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План мультимедийного урока по английскому языку на тему "The Sea World"

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Multimedia lesson plan

Level: high level

Topic: The Sea

For conducting the lesson and giving tasks teacher uses Splashtop Whiteboard or goes to http://www.skrbl.com/ and uses online multiuser board.

  1. Watching a video on You tube (7 min)

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cme8jSYaJVM and watch a video about the sea world of Ireland. Think about the inhabitants of the sea you have just seen.

  1. Commenting on teacher`s tweet on the twitter account that teacher set up with the name of the topic @seaworld

Students are asked to comment upon teacher`s tweet.


  • Write three sea creatures you liked the most in the video and state the reason for it

  • What sea inhabitant would you want to be if you were not a human being?

  1. Speaking

What would you do in the situations below? Think of ideas. Choose one of them and create a one-minute speech on the given topic

  • You are in a boat going towards a big whirlpool

  • You are snorkeling and you see a very old boat at the bottom of the sea

  • You are on a desert island

  • You are walking along the beach and you find a bottle with a note in it…

Use http://www.oovoo.com/home.aspx to make your online speech and others can ask questions.

  1. Creativity

Sea stories

Have you ever seen any of these films? What did you think of them? Have youseen any other films in which the sea is important?

Titanic, Waterworld, Jaws, Free Willy, Flipper, The Piano, Treasure Island

Google these films and read the contents and plot of the films. Form three groups and choose one film for the group and :

  1. Create a mind-map of the film to convey the main idea and define the role of the sea in the film going to http://www.mindmeister.com .

  2. Afterwards change the films the way they would be different from their original genres. Then share your versions on Wikispaces.

  3. Write a letter to the director of the film to reshoot the film using your version. Make it argumentative and state why your version is better than the original. Post it to http://boomwriter.com

(Teacher will write a letter on behalf of the directors and also post it to either Wikispaces or Twitter account of the class)

Homework: http://remind`101.com

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