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My favourite sport 5 grade

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Date: 26.11.2015 5 “A” grade

Theme: My favourite sport

Aims of the lesson:

- to learn types of sport,

- to learn words and verbs connected with sport and healthcare

Aids of the lesson: flipchart, cards, sport inventories (skittles, balls, bricks), presentation, CD and player, activboard

Form of the lesson: competition

Procedure of the lesson

I.Organization moment: -Good-morning, dear boys and girls, and our guests. It is nice to see all of you. How are you today? Are you ready for the lesson? Ok. Then let`s start.

Now, I want you to come to the board, all of you. Stand in a line for growth. Count to three. (first, second, third)

The firsts make 3 steps forward, The seconds make 2 steps forward, the thirds stay. Turn around and look at the activboard. Lets sing a song and do the exercise.

Now take sport inventories and sit down. Each team must have their speakers and captains.

As you see, today we are going to talk about sport and our lesson is going to be in a competition form

II. Warm-up: Tongue-twister: A big black bug bit a big black bear

A big black bear hit a big black bug.

Listen and repeat. And say quickly and correctly

III. Checking H/t: Ex 14 p. 57 Plurals of nouns.

Open your copybooks and make these words plural. Then switch your books and check each other.

IV. Presentation: Now let`s writhe down the date

The theme of our lesson is ” My favourite sport”. It means sport I really like.

e.g. I like basketball. And basketball is my favorite sport.

What kinds of sport do you know?

Look at the board and look at the pictures. Now let`s how many sports do you know and the numbers of the pictures with words.

And now switch your answer sheets and check each other

V. Speaking: I like to run. My favourite sport is running. What`s your favourite sport?

VI. Game: Snowballs: Take one piece of paper and write down your questions and make a snowball and throw each other.

VII. Brainstorming:

Answer the question

a) Eleven people play this game, they use black and white ball to play (football)

b) People need a bat and a small ball to play this game (baseball/cricket)

c) You need a skate for it. (skateboarding)

d) You must come to a pool or to a river to go in for it (swimming)

e) For this sport it is good when the wind blows (windsurfing)

f) Strong men like this sport. They wear white kimonoes. (judo)

g) These are two types of athletics (running/jumping)

i) You need a white ball to play this game. You play with your hands and arms (volleyball)

VIII. Conclusion: Lets count your points and find out the winner team.

Now count your points and say you marks.


Thank you for attending in this competition and for making it fun, and thanks to our guests for visiting us. Good bye and have a good day!

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