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Контрольные работы по английскому языку 9 класс УМК М.З. Биболетова

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Контрольная работа №2

по теме «Путешествуем по огромному миру»

Цель: проверить сформированность лексико-грамматических навыков, умений работать с текстом, навыки письма.

Критерии оценивания: задания 1-2 оцениваются в 1 балл. Оценка «5» - 12 б, «4» - 11-9 б, «3» - 8-6 б, «2» - 5-0 б

  1. Listen to the conversation and choose the correct sentence. Listen again and correct any mistakes.

  1. a) Allan was at Heathrow Airport on time and the plane took off on time.

b) Allan was at Heathrow Airport on time but the flight was delayed.

c) Allan was at Heathrow Airport on time, but he had some problems getting through customs and had to wait for the next flight.

  1. a) Allan forgot his suitcase somewhere in the airport in Moscow

b) Allan was late because it took him two hours to collect his luggage from the baggage reclaim.

c) Allan took someone else’s suitcase and had to go back to the airport.

  1. Read the text and chose the correct number to fill in the gap.

People …(1) for thousands of years. A lot of books are …(2) about courageous travelers and their adventures . Travelling was rather dangerous in the old days and merchants (купцы) who … (3) their ships off on long trading voyages never knew how many of them …(4)It’s much easier to travel nowadays. A lot of people, business people especially, prefer travelling by air … (5) travelling by cars or trains. It saves time, and time is money.

As for me, I try to avoid travelling by plane since I get…(6). I also don’t like …(7) by sea. The train pretty long trip, but I enjoyed it very mach. We passed many different regions, and the passengers … (8) enjoy beautiful views. When the train stopped at the little stations, we …(9) some local food: berries, fish, pies, and some…(10) tasty boiled potatoes.

  1. a) were travelling b)travelled c) have been travelling d)had been travelling

  2. a) written b)writing c)wrote d)write

  3. a)send b)sent c)was sending d)was sent

  4. a)will returne b)should returne c)can return d)would return

  5. a) - b)and c)to d)rather than

  6. a)air afraid b)flight sick c)seasick d)air sick

  7. a)travel b)have travelled c)travelling d)travelled

  8. a)could b)should c)may d)were able to

  9. a)are offered b)had been offered c)were offered d)offered

  10. a)unbelievable b)unbelievable c)believe d)unbelieving

Выбранный для просмотра документ кр 4.doc


Контрольная работа № 4 по теме «Мы выбираем жизнь»

Цель: проверить сформированность лексико-грамматических навыков, умений работать с текстом, навыки письма.

Критерии оценивания: задания 1- оценивается в 2 балла, задание 2 – в 1 балл, задание 3 в 5 баллов Оценка «5» - 19-18 б, «4» - 17-14 б, «3» - 13-9 б, «2» - 8-0 б

1. Read the text. Answer the questions in Russian:

The Music for All Ages

(by James Clarke)

The Beatles changed the style of popular music in an unbelievable way and caused a new musical phenomenon in the Sixties. Their music was fresh and original. It has stuck with generations of people and is still an influence on pop and rock bands to this day.

They became a worldwide sensation. They wrote about day-to-day subjects, mainly love, which everyone could relate to. They touched the hearts of millions of people with songs such as “Hey Jude”, “Love me do”, “Help” and “Michelle”. Their songs were simple and catchy but also very technically composed with strong classical influences.

The Beatles were also the first “Boy Band” who was very well-presented, dressed in suits and good-looking, which made them very attractive to ladies of all nationalities.

They also wrote songs about world issues, such as living in peace, which the different generations of the time were able to relate to and still do to this day. Their songs were trying to encourage people to look on the bright side of life.

  1. How did the Beatles change pop music?

  2. Why do people love their songs?

  3. what was special about the singers?

  4. What emotions do their songs evoke?

2. Complete the paragraph. Choose the right word below:

Even if you are very careful, you can’t …(1) the risk of being injured while doing any sport. Gymnasts, hockey players and sprinters can break their legs and arms or can be badly hit when they train or compete. Some of the famous sportsmen suffer from their …(2) for the rest of their lives. It’s …(3) that sportsmen like parachutists, divers and mountain climbers take even more serious …(4). If they can’t concentrate or …(5) the speed of the wind or forget to check their…(6) they can get into serious danger and the situation can become tragic for them.

1 a) avoid b) take c) face d) escape

2 a) dangers b) victories c) injuries d) discoveries

3 a) exotic b) evident c) unbelievable d) eccentric

4 a) danger b) risks c) chance d) part

5 a) misunderstand b) uncalculated c) mistake d) miscalculate

6 a) equipment b) things c) passport d) feelings

3. Read the essay starters. Choose the opinion you share. Find the arguments for it and write an essay.

1. I think that more people should try to do extreme sports.

2. I m absolutely positive that extreme sports like BASE jumping or skateboarding should be prohibited.

3. I think that everyone has the right to do any sport he or she likes but only if it doesn’t do any harm to other people.

