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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / «Работа с газетной статьёй на уроках английского языка»
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  • Иностранные языки

«Работа с газетной статьёй на уроках английского языка»


Ход занятия

Время занятия -45 мин

  1. Организационный момент

Сообщение темы занятия : Новости в России и за рубежом(1 мин)

  1. Warm-up activity

Преподаватель задает вопрос студентам, какие новости в мире они узнали по ТВ, через Интернет. Студенты рассказывают новости кратко. (4 мин).

  1. Распределение статей среди студентов

Статьи можно раздать в парах, мини-группах(3-4 человека) или индивидуально. В зависимости от объема можно раздать от 1 до 3 статьей. студенты могут пользоваться англо-русскими словарями, либо им выдается перевод наиболее значимых незнакомых слов, составленных преподавателем(2 мин)

  1. Работа с заголовками статьей

Преподаватель спрашивает, о чем возможно , по мнению студентов, будет данная статья; просит перевести заголовок на русский язык; корректирует ответы студентов( 4 мин)

  1. Чтение статьи в парах, мини-группах, индивидуально(10 мин)

  2. Вопросы на понимание прочитанного

Задания типа Answer the questions; True/False/Not stated.( 5мин)

7. Говорение

Краткое изложение статьи(summary)( 5 мин)

8.Обсуждение статьей в парах; группах(12 мин)

9.Подведение итогов. Домашнее задание.

Составить краткий пересказ новостей письменно.(2мин)

Ниже приведены пример работы с газетными статьями.

1.Birds of Prey

According to RIA Novosti, The museum grounds of Kolomenskoye park will now play host to a falcon pavilion inside its historic farm-house courtyard. The birds are set to become a permanent fixture of the museum, as part of the “Falcon hunts in the times of Tzar Alexei Mikhailovich” exhibition. Visitors to Kolomenskoye will learn about the history of falconing in the 17th century via a series of exhibits, with the feathered predators as a prominent outdoor feature.

( The Moscow News, No. 18,2010,p11)

Vocabulary for help:

Bird of prey -хищная птица

Falcon -сокол

Task 1: Answer the questions:

  1. What sort of an exhibition will open in Kolomenskoye Park?

  2. What will the visitors and tourists learn there?

Task 2: Discuss the following:

  1. What else do you know about falconing in Old Russia?

  2. Would you like to visit that exhibition? Why(not)?

  3. What exhibitions have you seen recently? Did you enjoy them?

  4. Have you ever been to Kolomenskoye Park? What can you see there? Do you know any interesting stories about the park?

2.Ash Cloud Halts More Flights to Russia

Ed Bently

The Moscow News

HEARTHROW AIRPORT, London – A volcanic ash cloud over Britain caused more chaos for Russian travelers after flights to Moscow were cancelled from Saturday night over fears for passenger safety.

But the last- minute cancellation of several flights prompted anger among passengers scheduled to travel from Heathrow to Domodedovo on last night’s 10:35 pm departure operated by Transaero and BMI.

The flight was cancelled less than an hour before take-off, with all passengers checked in and waiting to board. One customer described it as “ ridiculous” that they had not been told beforehand.

Anger and Confusion

And there was anger and confusion that Aeroflot flight to Sheremetyevo had taken off moments before the BMI cancellation , while a 10^30 pm flight to Israel was still scheduled to leave.

A BMI custumer service official, who declined to give his name, said the campany did not know the reason for the cancellation but suggested that the British airline would not want to risk its plane being stranded in Moscow for several days.

At the boarding desk a flight attendant simply gave the “ as h cloud” as the reason for the cancellation.

Staff at BMI’s customer service desk were busy finding hotel rooms for stranded fliers but guests would be asked to cheek out at airport would close as the cloud continues to spread.

PPassengers were being offered seat on planes on Monday but at one of BMI’s desks the advice was that services are unlikely to get off the ground in the morning and may not reopen until Wednesday.

By Monday morning heathrow announced that flight operations were expected to resume at 7 am ( 10 am Moscow time) , and BMI- Transaero services to Moscow were scheduled to depart normal on Monday morning. However, airport bosses also warned of severe disruption to service as Britain’s air traffic controller imposed strict restrictions on flight numbers in and out of the world’s business airport.

But the potential misery for travelers is not over yet-as the ash cloud drifted away from Britain ,Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport announced it would close from 6 am local time. Like HEATHROW, Schipol is a major international hub.

Delayed Reaction

Moscow’s airports seemed slow o react to the latest closures- the web site for Sheremetyevo Airport reported no problems with the scheduled 10:25 am departure for Amsterdam-even through on Schipol’s site it was already cancelled, with a warning for all passengers to stay away from the airport and wait for further news.

Rhys Jones, who had already experienced difficulties getting to London from Dublin in order to make the 10: 35 pm flight, was optimistic he would be able to arrive in Moscow by Tuesday for the start of an international rugby tournament.

HE told The Moscow News that he would stay in a hotel provided by BMI before trying his luck on Monday but was disappointed by how late they’d the announcement that the service would not be running.( The Moscow News, No . 18,2010,p6)

Task 1: Read these statements and decide whether they are True, False, or Not Stated:

  1. The flight from Heathrow to Domodedovo was cancelled a few hours before take-off.

  2. The main reason explained to the passengers was an “ ashcloud”

  3. Many passengers got angry and confused.

  4. As a result of the cancellation they made quite a lot of complains.

  5. Moscow’s airports had a slow reaction , so the web site didn’t say anything about the flight cancellation.

  6. Mr Rhys Jones was able to change the schedule of an international rugby tournament.

  7. Mr Rhys Jones planned to arrive in Moscow on Tuesday.

  8. BMI offered Mr. Jones a hotel room.

Task 2. Discuss the following:

  1. What was the real reason for flight cancellation?

  2. Have you ever flown by plane? If yes, has there ever been a flight cancellation or a dealy?

  3. Discuss all the possibilities with your partner.

Краткое описание документа:

"Описание материала:

Тема. Работа с газетной статьёй на уроках английского языка.

Одним из видов работы на занятиях по английскому языку служит работа с газетным статьями.

Данный вид работы , на ваш взгляд , целесообразна начинать на уровне Pre-Intermediate,продолжать на уровнях Intermediate Advanced для 8-11 классников школ, студентов колледжей и техникум , слушателей курсов иностранных языков .

Материалы для занятий взяты из таких популярных газет, как The Moscow News, The Moscow Times, The International Herald Tribune.

Данный вид работы направлен на интерес к изучаемому предмету, повышение мотивации студентов.

Изучение газетных статьей формирует информационную и коммуникативную компетентности обучающихся.

Статьи представляют собой аутентичный материал, с которым мы сталкиваемся с реальной жизни.

Поэтому на первых занятиях , посвященных газетным статьями, рекомендуется предлагать более детальное изучение статьи, а дальнейшем целесообразно практиковать ознокомительное, просмотровое и поисковое чтение.

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