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Открытый урок для 8 класса

  • Иностранные языки

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Can you learn English successfully?


Научить беседовать по поводу проблем в изучении иностранного языка и способов успешного усвоения иностранного языка.


  1. Развивать умения учащихся говорить по заданной теме.

  2. Развивать умения учащихся читать с общим охватом содержания.

  3. Развивать умения учащихся понимать информацию на слух.

  1. Warming up.

  • Do you find language learning difficult?

  • Will you need English for your job?

  • Can you learn English successfully?

  1. Involving into situation.

Listen to the conversation and guess what your task is.

  • Have you done your homework, Oleg?

  • No, I have not. I have some problems with my English. I find it rather difficult.

I can `t do my homework. Can you give me some advice?

  • OK. I advise you to follow some special rules.

You must do a lot of exercises.

You must listen to English songs and texts.

You must watch video films in English.

You must speak only English with your friends at the English lesson.

You must write letters to your English friends.

You must read adapted books.

You must take language courses by computer.

  • Thank you for your advice. I`ll do my best.

  • You`ll learn English to do it easily, it comes with practice.

\ Our task is to role-play the conversation between parents and their children\

Imagine that some of you are pupils and others are parents. Pupils have some problems with English. They don`t know how to learn English. Parents try to give some advice.

Who would like role-play parents and who would like to role-play pupils?

/ Учащиеся организуют группы/

What problems will you discuss?

  • What must I do to learn English successfully?

  • How must I do it?

Working at the lesson don`t forget to:

  • Speak fluently

  • Avoid grammar and lexical mistakes

  • Ask for advice and give advice

  • Be polite

  1. Phonetic activities.

- fast

- to follow advice

- pronunciation

- success – successfully

- regular - regularly

- perfect

- I advise you

- You must

- thank you for advice

- I`ll do my best

- to need

  1. Reading and listening.

Listen to the interview and say how Masha, Boris and Sergey are going to use English in the future. P.87, Ex.8.


  • I know that you are all learning English. Do you find it difficult?

  • No, not really. I think language learning is fun. I can learn it fast.

  • I find it rather difficult. Especially grammar. My teacher says I make a lot of grammar mistakes. In fact I prefer reading.

  • And what about you, Boris?

  • I liked learning English at the beginning but now it`s getting more difficult and less fun. There are so many things to remember – words, grammar, spelling pronunciation. English has such a rich vocabulary. I don`t always understand my teacher.

  • I see. And what do you do to learn English successfully? Have you got any special rules that you follow?

  • I try to do my homework regularly. It helps me to practice English when there are no classes. I know that practice means perfect. I also watch films in English and listen to tapes.

  • I listen to English songs. Eminem is my favourite singer. English songs help me to understand English better. I have learned some of them and sing them with my friends.

  • I do a lot of exercises, watch American video films in English and read adapted books. That`s what I like most of all.

  • And may I ask you how you are planning to use English in the future?

  • I`d like to learn to speak English well because I want to visit many countries of the world and meet different people. I hope I will be able to speak English to them.

  • I`d like to be a computer programmer and I`ll need English for my future job. A lot of modern computer programmes are in English.

  • I don`t know how I am going to use my English yet. I just like learning it. Maybe I`ll learn another language – French, Spanish or Italian. Maybe I`ll become a linguist. I can`t wait to grow and go to university.

\ Masha doesn`t know how she is going to use English

Boris will need English for his future job

Sergey want to visit many countries of the world and meet different people\

Read the text and answer the questions.

How would you answer the intervierw`s questions?

  • Do you find language learning difficult?

  • What do you do to learn English successfully?

  • Will you need English in the future?

  1. Having a rest.

Repeat after me.

Have you listened to music?

Have you watched TV?

Have you slept in your bed?

Have drunk your tea?

I haven`t listen to music.

I haven`t watched TV.

I haven`t slept in my bed.

I haven`t drunk my tea.

I have learned English in my ear-phones.

  1. Speaking.

  2. Let`s speak about your problems with English.

You, pupils, discuss the problems that you have by learning English, ask questions.

You, parents, work out some advice for your children.

  • Must we read a lot?

  • Must we listen to English songs?

  • Must we watch films?

  • Must we speak English at the English lesson?

  • Must we take language courses by computer?

Role-play the conversation between parents and their children.

Use the cards.

You are a pupil. You have some problems with your English. Ask your parents for advice. Thank your parents for advice.

You are a mother\ a father. Your child has some problems with English. Give your child some advice how to learn English.

  1. Reflection.





I can speak about my problems

with English

I can listen to the interview about how

to learn English

I can read the information about

learning English

  1. Homework. P.89, Ex 10

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