Выбранный для просмотра документ кр1 9 класс.docx


Контрольная работа № 1 по теме «Друзья и семья»

Цель: проверить сформированность лексико-грамматических навыков, умений работать с текстом, навыки письма.

Критерии оценивания: задания 1-2 оцениваются в 1 балл, задание 3-4 - в 2 балла. Оценка «5» - 24-22 б, «4» - 21-18 б, «3» - 17-12 б, «2» - 11-0 б

  1. a) Прослушайте текст о книжной ярмарке. Прочитайте предложения и выпишите правильные:

  • This text is a police report on stolen antique books and fine arts.

  • The book fair is held in the city every year.

  • Visitors can buy books there and can win them as prizes in different competitions.

  • Buying books is the only entertainment at the exhibition.

  • The exhibition is the wrong place for young children because they get bored there.

  • It is a very quiet place and nothing happens there during the day.

  • Everyone can reserve a ticket and visit the exhibition.

b) Прослушайте текст снова и заполните пропуски в предложениях:

  • The book fair is held from … to … .

  • It is open to visitors every day from … to … .

  • If you want to get more information on the book fair, use the telephone number …7845 …

  1. Выберите правильный ответ:

  1. His essay is very good. It … the top mark, I believe.

  2. I don’t think anybody can help me in this situation, but I … your offer to help anyway.

  3. You shouldn’t be rude to people who are trying to help you … their advice if you don’t like it, but behave yourself.

  4. I’ve known Tommy since our early childhood. He is a true friend. I can … him in any situation.

  5. Nobody except us knew about the plan. It means that the person who … us is here in this room.

  6. I envy her because she is so good at languages. She … Italian for only a year and can already speak it perfectly.

  7. When the fire began, I found out that the door was locked. It was my roommate who … me from the fire.

  8. My roommate is a real chatterbox. If she doesn’t stop talking in a minute, we … again, I’m afraid.


a) appreciates

b) deserves

c) relies

d) supports


a) rescue

b) envy

c) betray

d) appreciate


a) ignore

b) deserve

c) confess

d) follow


a) is relying on

b) rely at

c) has relied

d) rely on


a) had betrayed

b) betray

c) has betrayed

d) was betrayed


a) have been learning

b) had learnt

c) has been learning

d) was learning


a) rescued

b) has rescued

c) had been rescuing

d) rescues


a) have quarrelled

b) will quarrel

c) quarrel

d) are quarrelling

  1. Заполните пропуски, используя глаголы в скобках в пассивном залоге:

  1. I didn’t manage to buy any tickets. When I came to the theatre box office, everything … .(sell out).

  2. Your room looks completely different!”

Yes, it …(decorate).”

  1. He didn’t take his school-leaving exams because he … (expel) from school.

  1. Переведи предложения на английский язык:

  1. На прошлой неделе наша команда выиграла соревнования по футболу.

  2. Она обычно гуляет с собакой в парке.

  3. Я и моя семья будем делать ремонт в кухне на следующей неделе.

Выбранный для просмотра документ старт кр 9кл.docx


Стартовая контрольная работа

Цель: проверить сформированность лексико-грамматических навыков

Критерии оценивания: задания А1-А4 оцениваются в 1 балл, задание В1 и С1– в 2 балла. Оценка «5» - 14-13 б, «4» - 12-10 б, «3» - 9-7 б, «2» - 6-0 б

Вариант 1

A1 Use the verb to be in the appropriate form.

We enjoyed our holiday, though the weather…

1) was

2) was not

3) has been

4) has not been

A2 Find the unnecessary word.

1) seaside

2) shore

3) bench

4) beach

A3 Mark the adjective in the superlative form.

1) sandy

2) the warmest

3) hot

4) brighter

A4 Choose the necessary verb

I…going to my friends party.

1) feel like

2) am like

3) am alike

4) look like

B1 Put the verb in brackets into the necessary form.

1) She____(to wear) a nice swimming suit now

2) I___(to do) the household chores yesterday at seven o’clock

C1.Make the question using the following words


Вариант 2

A1 Use the verb to be in the appropriate form.

We took a lot of photos while we.. in Holland

1) been

2) are

3) have been

4) were

A2 Find the unnecessary word.

1) aunt

2) friend

3) nephew

4) cousin

A3 Mark the adjective in the superlative form.

1) closer

2) dear

3) the best

4) lovely

A4 Choose the necessary verb

Businessmen can… money despite the financial crises

1) make

2) spend

3) purchase

4) do

B1 Put the verb in brackets into the necessary form.

1) I___ (to do) the washing up at the moment

2) I___(to choose)a wonderful tour in the agency yesterday

C1.Make the question using the following words


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