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Конспект урока по теме "Всемирная паутина. Интернет" ("The Web. The Internet")

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8 “A” класс.

Проводит: Герасимова К.Ю. 501-А группа

Дата проведения:

Учитель: Кондратьева А.А.

Методист: Белецкая А.Ю.

Тема урока: «The Web»

Основные задачи:

-совершенствование лексических навыков по теме “The Web. The Internet”;

-организация взаимодействия по совершенствованию диалогических навыков учащихся;


-совершенствование произносительных навыков;

-совершенствование умений работать в паре.

Структура урока.

І Мобилизующее начало урока (4 мин.).

  1. приветствие (30 сек.)

  2. речевая зарядка (1 мин.)

  3. сообщение задач урока (30 сек.)

ІІ Центральная часть урока (33 мин.)

  1. комментарий входного контроля+ разбор ошибок (15 мин)

  2. лексическая фонетическая зарядка (50 сек.)

  3. автоматизация лексических единиц по теме “The Web. The Internet” (6 мин)

  4. физ.минутка (50 сек.)

  5. составление диалогов (8 мин)

  6. ***составление монологических высказываний (4 мин.)

ІІІ Заключительная часть урока (4 мин.)

  1. запись и объяснение дом. задания (2мин.)

  2. подведение итогов урока (1 мин.)

  3. выставление и комментарии оценок (50 сек.)

Ход урока.

Мобилизующее начало урока.


Good morning, students. I’m glad to see you. Take your seats, please.

Речевая зарядка + сообщение задач урока.

What date is it today? How are you? So, today we are going to discuss your test works, fill in the factfile and make up dialogues.

Центральная часть урока.

Комментарий результатов входного контроля+разбор ошибок.

I’m sure you are looking forward to getting your test results. Sasha, hand in your notebooks. As I understand the test was not so easy for you. Look through my corrections. I want to comment on some of the most important and difficult moments. Are any questions left?


I see that you are a bit tired after our mistake correction. Stand up and repeat after me the words and the movements.

Hands up, hands down

Hands on hips, sit down

Bent left to the side

Bent left bent right

1, 2, 3 hop 1, 2, 3 stop!

Stand still

Thank you! Take your seats. Let’s go on working.

Rita, do you agree that the Internet is a part of our life? Can you imagine your day without using the Internet? So, today we begin a new interesting module “The Web”. Open your SB at page 81. Let’s see what we will do in this module. Natasha, start reading:


Лексическая фонетическая зарядка:

At home you put down the words under the title “The Internet” into your dictionaries with the transcription and translation. Let’s train our pronunciation. First listen to me, do not repeat. Now repeat after me in chorus:

Bookmarks [`bukma:k]


Download [`daunləud]



Links [`liŋks]


Search engine [`end in]


World Wide Wed

Good. Pronounce the words in chain. Do not forget to translate them.

Работа с лексикой по теме “The Web. The Internet

Now your task is to complete the Factfile with these words. You may use your dictionaries. Before completing, look through the whole text:


Let’s check up your answers.

Составление диалогов:

Mark, read task 2:


First of all, let’s read the example. Elina and Sasha:

- Hello! To my mind in 2031 the Internet will be more popular than TV.

- Hi! I don’t share your opinion. I suppose, the Internet will be more popular much earlier. Perhaps, in 2014.

In your dialogues use our special phrases. Do you know all of them?

In my opinion…

I suppose…

I’m absolutely sure that…

You must be joking!

I can’t agree with you!

I’m afraid you are mistaken…

Nothing of the kind!

So, make up your own dialogues. The 1st statement is for …, the 2nd. You have 2 minutes:


Mark and Lena, start, please. Great! Open page number 137 to check your guesses. As you see, all these statements are true.

***Составление монологических высказываний:

Now your task is to say what you have already tried or would like to try on the Internet. Emil, read the example in the 3rd exercise:


Think a bit. In your answers use the following expressions and arguments. Expressions:

Frankly speaking, I’ve used the Internet to…

As for me, I’d like to…

I can say that…


Заключительный этап:

Запись и объяснение домашнего задания:

Now look at the whiteboard. At home you are to fill in this table:

Using the Internet.

Suggest no less than four advantages and disadvantages of using the Net. Put all the arguments into your notebooks.

Open your record books and put down your home task for tomorrow:

  1. advantages and disadvantages (at least 4)

  2. LPB: p. 56 ex. 1, 2

Is the task clear?

Подведение итогов урока:

I like your work very much. What have you known today? Your marks for today are the following:

The lesson is over. Good-bye! See you tomorrow!!!

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