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Дидактический материал по английскому языку для 10-х классов на тему "Пассивный залог"


Grammar Test 5 Passive voice

Task 1. Choose the correct answer.

1. How many doors … yesterday?

a) Had painted

b) Were painted

c) Are painted

d) Painted

2. His new book … in every book shop in the town.

a) Is sold

b) Sold

c) Were sold

d) Has sold

3. His umbrella … quite a lot of money.

a) Is cost

b) Have cost

c) Costs

d) Was cost

4. Some time ago a letter from my brother … .

a) Was come

b) Has come

c) Came

d) Come

5. The students … everything they need their future profession.

a) Teach

b) Was taught

c) Taught

d) Are taught

6. What … in your language?

a) This film is called

b) Is this film called

c) Is called this film

d) This film called

7. … to the children on time?

a) Were the toys sent

b) Did the toys were sent

c) Did the toys send

d) Was the toys sent

8. The Arabic language … in Turkey.

a) Not spoken

b) Don’t spoken

c) Isn’t spoken

d) Don’t speak

9. This door … when there are not many people in the shop.

a) Close

b) Closed

c) Was close

d) Is closed

10. … a card to your parents?

a) Was you write

b) Did you write

c) Were you written

d) Did you written

Task 2. Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

  1. For the purposes of this report I surveyed six companies.

  2. We tested the samples under various conditions.

  3. The department will announce the results next Tuesday.

  4. A company in Korea manufactures this equipment.

  5. You did not inform us about the results of the survey.

Task 3. Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

  1. The jar is filled with sand.

  2. Reading is enjoyed by Mary.

  3. The town was destroyed by fire.

  4. The room will be cleaned by John every Saturday.

  5. Cheese was eaten by Sara.

Task 4. Complete the sentences using the correct form of have something done and the words in brackets.

  1. We usually _____________ (the bedrooms / redecorate) every two years.

  2. Sarah isn't making her own wedding dress, she _______ (it / make) by a designer in Italy.

  3. _____________ (you / ever/ anything / steal) from your house?

  4. He didn't fix his car himself, he _____________ (it / fix) at the garage.

  5. Your hair is too long. You need _____________ (it / cut).

  6. I'm going to do my food shopping online and I _______ (the food / deliver) to my house.

  7. If you can't see properly, you should _____________ (your eyes / test).

  8. Are they going to paint the kitchen themselves, or _____________ (it / paint)?

  9. My bike was very dirty. I _____________ (it / wash) yesterday.

  10. I must ______________ (my laptop / check). It isn’t working properly.

Task 5. Choose the correct option of passive infinitive or passive gerund.

  1. I want this table to be taken / being taken away.

  2. She has avoided to be met / being met by you so far.

  3. The servant complained of to be overworked / being overworked.

  4. The little boy way very naughty in spite of to be punished / being punished nearly every day.

  5. You seem to have left / having left the house too early so you have to wait for a long time.

Task 6. Correct the mistakes in the sentences. Each sentence has a mistake.

  1. The road was blocking off.

  2. The old cinema is being pull down.

  3. The keys must have been being left behind.

  4. The flood water was be kept back by barriers.

  5. The criminal were locked up.

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