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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Методическая копилка. Подбор заданий по теме "Жизнь молодёжи"
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Методическая копилка. Подбор заданий по теме "Жизнь молодёжи"


Задания для контроля знаний, умений и навыков (чтение, аудирование, письмо, говорение)

учащихся 10 класса по теме

«Жизнь молодёжи»



Учитель английского языка Енакиевской ОШ №15

Степюк Людмила Викторовна




My father is eighty-six years old and in bed. His heart, that bloody motor, is equally old and will not certain jobs any more. It still floods his head with brainy light. But won’t let his legs carry the weight of his body around the house. Despite my metaphors, this muscle failure is not due to his old heart, he says, but to a potassium shortage. Sitting on one pillow, leaning on three, he offers last minute advice and makes a request.

I would like to write a simple story just once more,” he says,” the kind de Maupassant wrote, or Chekhov, the kind you used to write. Just recognizable people and then write down what happened to them next

I say, “Yes, why not? That’s possible.” I want to please him, though I don’t remember writing that way. I would like to try to tell such story, if he means the kind that begins: “There was a woman…” followed by plot, absolute line between two points which I’ve always despised. Not for literary reasons, but because it takes all hope away. Everyone, real or invented, deserves the open destiny of life.

Finally I thought of a story that had been happening for a couple of years right across the street. I wrote it down, then read it aloud. “Pa,” I said, “how about this? Do you mean something like this?”

Once in my time there was a woman and she had a son. They lived nicely, in a small apartment in Manhattan. This boy at about fifteen became a junkie, which is not unusual in our neighborhood.

In order to maintain her close friendship with him, she became a junkie too. She said it was part of the youth culture, with which she felt very much at home. After a while, for a number of reasons, the boy gave it all up and left the city and his mother in disgust. Hopeless and alone, she grieved. We all visited her.

Activity I. Put "+" next to the true sentences and "-" next to the false ones.

1. My father is an energetic 68-year-old man.

2. He wants his daughter to write a complex epic novel.

3. He likes simple stories with recognizable people.

4. I will write him a simple story.

5. The woman’s boy was 10 years old.

6. Her son left her wealthy and well cared for.

Activity II. Circle the correct letter

1. My father spends his time in …

a) bed; b) church; c) the cafes; d) pain and sufferings

2. His heart is weak but has not reduced the follow of blood …

a) to his legs; b) to his strong arms and shoulders; c) to his head; d) to his liver

3. He thinks I write simple stories like …

a) Shultz and Dilbert; b) Bulgakov and Shevchenko; c) Chekhov or de Maupassant; d) Chekhov and Marquis de Sade

4. I was … to write a simple story for my father.

a) unwilling; b) eager; c) saddened; d) unable

5. The woman and her son lived in …

a) Sumy; b) Poland; c) Manhattan; d) Washington D. C.

6. The boy became a junkie, which was … where we lived.

a) common; b) uncommon; c) looked down upon; d) held in high esteem

Activity IV. Make up 5 questions of different types.

Activity V. Make up a plan to retell the text.


C:\Users\admin\Desktop\i (2).jpg

Youth Organisations in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has created youth organisations in our country which can help young people to find their place in life. Among these organisations is, for example, "The Students' League" whose activity is aimed at solving various students' problems, including economic ones. The members of this league organise youth forums, festivals and interest groups meetings. This organisation also has friendly ties with the Student Unions of many foreign countries.

The most popular youth organisations in Ukraine are People's Democratic League of Youth, Ukrainian Social-Democratic Youth, the Union of Agrarian Youth, Socialist Congress of Youth and others. These organisations have proved to be active and influential participants in social and political processes in the country.

A lot of young people in Ukraine are active in the "greens" movement. They organise various actions of protest against the pollution of the environment. Their main aim is to help the government and non-goverment organisations to protect and preserve a safe environment in our country.

There are some youth organisations that are based on common professional and educational interests, for example, All-Ukrainian Association of Young Scientists, Ukrainian League of Young Entrepreneurs, Union of Young Journalists etc.

In addition there is a Boy Scout organisation in Ukraine that was organised on the principles of British and American organisations of this type.

