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Лексические тематические чанты с заданиями


Тематические чанты и задания к ним


Hello! Meet my family.

Let me introduce

My mother. She likes knitting.

My father. He likes news.

My sister is hard-working,

She likes to do a lot:

To cook, to clean, to read, to draw

And go in for sport.

Now meet my daddy’s brother

My uncle is very nice.

He is hot-tempered person

With hazel sparkling eyes.

To keep on listing relatives

I’ll show you my aunt.

She’s jealous and bossy

And gambler at her heart.

Her son, who is my cousin

Is naughty like a bell.

He’s stubborn, selfish, moody

And we can’t get on well.

I’ve got a lot of relatives

Grandparents, nephews, niece

Thus it is sometimes difficult

We try to live in peace.

Activity 1. Match the words with their definitions.

1) family

2) mother

3) father

4) aunt

5) cousin

6) grandparents

7) niece


a) daughter of your brother or sister

b) parents of a mother or father

c) son or daughter of an uncle or an aunt

d) sister of your mother or father;

e) brother of your father or mother;

f) a male parent

g) female parent

h) group of people who are closely related

Activity 2. In each line choose one word that doesn’t belong to the group and explain why you think so:

  1. father, mother, sister, brother, cousin

  2. skiing, swimming, sitting, reading, knitting

  3. naughty, stubborn, selfish, moody, kind

  4. hard-working, efficient, well-educated, jealous

  5. niece, nephew, cousin, family, relatives


We like to watch it, watch it!

We like to watch it!


It’s interesting!

It’s boring! We see a lot of lie!

But we can find some programs

Informative and funny.

But some of them can teach us

Violence and cunning.

But we prefer some shows variety and quiz,

A chat show, a sitcom and many types of films.

What films d’you like for watching?

I want to watch them, too.

An action film, a thriller, a drama and a cartoon,

A musical, detectives and science fiction, too.

Sometimes we watch news programs but they are complicated,

Live match and documentary – to be more educated.

D’you like to watch a soap opera?

What do you like in it?

It’s romantic, sentimental

We can discuss when meet.

There are some other programs

But they are not for us.

They are depressing, violent

Where people even cuss.

You like to watch it, watch it!

But choose the program right

And don’t forget to study!

All right, all right, all right!

Activity 1. Look at the list of film genres. Rank them according to your preferences. Put 1 next to your most favourite:

____ westerns

____ spy thrillers

____ musicals

____ dramas

____ melodramas

____ comedies

____ horror films

____ science fiction films

____ fairy-tales

____ animated cartoons

____ detective films

____ action films

____ adventure films

____ sitcom

Look at the list again and think which films would appeal to the following categories of people:

Non-intellectual teenagers

Middle-aged housewives

University students

Ten-year-old boys

Elderly professors

Activity 2. There is a list of adjectives commonly used to express opinions about films or TV programs. Sort them out in two groups, one negative and the other positive and use them to explain your program preferences.

Informative, funny, violent, complicated, educational, romantic, sentimental, depressing, old-fashioned, difficult to understand, boring, exciting, objectives, thrilling, entertaining, interesting.

Traits of Character

I have many friends, they study at school

We are very friendly and I think it is cool.

We study together, in the yard we can run,

We go on excursions, have a lot of fun.

We are not absent-minded,

we’re diligent and bright

We’re very communicative

and always polite.

We’re rather hard-working,

well-bred and modest

We try to be tactful, persistent and honest.

I think all these features

can help us in the life

We won’t be envious, impudent and sly.

We are sometimes selfish,

touchy, ready to rebel

We can be irresponsible

and careless as well.

Kids are said to be impatient,

it is absolutely true

Cause of naughty, noisy children

many teachers can feel blue.

It is great to be ambitious

if you have a noble aim

Cause life is sometimes difficult

it is not a game.

It is positively great, it is absolutely grand

To be called as a close and best friend.

Five, four, three, two I’ve won the brand

To be called as a real

and a very good friend.

Activity 1. Sort out the personality qualities given below into corresponding column according to your opinion.

Friendly, cool, absent-minded, diligent, bright, communicative, polite, hard-working, well-bred,

Modest, tactful, persistent, honest, envious, impudent, sly, selfish, touchy, irresponsible, careless,

Impatient, naughty, noisy, ambitious, difficult, great, shy, boring, sociable, energetic, tolerant.






Activity 2. Use the adjectives to characterize a person from your group. Let your classmates guess the person. Agree or disagree with the description.

Seasons. Weather

Nice and gloomy, fine and beastly,

Dry and rainy, hot and cold.

People start the day with forecast

Cause the weather plays important role.

In the spring it’s often windy,

Misty, cloudy and warm.

You can see a sparkling lightning

And hear roars of thunderstorm.

In the summer the sun shines brightly,

Green grass gleams with drops of dew,

Days are sunny, nights are starry

You are charmed by pretty view.

In the autumn the picture changes

All the trees are a piece of art.

It is muddy, drizzling, foggy,

Fall of leaves and showers start.

Winter comes with many blizzards.

It is slippery and cold.

Thus it’s frosty, dull, unsettled,

It’s still plays important role.

Activity 1. Sort out the following words into the columns according to the nouns they can go with.

Nice, gloomy, fine, beastly, dry, hot, cold, hot, windy, misty, cloudy, rainy, warm, muddy, drizzling, foggy, slippery, frosty, dull, unsettled, starry, sunny, nasty, dark, bright, bad, changeable, wet.





Activity 2. Complete the situations guessing what kind of weather people are talking about.

  1. I can hardly breathe. I wish it would rain to cool us down. – Oh, yes, the weather is really hot and dry.

  2. They had to close the airport; the snow was a metre deep. – _______________________

  3. Some big trees were uprooted like match sticks. – ___________________________

  4. We were able to sit in the garden in the middle of the winter. – ___________________________

  5. I could hardly see my hand in front of my face. – ___________________________

  6. The earth became rock-hard and a lot of plants died. – ___________________________

  7. Even the postman had to use a boat to get around. – ___________________________

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