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План открытого урока по теме "Идеальная школа"

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Form: 6 Date: 22.12. 2015

Theme: Ideal school.


1. To fix lexical material about the theme “School”.


  1. Training:

  • To enlarge lexical material about the following theme.

  • To revise the adjectives.

  1. Developmental:

  • To develop communication skills.

  • To develop memory.

  • To develop listening skills.

  1. Educational:

  • To educate the culture of behavior.

  • To educate the work in groups.

  • To educate communicative skills.

Equipment: computer, TV, book, pictures, cards.





Pupils activity


Work with inclusive pupils

I Motivation


Hello, children! Sit down, please!

Today at the lesson we’ll speak about perfect or ideal school. And at the end of our lesson you’ll make the project with your ideas about this theme.



But first of all look at the screen, this is a quotation: If all clever people were good, if all good people were clever, the world would be nicer than ever. Schools are the first step on the education way. They give pupils the opportunity to fulfill their talent. Do you agree that education is a key to a good future?

Teacher asks

Pupils answer


The pupil listens to the teacher

II Realization

Presentation of ideal school

Pupils watch presentation with the thoughts of pupils about the perfect school.

And also they continue reading them at the book, p.68,ex.2.

Teacher explains

Pupils read


The pupil reads

Comparison of England and Kazakhstan schools

Pupils divided into 2 groups:

First of all they watch the video about The school day in England.

Then they should answer if the sentences true or false:

  • Pupils go to school from Monday till Saturday.

  • The lessons begin at eight o’clock.

  • Most schools are only for boys.

  • The pupils wear uniform.

  • Pupils can choose the subjects.

  • Most of pupils learn Russian language.

  • At the lunch all pupils go home.

  • School finishes at six o’clock.

Then both groups read about The school day in Kazakhstan.

There are two shifts (смена) in Kazakhstan schools. The school day begins from eight o’clock in the morning till two o’clock. Or begins at two o’clock till seven. Pupils must stay at school all the time. The day starts with the registration. The class teachers check who is at school and who is absent.

Pupils have special lessons where their class teacher reads out some important notices.

At lunch pupils go to the canteen. They can buy different baking (выпечка). In Kazakhstan pupils study all subjects which include the educational programmer.

Pupils go to school on Saturdays and don’t go on Sundays.

After the reading they should make the diagram, the first group should find differences and the 2nd similar:

Teacher divides pupils

Pupils work in groups

Read and translate

Make a diagram


The pupil works in group

Work with the project

Pupils working in these groups should draw, write their perfect schools.

They get the sheets of paper and make a project.

Teacher explains

Pupils make projects


Pupil works with the group

Developing of reading skills

I would like to end our lesson with the poem: Our school.

The pupils should choose the right variant of the necessary adjectives.

Teacher explains

Pupils read and choose the adjectives


Pupil works with the card

III Reflexion


  • To make a topic about your ideal school.

Teacher explains

Pupils write down


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