Activity 1. Find in the text and write the synonyms to these words.

to make something -

different -

arrange -


a member -

contamination -

a strong idea -

Activity 2. Fill in the gaps with the correct words.

1. We've got a_____youth organisations in Ukraine.

2. These organisations help young people ________ their place in life.

3. The Ukrainian Boy Scout organisation is based on the _______as British and American ones.

4. The "Greens" movement protests against the ________.

5. "The Student's League" solves different students' ________.

6. This organisation communicates with the Student Unions of ______countries.

Activity 3. Answer the questions and express your point of view.

1. How do teenagers whom you know spend their free time?

2. Does any of your friends have a temporary job?

3. What's your own attitude to a temporary job among teenagers?

4. Do you or your friends belong to some political party, organisation or group?

5. What kind of party mentioned in the topical text would you like to join? Why?

6. Do you think the youth organisations are really necessary and important for young people in Ukraine?


C:\Users\admin\Desktop\i (1).jpg

Activity I. Fill in the blanks.

Lots of children have got a part-time job. As for me I 1_____ as a paper boy. I 2_____ a paper round twice a week, so I 3_____ at 6.30 on Wednesdays and on Sundays. It 4 _____ me about on an hour.

Sometimes, it 5 _____ me longer on Sundays, because the Sunday papers are very heavy. My parents (often) 6_____ me any pocket money, but I need it. The newsagent 7_____ me two pounds a weekday and three pounds on Sundays, so in a week I 8 _____ five pounds. It 9 _____ certainly nice to have some money in your pocket. I 10_____ problems with my job but I 11 _____ _____ getting up early or going out in the rain.

1. A) work 2. A) do 3. A) get up 4. A) take

B) works B) does B)got up B) takes

C) not work C) doesn't C) gets up C) is take

D) not works D) do not D) gots up D) is takes

5. A) take 6. A) do give 7. A) pay 8. A) get

B)takes B) don't give B)pays B) gets

C) is take C) does give C) doesn't pays C) doesn't get

D) is takes D) doesn't give D) don't pay D) don't get

9. A) does 10. A) do have 11. A) like

B)do B) doesn't have B) doesn't like

C)are C)have no C) like not

D)is D) don't have D) don't like

Activity II. Make a list of teens’ life ambitions

Teens want to …

Activity ІІІ. Complete the sentences.

1. You’d _____ hurry up or else we’ll be late

a) Rather c) better

b) Should d) have to

2. I can hear a noise; I think _____ is outside.

a) Some c) somehow

b) Somebody d) somewhere

3. Jane doesn’t have _____ tonight.

a) many homeworks c) much homework

b) much homeworks d) many homework

4. Have you written _____ names?

a) Everybody c) everybodys’

b) everybody’s d) everybodies’

5. Let me give you _____.

a) an advice c) some advice

b) the advices d) Some advices

6. I don’t like it here. Let’s go somewhere _____.

a) else c)more

b) again d) once

Activity IV. Choose one topic and write an essay.

1. It is easy to be young.

2. Who can help the young people in difficult situations?

3. It is better to cope with your problems yourself then to complain to somebody

4. Adults have the same problems as children.



Activity I. Develop the ideas on the topic «For or against pop music»

For Against

1. new rhythms and styles 1. repeats old styles and rhythms

2. happy and easily caught 2. monotonous beating

3. for younger people 3. primitive and easy forgotten

4. it is their hopes, dreams, joys, 4. primitive emotions

5. bits the nervous system

5. overexcited 6. mass hysteria

6. for different tastes 7. to frighten the sharks

7. attracts great masses

of younger people

Activity II. Make up and then role play our own dialogues according to the given problems:

  • Family problems - misunderstanding of parents

- lack of freedom

  • Personal problems - lack of money

- love problems

- addiction (alcohol, smoking)

  • School problems - misunderstanding of teachers

- difficult subjects

- lack of time

- too much homework

Activity IІІ. Speak on the following topics

1. What makes a personality.

2. How do teens express their individuality.

3. Virtual reality.

4. Young people in modern society.

5. What do young people worry about?

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