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Приложение к разработке "Easter Quiz"

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Easter Quiz

Q 1: When is Easter?

  • The fourth Sunday in April

  • A Sunday between March 22 and April 25

  • The Sunday after Daylight Savings

Q 2: Easter is named after Eastre who is...

  • the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring

  • the Anglo-Saxon goddess of eggs

  • the Easter Lily

Q 3: Christians commemorate Good Friday as...

  • the day that Jesus Christ was born

  • the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected

  • the day that Jesus Christ died

Q 4: Christians commemorate Easter Sunday as...

  • the day that Jesus Christ was born

  • the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected

  • the day that Jesus Christ died

Q 5: What is a sunrise service?

  • Gathering to watch the sunrise

  • A religious gathering at dawn

  • A midnight church service

Q 6: Long ago, the Easter Bunny was called a...

  • Easter Hare

  • Easter Rabbit

  • Spring Chick

Q 7: Hares and rabbits are a symbol of...

  • Easter baskets

  • fertility

  • colored eggs

Q 8: Why did Easter egg hunts begin?

  • Because a farmer spilled his basket of eggs in the grass.

  • To give children something to do while dinner is prepared.

  • Because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass.

Q 9: Who organized the first 'egg roll' in Washington DC?

  • Dolly Madison

  • George Washington

  • President Madison

Q 10: Why was the Egg Roll moved from the Capitol to the White House?

  • Because the first lady wanted it changed.

  • To make it feel more homey.

  • Because officials complained that they were ruining the Capitol lawn.

Q 11: What tradition led to Easter parades?

  • The winner of the Egg Roll was paraded around town.

  • Many people bought new clothes to wear to church for Easter.

  • Children were seen wandering the streets looking for the Easter Hare.

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