him as he (see) him this evening.

  7. I will meet you tomorrow. I (wait) for you at eleven at the station.

  8. He can help you in the library tomorrow as he (prepare) his work anyway.

  9. My parents (paint) the house all the weekend.

  10. They can’t visit you on Tuesday because they (play) volley-ball then.

  11. My parent this time tomorrow (fly) to Canada.

  12. Between 11 and 12 I (have) lunch tomorrow.

  13. Rebecca (talk) to her tomorrow so she can ask about your situation.

  14. Next week at this time Tom (leave) for Russia.

  15. My parents (drive) to the railway station next Saturday so they can give you a lift.

  16. We can’t go to the cinema with you tomorrow as we (prepare) for exams all day.

  17. This time next month Matt (sail) with his brother to Europe.

  18. Tomorrow evening I (meet) my great parents, so I just can help you.

  19. My boss (work) now so we have to ask him in the evening.

  20. I will thank George for you as I (call) him tomorrow morning.

Задание 3. Поставьте глагол в Present Continuous

  1. Please be quiet. I (try) to concentrate.

  2. Look! It (snow).

  3. Why (you/wear) your coat today? It’s very warm.

  4. Excuse me, I (look) for a phone box. Is there one near here?

  5. Listen! Can you hear those people next door? They (shout) at each other again.

Задание 4. Соедините части предложения из правой и левой колонок таблицы.

The population of the world  

to the theatre tonight.

Don’t make a noise,

a newspaper in the library.

We are going

is rising very fast.

He is reading

getting better?

Is your English

he is working.

Задание 5. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в фоpму Past Continuous.

While I ___________ (to copy) the exercise, my friends __________ (to describe) a picture. When we came in, the children __________ (to clean) their desks. We met her at the bus stop. She ___________ (to wait) for the bus. Some of the children ________ (to ski) while other children ___________ (to skate). Everybody __________ (to have) a lot of fun. When we came the family ________ (to get) everything ready for Christmas. Bob and Helen _________ (to decorate) the Christmas tree. The girls _________ (to feed) the birds in the garden while the boys _______ (to make) a bird-house.

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