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British customs and traditions

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  • British customs and traditionsFulfilled the work: student group PD-248 Sysenk...

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    British customs and traditions
    Fulfilled the work: student group PD-248 Sysenko Vitaly

  • IntroductionThe British are so proud that they are very different from other...

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    The British are so proud that they are very different from other nations of the world. They still strictly adhere to such customs as cricket or left-hand traffic. The British still, unlike the rest of Europe, measure the distance not in kilometers, but in miles. In their traditions, the British do not always adhere to logic. In the village pubs, locals often play darts, and sometimes checkers or chess.
    The British are cool people. They endorse the approval of the word "not bad", which may look a bit prim and pompous. They are not accustomed to show their feelings, but still they are sociable people with a good sense of humor and love.
    The traditions and customs of the British include numerous festivals. The most popular takes place in May in Chelsea. The most solemn and grand celebration of the country - the Queen's Birthday.
    Sport is also a tradition - “Boat Race” takes place at the end of March, football, tennis competitions, yachting.

  • This holiday is one of the oldest on our planet. Its celebration falls on the...

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    This holiday is one of the oldest on our planet. Its celebration falls on the night of October 31 to November 1 on the eve of All Saints Day. Halloween has intertwined customs and Celtic traditions extolling dark spirits and the Christian tradition of worship of the saints. The holiday is distinguished by the terrible and terribly frightening costumes of people who go from house to house and beg for sweets. The theme of costumes often serves any evil or supernatural characters. Werewolves, witches, vampires are the main representatives of this holiday. Also, this holiday is distinguished from others by the presence in every house, at every corner a pumpkin in the shape of a muzzle with triangular eyes and an open, angry mouth.

    Halloween is the traditional holiday of Great Britain

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  • Easter traditions in the UKEaster in the UK - is one of the important holiday...

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    Easter traditions in the UK
    Easter in the UK - is one of the important holidays of the year. At dawn, on Easter Sunday, concerts of organ music and services are held in churches.
    On Easter day, locals hand out candy and toys to children on the streets. The whole family gathers for lunch on this day. The table is decorated with chocolate nests for eggs, hares of dough and chocolate eggs. On Sunday morning, cross buns are served for tea. Give your loved ones chocolate eggs with sweets that are hidden inside. In the evening in the UK there is a carnival. Festivities last until Easter morning

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  • British musical traditionsThe musical culture of Great Britain was formed th...

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    British musical traditions

    The musical culture of Great Britain was formed thanks to the various nations of this country.
    Jazz, folk music became very popular. Musical traditions of the country are many-sided and original. Classical "Covent Garden" is famous throughout the world for its musical performances. In England, an opera festival is held every year, to which tourists from near and far abroad love to come. The traditions of the UK are displayed in vibrant festivals. The festivals demonstrate various types of art: drama, theater, choral art.

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  • Wedding Traditions UKWedding is one of the most beautiful holidays. An incred...

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    Wedding Traditions UK
    Wedding is one of the most beautiful holidays. An incredibly beautiful couple, gorgeous decorations and lots of guests always catch the eye. In Britain, in other matters, as elsewhere, wedding ceremonies are carefully planned well in advance of the day. But the British give this event more time and responsibility.
    Around the XV century, the British popularized a very interesting spectacle. Two days in February, the 13th and 14th, they seek to extend the ancient traditions, choosing their future partners for marriage. If a man met on the way of the girl, then it was thought that this was a candidate for spouse.
    By tradition, it is best to hold a wedding ceremony on Wednesday. Different ceremonies are performed on this day. On the route of the newlywed motorcade, according to custom, you need to scatter flowers. The bride invites her bridesmaids to the wedding, there should be six of them. They are necessarily dressed in dresses of the same color and style. In the UK at the wedding should be shot from a gun. This is a rite for scaring evil forces. The wedding can go within one week at the discretion of the newlyweds. According to folk customs, after the celebration, the bride goes to the groom's house. As soon as the wedding ends, young people begin to live independently in their home or apartment.

