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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Открытый урок английского языка "Art" 9-ый класспо учебнику Т. Аяпова 2013г.
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  • Иностранные языки

Открытый урок английского языка "Art" 9-ый класспо учебнику Т. Аяпова 2013г.


Открытый урок английского языка "Art"

9-ый класспо учебнику Т. Аяпова 2013г.

автор: Ахмет Заура Мырзагалиевна

учитель английского языка сш №233 г.Кызылорда

Demonstration lesson plan


Grade: 9

The type of the lesson:presentation,interaction

Methods of teaching: demonstration, question-answer, group work, work in pairs, individual work.


  1. Educational: To revise the usage of the Past Perfect Active and Past Perfect Passive, to give the learners more information about the types of ART;

  2. Developing: to develop pupils’ oral and written skills, to enrich their vocabulary, to develop pupils’ intellect, memory, imaginative abilities and will power , to develop their communication in English;

  3. Cultural: to make the pupils acquainted with the life, customs and traditions of the people who speak English, to develop the intellectual, emotional and motivational spheres of the learners.

Visual aids:cards, pictures, tables, interactive board.

The outline of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment

  2. Checking up the home work

  3. Explanation of the new material

  4. Warm up activity

  5. Grammar revision

  6. Proverbs (summing up)

  7. Giving home work

  8. Giving marks

  9. The end of the lesson

The course of the lesson:

I. Organization moment

  • Good morning, students! How are you?

  • I’m fine, thank you! Let’s begin our lesson with a wonderful song!

  • Now I would like to divide you into three groups – “Singing”, “Dancing”, “Painting”

Come here and choose one of these cards.


  • We are fine, thanks, and you?

( Students sing a song “Good morning”)


(Ученики делятся на группы по жеребевке.)

II. Checking up the homework



- Let’s check your home work. What was your home task?

- O.K. Thank you. Now I’ll give you such kind of cards, in which you should change the sentences from Past Perfect Active into Past Perfect Passive

- That will be your individual work that’s why, don’t help each other.


  • Our home task was Ex:11,12 on p.47

/приложение2/ слайд№1

Ex:11 p.47

  1. I couldn’t get into the house as I had lost the key.

The key ______________________.

  1. By the time my mom came I had cleaned my room.

My room ____________________.

  1. By 7 o’clock I had done my morning exercises.

Morning exercises______________.

  1. Before we went out the teacher had checked our tests.

Our tests ____________________.

  1. He was happy that he had found his watch.

His watch____________________.



  • If you’ve finished, change your cards with your neighbours, and you’ll check each other’s answers.

  • Look at the board and check the answers.


(ученики сами проверяют ответы и ставят оценки)

/приложение2/ слайды№2,3




1) I couldn’t get into the house as I had lost the key.

The key had been lost. √


2) By the time my mom came I had cleaned my room.

My room had been cleaned. √


3) By 7 o’clock I had done my morning exercises.

Morning exercises had been done.


4) Before we went out the teacher had checked our tests.

Our tests had been checked. √


5) He was happy that he had found his watch.

His watch had been found. √



5 points




Teacher:/приложение2/ слайд №4

- Let’s check Ex:12 p.47


  • Ok. Very well done! I see that you’ve understood the Past Perfect Active and the Past Perfect Passive.

  • Now please give your marks to each other.


  • The flowers had been thrown down.

  • The jewellery had been stolen.

  • The documents and papers had been thrown about the flat.

  • The drawers had been emptied.

  • The door of the fridge had been opened and all the food had been stolen.

( ученики оценивают работу каждой команды, показывая смайлики


III. Explanation of the new material

Guessing the theme


  • Why do you think I have divided you into three groups named “Singing”, “Dancing”, “Painting”?

  • How can you say all these three activities in one word?

  • Yes, right you are!

  • So, the theme of our lesson is….

  1. Association

Write out the words about “Art”

literature, environment, ecology, sculpture, dancing,

vegetarian, architecture, conversation, countryside,

music, theatre, responsible, reputation, painting, cinema

  1. - Look at the pictures and match the words with the types of art.

  1. Speaking

Watching the video/приложение3/ видео

  1. Discussing the video

  • What have you learnt from the video? What is this video about?

  • Whose names did you hear from the video?

  • How did the author describe the art of the past century?

  • And what about the recent society? How art is defined nowadays?

  • Yes, nowadays art is everywhere – on the streets, in the cinemas, on TV.

  • That’s very good that you understand what you’ve seen on the video. And I have got one more question, what art are you interested in?

  1. Marking

  • Now, if you liked the video and if you understood it, please show me like this hello_html_3b17c823.jpg

If you didn’t like the video and didn’t understand it show me like thishello_html_f4f2f48.jpg


( ученики должны отгадать тему урока)

  • Singing, dancing and painting are the types of ART.

  • (All together) Art!

/приложение2/ слайды №5,6

  1. Association


cinema theatre literature


sculpture dancing architecture



(Students watch the video about “ART”)

Possible answers:

  • This video is about art.

  • Leonardo da Vinchi, Pablo Picasso,


  • The art at those days consisted of painting, sculptures, sonnets and ballet.

  • Nowadays art is defined as the unique masterpieces of every person.

Possible answers:

  • I’m interested in painting.

  • I’m interested in music.

  • My favourite art is dancing.


  1. Warm up activity (разминка/физминутка)


- Are you tired sitting in one place?

- Then let’s do some warm up activities. Listen to the music and repeat the actions./приложение4/ видео


  • Yes, we are!

  1. Grammar revision


Let’s do some grammar exercises. /приложение2/ слайды №7,8

Put the correct word from the following list in each space below.

on at to by of about

-the groups will check each other’s answers



4 points


3 points


1-2 points



  • I often go to discos and parties.

  • We stayed at a cheap hotel.

  • She sunbathes on the beach.

  • I’m very keen on music.

  • I spend a lot of time at concerts.

  • I often go to concerts.

  • He stays at his aunt’s.

  • He wants to learn about other countries.

  • I’m very fond of the open air.

  • We stopped at campsite.

  • They prefer to be close to nature.

  • I’m going there by plane.

  1. Proverbs (summing up)

    • Match the proverbs about art and beauty with their Russian equivalents.

    /приложение2/ слайды №10,11


    Beauty is but skin-deep 

    Красота всеголишь сверху. Смысл: наружность обманчива; красота недолговечна. Ср. С лица воду не пить. Красота приглядится, а ум вперед пригодится

    Blind men can judge no colours

    Слепые о красках судить не могут. Ср. Слепойкурицевсёпшеница

    Tarred with the same brush

    Одной и той же кистью мазаны. Ср. Одним миром мазаны. Из одного теста сделаны.
    Из одной плахи вытесаны


    Вкусы расходятся. Ср. О вкусах не спорят. На вкус и цвет товарища нет

    The devil is not so black as he is painted 

    Ср. Не так страшен чёрт, как его малюют

    That's a horse of another color 

    Это лошадь другой масти. Ср. Это совсем другое дело. Вот это уже из другой оперы

  2. Giving home work

a) Ex: 6 p.49

b) Do the project on the theme “Art”

  1. Giving marks

Students give each other such kind of marks:


Good job!

Not bad!

  1. The end of the lesson

The lesson is over. Good bye!


You tube – Good morning song (with lyrics) The Singing Walrus

You tube – What is Art. m4v

You tube – Clap your hands (физминутка)



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