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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "How can we clean the world"

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Form: 3

The theme: How can we clean the world

The aims: Educational: to learn phrases concerning pollution and using the “should and shouldn`t” vocabulary, asking questions.

Developmental: to develop students` reading, speaking and listening skills based on the theme.

Bringing up: To bring up students to be friendly, respectable, shouldn`t waste the resources, to be cultural and protect our nature safety.

Aids: Flashcards, pictures, CD disc, videos.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

Good afternoon children! I’m very glad to see you! Sit down, please.  How are you today? How are you feeling today? What date is it today? What day is it today? Who is absent? What is the weather today? What season is it now? Let`s divide into two teams and collect merits. If you answer good or excellent you`ll get ten, fifteen or twenty merits

  1. Warm up

Ok girls and boys look at the blackboard warm up “word chain” you should say the words without stopping, even I remove the words one by one, let`s begin

  1. Listening

Watching video: “This is our world song” look at the video and how do you think what is the theme of today`s lesson

  1. Basic words (new words)

Children today`s basic words are :

Reduce, reuse, recycle, paper, shopping, bins, should, rubbish, picnic, dirty air, wash, clean, hygiene, pollution, smoke, idea.

Let`s translate them

  1. 3 `R s

Watching video: reduce, reuse, recycle. Let`s watch video material about protecting the world

  1. Main part: a) working with text.

Let`s read the text about environment. What did the children do in social studies? The children bought some food and had picnic. Two more questions and we can go home said Nadia…

  1. B) Doing exercises

Exercise 2p 44 Look at the poster and read the sentences. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle write of both sides of paper, take shopping bags with you when you go shopping, put your papers in the recycling bins

Exercise 2b let`s find the crossword concerning the environmental problem.

  1. Conclusion

Ex.3 Look at the picture what`s wrong? He shouldn`t drive an old car.

Ex 2a.b p45 Read the children`s letter to campo. Put the campo`s reply in the correct order.

  1. C) Game time

Let`s play game “ magic eye ” street, traffic lights, park, town, city, fruit, vegetable

7. Lesson outcome

Home task To learn by heart new words.ex.3 A.B what did john do? Write recycle. Giving marks and merits. To appreciate students for excellent results.

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