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  • British culinary traditionsBritish kitchen is simple, tasty and hearty, with...

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    British culinary traditions
    British kitchen is simple, tasty and hearty, with a traditional breakfast consisting of toast, oatmeal or bacon and eggs. They drink tea at any meal and consider it a true English drink. “5o'clock” tea party is an entire ritual, unhurried and conducive to conversations and conversations. Lunch is equivalent to our dinner and, like dinner, consists of soup, main course and dessert. For the second, pasta and rice are practically not served, replacing them with vegetable stews, fried fish, meat or sausages. Desserts are popular variety of puddings or pies with berries and fruit. Gourmets prefer lamb meat, Aylesbury duck and fried pate.

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  • Royal traditions of Great BritainThe royal traditions of the country are cert...

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    Royal traditions of Great Britain
    The royal traditions of the country are certain rituals and rules that are binding on the queen or her family. These include:
    Queen's Birthday is one of the main holidays of the country, which is always celebrated in a big way;
    the annual opening of the Elizabeth II session of parliament;
    awards, which are held up to 20 times a year in Buckingham Palace;
    solemn knighthood for services to Britain and its people;
    receptions in the Royal Garden, to which diplomats, military, government members and other people close to the court are invited, sometimes in numbers up to 8 thousand people;
    the tradition of giving alms in Holy Week on Holy Thursday has existed in the country since the 13th century;
    custom of birth, baptism of the heirs of the Throne in the same places as 100 - 200 years ago.

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  • True stereotypes about the BritishUnbridled love of tea.
They like to talk ab...

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    True stereotypes about the British
    Unbridled love of tea.
    They like to talk about the weather, they are ready to fill any awkward pause in the dialogue with a conversation about the weather.
    The English have pale skin. This is also justified by the climatic conditions of the country.
    Politeness for the Englishman - first of all.
    The British are not fans of culinary delicacies, prefer simple food.

  • False stereotypes about the BritishEvery Englishman has a cozy house for the...

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    False stereotypes about the British

    Every Englishman has a cozy house for the whole family. This is a myth, because many of them rent apartments, share them with their neighbors, move from place to place.
    In the UK, there are red telephone booths everywhere and men in bowlers walk the streets. This is also a myth. Of course, this is a symbol of Great Britain, but there are not so many booths, and men in bowlers most often go outside on holidays.
    All the British are very smart, because they have Cambridge and Oxford. No, no and one more time no. Unfortunately, not all Englishmen devote themselves to science, and not all of them study at Cambridge or Oxford.

  • Unusual and a bit strange traditions and customs of the British.The British p...

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    Unusual and a bit strange traditions and customs of the British.
    The British people, in addition to honoring the traditions and customs of their ancestors, also invent their own, albeit very strange. One feature of the British is the love of animals. They are convinced that if a person keeps a pet, then he definitely cannot be bad. In the UK, there is a small custom, which consists in the fact that the family must necessarily bring the animal. People get cats or dogs not for fun, but for communication and company. They are vital for them, since only the British’s four-legged pets have the most sincere and warm relations. Sometimes they love them a little more than children. Pets in the house are allowed everything for which children, if their tricks are noticed, will be punished. The British are ready to give the floor salaries for food and clothing for their pets, so long as they are smart and beautiful.

  • ConclusionEvery nation remembers its history and does not forget about the tr...

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    Every nation remembers its history and does not forget about the traditions that exist among distant ancestors. Following traditions and customs, we draw knowledge and experience from our predecessors. In the future, we pass it on to other generations. This is how the history of a people is created, its culture and originality is formed. We should not forget that cultivating such qualities in oneself as respect and love for the traditions and customs of our people will lead to the preservation of this story and many millennia after us.
    We can talk about the traditions and customs of Great Britain for a long time, but there will be one conclusion. The British honor and remember the traditions of their ancestors and try to observe them in everything. The unique customs of this country reflect its originality and originality. The British managed to preserve this valuable wealth given to them by their ancestors.

  • Thanks for attention

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    Thanks for attention

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