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Secondary school №9

Saugabay Aigul

The British Museum

Open lesson

The plan of the lesson in the 8ath Form.

The theme of the lesson: The British Museum

The date of the lesson: the 27th of February, 2014.

The aims of the lesson:

  1. Training - check the level of development of skills in the monologue and dialogue speech on the topic studied, to improve skills in reading, extracting the information you need to teach to submit a draft.

  2. Educational - contribute to the development of aesthetic taste.

  3. Developing - develop the ability to analyze, compare, learn to work in groups and pairs.

The type of lesson: combined

Inter – subject connection: geography, Kazakh language, history.

Methods of teaching: training, demonstration, brainstorming, explanation , interaction , question.

The equipment of the lesson: : map of England , slides, projects executed in printed form and in the form of presentation in Microsoft Power Point, texts for reading , worksheets with tasks .

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment

1. Greeting: Good afternoon ! What date is it today? Who is on duty today?

2. Hello students. They greet each other sitting at a desk in a semicircle.

The first exercise.

Each student in the chain sends a burning candle and says: "Aksara: how are you? I'm fine thanks "- Answer: Thanks.

The second exercise:

Students say compliments, addressing each other and send flower.

Anel! You are so nice today response - Thanks - transmits flower next student

Darkhan! You are so kind today response - Thanks

Ayan! You are so pretty today response - Thanks - turns to the next student , said Gift and flower transfers , etc.

3. Checking up the home task. It was exercise 3 to learn by heart dialogue.

Yes, it is. It is the British Museum. We’ve already spoken too much about museums. There are a lot of interesting museums in London. Today we’ll speak about one of the most famous is the British Museum. This museum is really worth visiting. Look at the photos.

II. The new lesson:

The group works with the teacher. Students sit in a semicircle to each other with a view to maximize their speech activity. Working in the «teacher - group"

Exercise 1. Read the words on the topic chorus. Teacher shows the word on the card, the students read the words on the cards for the choir teacher.

Words on the cards: 1. throughout [Өru:’aut]

2. Repository [ri’po:zitәri]

3. Treasure [‘treзә]

4. Specimen [‘spesimin]

5. To bequeath [bi’kwi:ð]

6. Antiquity [әn’tikwәti]

7. Artificial [a:tifiς(ә)l]

8. Dome [dәum]

9. Access [‘ækses]

Then spell the word

Exercise 2. Working with words. Each student receives a card, the card is written the word, he keeps it by turning the face to the students sitting in front.

Make phrase, adding to the word adjective (any). Each student is a phrase with the word on the card, which he sees in student sitting opposite. For example:

a golden collection. Слово на карточке “collection, flower, snow, specimen, gallery, museum, heritage, instrument, tradition, surrounding, landmark”.

Exercise 3. Working with text “The British Museum”.

a) Read the words to the text chain (Words beneath the text.)

b) Translation of the text on a proposal by the chain.

Exercise 4. Work to consolidate the vocabulary of the text. Working in the "Teacher student number 1 → student number 2 (T - P1, P2, P3 ...)"

а) Британия музейі әлемге әйгілі.
The name of the British Museum is known throughout the world.

б) Ол әу бастан кітапхана болған
From the start it was the library.

в) Ұлтына өзінің жеке коллекциясын ұсынды.

He bequeathed to the nation his private collection

г) Кітап қоймасы

Repository of book
д) Тиындар жиынтығы

Collection of coins.
е) Дөңгелек оқу залында кітаптар қолжетімді

It is an open access in the RRR.

ж) Британия музейі ұлтының байлығы.
The British Museum is a national treasure.

з) Музейдің қазіргі ғимараты.
The Museums present home

к) Антик даналары.

Exercise 5. Answer the questions about the text:

  1. What is the British Museum famous for?

  2. What are the functions of the British Museum?

  3. When was the British Museum founded?

  4. Who bequeathed his personal collection to the nation?

  5. When was the Museum’s present home built?

  6. What is the Round Reading Room known for?

  7. Why is the British Museum a national treasure house?

Exercise 6. Paraphrase the italicized phrases:

  1. The name of the British Museum is known throughout the world.( in the world.)

  2. Sir Hans Sloane bequeathed to the nation his private collection.(gave)

  3. The British Museum is a national treasure house.(heritage)

Exercise 7. I will give you card you PUT IN THE MISSING WORDS

London is the … of Great Britain. It is a very … city. It was founded about two thousand … ago. London is one of the most … and interesting … in Europe. There are ... … to visit in London. There are a lot of …, art …, cinemas, theatres and … parks in London.

  • cities, capital, places, museums, years, ancient, many, galleries, beautiful, important

Exercise 8. Make up cinquain to the word Museum.


Interesting, international

Established, Stored, Teach

Repository of many things



Let's analyses our work. You can see blob tree on the blackboard. All of you have apples of different colours. If you think that everything was excellent at our lesson match blob on the top. If you don't understand something match blob on the down.

Teacher: I think you have taken some useful information from our lesson. Thank you for our work. I wish you healthy, wealthy and wise.

IV. Evaluation. Giving marks

You are so kind today

You are so nice today

You are so pretty today

You are so happy today

You are so merry today

You are so beautiful today

You are so friendly today

You are so funny today

You are so clever today

You are so handsome today

Private Collection

Artificial Flower

White Snow

History Specimen

National Gallery

British Museum

Musical Instrument

Kazakh Tradition

New Surrounding

Famous landmark

Exercise 6. Paraphrase the italicized phrases:

  1. The name of the British Museum is known throughout the world.( in the world.)

  2. Sir Hans Sloane bequeathed to the nation his private collection.(gave)

  3. The British Museum is a national treasure house.(heritage)

Museum library

Interesting, international useful, excellent

Established, Stored, Teach teach, educated, developed

Repository of many things the heart of school

Gallery books

Краткое описание документа:

Это очень хороший материал с планом-конспектом. Презентация о Британском музее плюс видеоролик. Я делала специально для открытого урока, урок получился хорошим. сначала ученики поздороваются друг с другом методом рефлексия, потом идут упражнения, в конце синквейн. В каждом упражнение я использую спеллинг. Некоторые методы из этого урока я использую своих уроках. ещё здесь есть три приложения. Урок для восьмого класса. По крайнем мере мы эту тему проходим в восьмом классе. Я думаю это материал поможет вам тоже.
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