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My desk is a mess (5 класс)

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Theme: My desk is a mess!

(Prepositions of place : in, on , under , next to )

Objectives :

  1. To enrich the pupils’ knowledge using the theme.

2. To develop the pupils’ abilities in listening, speaking, reading , and refer pupils to the grammar theme “Prepositions of place: in, on, under,next to”, helping them freely express their opinions and ideas

3. To arouse their interest in learning English, to wide their scope , to be always tidy and active in their life.

Visual aids :

interactive board, tape recorder, pictures, balls, a box, slides.

The Procedure of the lesson

I. Warm – up :


T.: Good afternoon, boys and girls !

- How do you feel yourselves ? ( OK , Well, Good ) Sit down please !

- Who is on duty ? Is anybody absent today ? What date is it today ? What day of the week is it today? What season is it now ?

- So pupils, are you ready to start our lesson ?

- So boys and girls today we’ll speak and discuss about pupils and their school things. I see you all are ready for the lesson ! I hope our lesson will be interesting, instructive and useful for you! Now let’s begin !

II. Speech drill.

-Now look at the active board ! Listen to the words and repeat them all together! ( disc 1.38 )

rubber - өшіргіш

sweets - кәмпиттер

magazine - журнал

socks - шұлықтар

homework - үй тапсырмасы

chair - орындық

desk - парта

hand - қол

books - кітаптар

pencil case - қаламсауыт

bag - сөмке

posters - плакаттар

hairbrush - тарақ

T.: Look at the ex.1 on page 28 listen to the words once more and find these things in the picture ( disc 1.38 ), slide 1.

rubber - e

sweets - g

magazine - j

socks - l

homework – k

chair - f

desk - b

hand - d

pencil case - h

books - a

bag - c

posters - i

hairbrush - m

T.: Well done , pupils!

III. Presentation.

T.: Let’s continue our lesson! Look at the picture and listen to the dialogue ex.2 on page 28.(disc 1.39) , slide 2 .

T. : Listen to the dialogue again and name the missing words .

( books, desk, rubber, chair, sweets, pencil case, homework, hand)

IY. Working on the dialogue. Ex.2 (b) on page 28

  1. read the text and answer the questions .

  1. What can you say about Molly ? ( She is Della’s friend,classmate)

  2. Can you guess her problem ? (Molly is a messy pupil)

  3. What’s her problem ? ( She can’t find her things)

  4. What about Della? ( Della is a tidy girl)

Y. Working on the diagram.

So boys and girls let’s compare these two girls and complete this diagram.




angry tidy

messy girls good

untidy friends active

lazy mates nice

inactive pupils friendly

Molly : messy, untidy, angry, lazy, inactive.

Della : tidy, active, good, friendly, nice.

Molly and Della : pupils, girls, friends, classmates.

T.: Yes, you are right! They are very different but they are both girls, classmates, pupils and friends.

YI. Game

-Dear pupils we all tired , let’s play the game and relax. Come here and make a circle.( Teacher throws a ball and names Molly or Della , pupil catches it and gives adjectives of characters of the both girls)

Molly : messy, untidy, angry, lazy, inactive.

Della : tidy, active, good, friendly, nice.

T.: Thanks a lot. We have some pleasure time. Let’s continue our lesson!

YII.Working on the grammar : Prepositions of place: on, in, under, next to.

( Teacher explains with a box and a ball )

T.: Look at the grammar table on page 28

-Where is the ball? It’s in the box.

- Where is the pen ? It’s on the desk.

- Where is the rubber ? It’s under the chair.

- Where is the bag ? It’s next to the chair.

YIII. Grammar practice.

Exercise 4 (a) on page 29. Look at the picture of Molly’s desk. Complete the sentences with : in, on, under, next to.

  1. Where are the books? They’re under the desk.

  2. Where is the rubber ? It’s on the chair.

  3. Where are the sweets? They’re in the pencil case.

  4. Where is Molly’s homework ? It’s in Molly’s hand.

  5. Where are the posters ? They’re on the wall.

  6. Where is the hairbrush ? It’s next to the chair.

-Now listen and check .(disc 1.40) Well done, pupils !

IX. Sing the song : My sister Jessie on page 98.

X .Conclusion. Giving marks.

XI. Homework. Ex. 6 (a,b) on page 29

So boys and girls our lesson is over! You were very active at the lesson! Be always tidy, friendly, and active! Thank you for your preparation, goodbye !

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