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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Комплексный тест по английскому языку (Вариант 2)
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  • Иностранные языки

Комплексный тест по английскому языку (Вариант 2)


Variant 2

1. Our family always gets together ___ Christmas Day.

a) at b) in c) on d) while

2. I haven't seen Ann ___ a few days. I last saw her ... Tuesday.

a) during / on b) during / at c) for / on d) for / at

3. We met a lot of people ___ we were on holiday. ___ that time, we also visited a lot of museums and galleries.

a) while / During b) during / While c) for / At d) at / For

4. Tom doesn't see his parents very often – usually only ___ the New Year and sometimes ___ the summer for a few days.

a) on / in b) on / at c) at / in d) at / on

5. There is a red pen on the table. Give me ___ pen.

a)a b)the c)- d) an

6. Kate works hard during the week, so she likes to relax ___ the weekends.

a) in b) at c) for d) with

7. My grandfather ___ violin very well when he was young.

a) can play b) could play c) could played d) could played

8. We ___ a lot last year.

a) did travel b) travelled c) did travelled d) does travel

9. When ___ Maria?

a) did you last see b) did you last saw c) you last saw d) do you see

10. We ___ last night due to the nasty weather.

a) didn’t went out b) did go out c) didn’t go out d) doesn’t go out

11. Martin never ___ me text messages.

a) sends b) doesn’t send c) send d) sended

12. ___ you usually have lunch at work?

a) Are b) Do c) Does d) Have

13. I ___ too much coffee.

a) drinking b) drinks c) drink d) drunk

14. My mother ___ lots of money on clothes.

a) don’t spend b) spends c) spend d) have spend

15. I am going to ___ countryside tomorrow.

a)a b)the c)- d) an

16. Would you like ___ cup of coffee?

a)a b)the c)- d) an

17. Jane is ___ tallest girl in our class.

a)a b)the c)- d) an

18. You ___ spanked her. She didn’t deserve it.

a) shouldn’t have b) needn’t have c) mustn’t have d) couldn’t have

19. Who ___ the first airplane?

a) did invented b) did invent c) invented d)does invent

20. I ___ round and ___ Paula.

a) turned / saw b) was turning/ was seeing c) turn / was seeing d) was turning / saw

21. I ___ to get up this morning. It ___ and it was cold, and my bed was so warm.

a) don’t want / is raining b) am not wanting / rains c) wasn’t wanting / rained d) didn’t want / was raining

22. Where is ___ Everest situated?

a)a b)the c)- d) an

23.When we came in he ___ something on the paper.

a) was writing b) were writing c) is writing d) wrote

24. The bank always ___ on time.

a) opens b) is open c) open d) is opened

25. I ___ to the news on the radio when the phone ___

a) listened / was ringing b) am listening / was ringing c) was listening / rang d) listen / is ringing

26. She’s always ___ (ворчит) at me when she’s in a bad mood (в этом случае означает негодование).

a) nag b) nagged c) nagging d) nags

27. I ___ not ___ him since June.

a) did / see b) did / seen c) have / saw d) have / seen

28. At this instant we are not ___ down (скашивать) the grass, we ___ sowing (сеять).

a) mowing/ are b) mowing/is c) mown/ are d) mowed/ is

29. My nephew ___ for another job these days. He wants to work at night.

a) are looking b) look c) looking d) is looking

30. While we ___ a drink, a waiter ___ a pile of plates.

a) had / was dropping b) have / dropped c) have / drop d) were having / dropped

31.Don’t talk so loudly. Our son ___ in his room.

a) are studying b) studying c) is studying d) studies

32. They ___ John yesterday.

a) met b) have met c) meeted d) has met

33. Just now we ___ the table (убираем посуду до стола) and washing up.

a) is clearing b) are clearing c) clear d) clears

34. I haven’t done it ___.

a) yet b) already c) just d) since

35. She’s ___ the letter. She ___ it yesterday.

a) wrote / wrote b) written / written c) wrote / written d) written / wrote

36. If you don’t feel better you ___ go to bed.

a) ought b) should c) don’t have to d) needn’t

37. You ___ get the 8.45 train. It doesn’t stop at Yorkshire.

a) had better b) mustn’t c) should d) don’t have to

38. His illness got worse and worse. In the end he ___ go into hospital for an operation.

a) will have to b) must c) had to d) ought to have

39. Mary ___ Paris for London in 2013.

a) has left b) have left c) left d) leaved

40. You ___ any more aspirins; you’ve had four already.

A) mustn’t take B) needn’t have taken C) shouldn’t have taken D) had better not take

41. I wonder who took my alarm clock. It ___ Julia. She ___ supposed to get up early.

a) might be / is b) could be / is c) had to be / was d) must have been / was

42. In a hundred years’ time we ___ out of water to drink.

a) must have run b) might have been/run c) should have run d) may have run

43.He is ___ among his classmates.

a) old b) taller c) the youngest d) short

44. I make ___ mistakes now than last year.

a) few b) fewer c) - d) the fewest

45. It is ___ and ___ to live here than there.

a) warm / most pleasant b) warmer / pleasant c) warmest / pleasanter d) warmer / more pleasant

46. Which is ___ country in the UK?

a) industrial b) the most industrial c) more industrial d) most industrial
47.The ___ you start, the ___ you’ll finish.

a) soon / more quickly b) sooner / more quickly c) sooner / quickly d) soon / quickly

48. By the time we came to the bookshop all books ___

a) are sold b) were sold c) had been sold d) are being sold

49. New schools ___ in our city every year.

a) is built b) are to be built c) will build d) are built

50. This year a very beautiful theatre ___ in our city.

a) built b) was built c) has been built d) had been built

Assessment Criteria






1 –c

2 – c

3 – a

4 – c

5 – b

6 – b

7 – b

8 – b

9 – a

10 – c

11 – a

12 – b

13 – c

14 – b

15 – b

16 – a

17 – b

18 – a

19 – c

20 – a

21 – d

22 – c

23 – a

24 – a

25 – c

26 – c

27 – d

28 – a

29 – d

30 – d

31 – c

32 – a

33 – b

34 – a

35 – d

36 – b

37 – b

38 – c

39 – c

40 – a

41 – d

42 – d

43 – c

44 – b

45 – d

46 – b

47 – b

48 – c

49 – d

50 – c

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