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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Классный час " The Royal Family"
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  • Иностранные языки

Классный час " The Royal Family"


Классный час на тему «Royal Family »

Цели и задачи:

Воспитательная - формирование уважительного отношения к чужой культуре; формирование самостоятельности.

Развивающая - развитие способности к сравнению, развитию воображения и распределению внимания.

Учебная - развитие речевого умения и развитие умения аудировать с целью извлечения конкретной информации и детального понимания содержания.


1.Карта мира.

2.Карта Великобритании.

3.Презентация «Royal Family».

4.Семейное древо Елизаветы II.


Ход мероприятия:


Good afternoon, dear friends and guests!

Today we are going to speak about the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I think

It is rather interesting theme for us English language learners.

As your know Elizabeth II, the Queen of Great Britain is also the Head of the Commonwealth, and so the Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

First, we were going to have a press conference with the Queen of England, but it is a tradition Her Majesty doesn’t give any interviews.

So we had a chance to get some information from Press-office of Buckingham Palace, which is headed by press-secretary Penny Russell Smith.

And now our correspondents will retell you everything they had found out.

Be attentive, we are going to have a quiz at the end of our talk.

Pupil 1: Elithabeth was born in Windsor on April,

21; 1926.Her full name is Elizabeth-Mary-Alexander Windsor.

Her pet-name: Lilibet.

She was educated at home, taught to read and write by her parents, studied Latin, Geography, Economics, Music.She knew foreign languages, spoke French well.

She is good at horse riding, dancing; took part in swimming competitions.

She lived in Windsor and Buckingham Palace with her parents.

Pupil 2: Young Lady.

She made her first speech on the radio in 1940 during the war.

Elisabeth wanted to help the army: grew vegetables

and knitted socks for soldiers. She learned to drive.

In 1947 she married Prince Philip. Her first son Prince Charles was born in 1948. (Prince Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh).

Pupil3: Young Queen.

Elisabeth came to the throne in 1952.She was crowned in Westminster Abbey on June 1953.

She made her first Christmas speech to the nation in 1957. (Now this speech is traditional)

Pupil4: The Queen plays an important role in the country. She travels a lot. She likes reading, taking pictures, watching horse races.

She has 5 official residences in Britain; Buckingham Palace and Windsor among them. (Palaces: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle,St.Jamess Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Kew Palace, and the Palace of Holy Roodhouse in Edinburgh)

The Queen has got 4 children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

Teacher: Now let’s make a family-tree on the blackboard.

Pupil 5: The eldest child is Prince Charles, who qualified as Royal Air Force pilot and is now Prince of Wales and heir to the throne.

Pupil 6: Princess Anna, now the Princess Royal, represented Britain in horse-riding at the Olympic Games and is a member of the international Olympic committee. She is the 8th to the Crown. Princess Anna has got 2 children: Peter and Zara.They are the 9th and 10th to the Crown.

Pupil7: Prince Andrew, now the Duke of York is serving naval officer; He is the 4th to the crown. Prince Andrew has got a wife and 2 daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. They are the 5th and the 6th to the Crown.

Pupil 8: Prince Edward has worked in the theatre; he has not got a family of his own and is the 7th in the order of succession.

Pupil 9:

The British government has declared 2002 to be the Golden Jubilee Year. The celebration to honor Elisabeth’s 50 years on the throne started in April and will continue throughout the rest of the year, but the most important and spectacular ceremonies took place at the beginning of June.

The Golden Jubilee weekend began on Saturday evening with the first concert ever held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

The fantastic fireworks after the concert lasted 15 minutes.

Pupil 10:

Prince William: the Perfect Prince.

On the 21st of June 1982, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor was born at St. Mary’s Hospital, London.The eldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Prince William is the second in line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles.

Being a prince is not as easy as it may seem.

Being a future king is even more difficult. William inherited his grandmother’s strength of character and determination. He insisted on going to St.Andrew’s University in Scotland rather than to traditional Oxford or Cambridge. This is why William is often called “the perfect prince” by the media.

William might have to wait for about 40 years before he may become King. At the moment, he is studying History of Art at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland.

Pupil 11:

Prince Harry.

Prince Henry Charles Albert David, born on

September 15, 1984 at St.Mary’s Hospital, in central London, is third in line of succession on the throne, behind his father, the Prince of Wales, and his elder brother Prince William.

Henry Charles Albert has always been known as Prince Harry and as he’s been outgoing and Fun-loving boy ever since he was a kid, he was later dubbed the Happy Prince.

His mother, Princess Diana, was determined that her sons should enjoy a “normal” lifestyle, and the three were often seen at amusement parks, going into McDonald’s restaurants or the cinema.

Harry attended the same schools as William. In September 1998, he followed his elder brother to Eton, the most famous private school in Britain. He wants to remind the public about his mother’s huge contribution to charity.

Princess Diana’s influence on Harry is very strong. And while most people note the marked resemblance between Princess Diana and William, some friends of the family say that in reality, it is Harry who is more like his mother in many ways. He plays rugby, football and cricket, enjoys swimming and is an excellent polo player. Like his father, Harry loves painting.

Princess Diana helped many charities. Making the world a better place was the aim of her life.

Teacher: So you have learned many facts about the royal family and about their family –tree. Let’s have a Quiz and check your knowledge.

You’ll get “a leaf” from the royal family-tree when you give a correct answer. So will find the winner.


1. When was the Queen Elisabeth born?


2. When did she come to the throne?


3. When was she crowned?

(2 June 1953)

4. How many children has she got?


5. Can you name her children?

6. Who is the heir to the throne?

(Charles is the first.)

7. Has Prince Edward a family of his own?

8. What do you know about Princess Anne?

(She is a member of the Olympic committee.)

9. How many years is Queen Elisabeth on the throne?

(52 years)

10. Did Princess Diana help many charities?

11. When was Elisabeth’s II Golden Jubilee?

(In 2002.)

Teacher: Thank you for your answers. Let’s count “leaves” and find the WINNER of our quiz.

You are the winner and you are on our Class Board of Fame.

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