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Открытый урок what is your mother like?

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5 th form

The theme of the lesson:

Unit 1 Step 3 What is your mother like?

The aims and objectives of the lesson:

a) educational

b) developing

c) cultural

to enrich pupil’s vocabulary, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and give them more information’s about of their parents, to teach them to poly languages.

To develop pupil’s habits in speaking, reading and translating, to develop communicative skills and abilities, to teach them to poly languages

to bring up pupil’s interests, respect and love to foreign and native languages, to educate them to respect their classmates, teachers, friends and to educate them to be a honesty .


to enrich pupil’s vocabulary, to develop communicative skills and abilities, to educate them to respect their classmates

The type of the lesson:

mixed lesson

The kind of the lesson:

mastering of new lesson

The methods of the lesson:

vocabulary method, method of explanation, comparing, completing, question-response, bring storming


СТО, Оқыту мен оқудағы жаңа тәсілдер, АКТ, Көшбасшылық, Бағалау, Жас ерекшелік


pictures, notebook, Multimedia class,tape recorder I- phone, book, sticker А-3format

Connected of the lesson


The procedure of the lesson:

Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity

І. Organization moment

Psychological workout

- greeting;

- to check the attendance of pupils;

-to check the preparation of the lesson;

- divide the two groups 1.Flowers 2.Animals,

3 Professions

- Do you like your mother? What is her job?

- greeting;

-acting on duty;

-to prepare for the lesson;

- answer the questions

ІІ. Checking up the home task

Exercise 9-12 write (teacher checks the homework on the pupil’s copybooks and some pupils and some pupils will write it on the blackboard)

Pupils will write it on the blackboard

III. Realization of meaning

(Мағынаны тану)

THEME:What is your mother like?

Phonetic drill exercises

This is mother, kind and beautiful,

This is father, kind and tall,

This is brother, handsome

This is sister, not very tall.

This is baby sweet and small,

These are the family one and all!

Make up association theme “Profession”


a teacher a housewife

a doctor

a dentist a seretary

Exercise 3 on p 43

Colin: What is your father’s job?

Omar: He’s an ambassador

Colin: And what is your mother’s job?

Omar: She’s housewife

Exercise 4 on p 43

What is Omar’s father’s job?

He’s an …….

What is Omar’s mother’s job?

She’s ……

Exercise 5. Talk to your group about your family

What is your father’s job?

He’s a …..

What is your mother’s job?

She’s a …..

Presentation 1

Exercise 7. Write about your family

My mother is a ….

My father is a …

Exercise 8 Read the conversation with your partner


  • Is this your family?

  • Yes it is

  • Is this your Dad?

  • Yes it is?

  • What is his job?

  • He’s an ambassador

  • Oh, really? And what is your mothers job?

  • She’s a housewife

  • Is this your brother?

  • No, it isn’t. That’s my uncle

  • Is he a student?

  • No, he isn’t. he’s a bank manager.

  • Is your sister a student?

  • Yes, she is

Сөздік жумыс new words

Beautiful сұлу, әдемі

Nice тамаша

Handsome келбетті

Tall биік

Short қысқа

Fat толық

Thin жеңішке, арық

Strict қатал

Kind жомарт, ақ көңіл

Exercise 11Listen and read the dialogue.

Carol: What's your mother's name?

Asel: Alma.

Carol: Oh, a good name. How old is she?

Asel: She's quite young. She's 36.

Carol: What is she like?

Asel: She's beautiful.

Carol: Is she tall?

Asel: No, she isn't. She's short

Exercise 12 Right or wrong.

a. Asel's mother's name is Alma.

b. She is tall.

c. She is young.

d. She is fat.

e. She isn't beautiful.

f. She is strict.

Exercise 13 Answer the questions about Asel's mother.

  1. What's her name?

  2. How old is she?

  3. Is she beautiful?

  4. Is she fat?

  5. Is she kind?

  6. Is she tall?

Жаңа лексикалық сөздерді енгізеді, сөздік дәптерге жазады, оқиды

Read the dialogue

to write down

good reading and translation work

Talk to your friend

Students are spelling the words

b) tasks for the development of сognitive abilities

If pupils make mistakes teacher will correct them

Ex 1-4, 5-8 10-13 on p42-45


To consolidate the lesson by asking questions or translating

Pupils answer the question or translate

V. Homework

Ex 15-17 p 45-46 write an essay about their mother and father

To do home task in their home

VІ. Evaluation

Pupils you are very activity today, your marks are 5, 4, …

They’ll bring their diaries to the teacher to their marks

VII. The end of the lesson

-The lesson is over

-Good-bye pupils, See you on next lesson

-Good-bye teacher.

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