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Welcome to the Southeast and East Anglia

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hello_html_4bcc788f.gifhello_html_cb999.gifhello_html_478672f2.gifhello_html_451e4214.gifSouthEastEnglandMap (1).gifThe Southeast is most densely populated region of England. It is only 11 per cent of the land area of the country, but a third of the total population lives here. Because of this a large part of the region is affected by urban development: housing, factories, offices and a complex network of roads and motorways.

I want you to propose to visit such interesting places as Kent (Garden of England), Brighton, Canterbury.

Garden of England

One of the most beautiful places in Britain.


The country of Kent is known as the Garden of England because it produces a lot of the fruit and vegetables which are eaten all over the country. The soil and climate make ideal growing conditions.


Brighton, on the south coast, is a famous seaside resort. There are entertainments of all kinds. Brighton Pier is a popular place to spend a few hours, especially if the weather is not good enough to stay on the beach. Brighton is also well known as a conference centre, all the major political parties, as well as the Trade Union Congress, may hold their conferences there in autumn.

250px-Canterbury_Cathedral_-_Portal_Nave_Cross-spire.jpegCanterbury is a town in Kent with a population of about 120,000. It is religious capital of England because its cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is head of the Church of England. From the 12th to the 15th centuries, it was a place of pilgrimage. The best-known Canterbury pilgrims are probably those who appear in the book by Geoffrey Chaucer, “The Canterbury Tales”. It was written in the 14th century, when the pilgrimage had become a rather pleasant holiday for the groups of people who travelled together for protection and companionship.

east_england.gifEast Anglia is extremely flat, and it is dominated by agriculture. It has beautiful cities with fine historic buildings (such as Cambridge, Ely, Norwich, Peterborough and Colchester ), and it has many sandy beaches and inland waterways.


Cambridge must be one of the best-known towns in the world. The principal reason for its fame is its University, which started during the 13th century and grew rapidly, until today there are more than twenty colleges. Most of them allow visitors to enter the grounds and courtyards. The most popular place from which to view them is form the Backs, where the college grounds go down to the river Cam.


Every year, in summer, thousands of folk music fans arrive in Cambridge for one of the biggest festivals of folk music in England. The festival is held in the grounds of an old house, where there is plenty of room for people to put up their tents if they want to stay overnight.

It`s a wonderful places!!!

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