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"Primary and secondary schools"

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Theme: Primary and secondary schools

The aim:   1. Develop pupils’ speaking, writing and listening skills.

2. To develop group working. To increase vocabulary.

3. Learn more about the education in England.

The procedure of the lesson:

Org. moment: Good morning, dear students! Take your seats! How are you? How did you spend your holiday?

Warm-up: Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today? What day is it today?  What is the weather like today?

Checking-up h/w: Revision of the active vocabulary .

The main part: Today we are going to talk about the education in England. And develop our speech by speaking and expressing one's mind. 

Now let's do some exercises.  


Exercise 1. Look at the pictures.

Exercise 2.  Complete the table. Draw a table of this kind in your notebook.

Exercise 3. Read the text below and circle any words you don’t understand. Then in groups, discuss the unknown words.

What are the main types of schools?

What are your favourite subjects?

Work in groups to answer the questions.

Exercise 4-8. Talk to your partner.

Useful phrases

I'd like to...

As for me I think...

I'm (not) satisfied with ...

I don't care where/what...

On the one hand, it's important...

On the other hand, it doesn't matter much.

H/w: Ex. 9 p. 59 Write about schools in Kazakhstan.

Reflection. Let’s review the main points of the lesson. Have you understood the theme? Do you have any questions?

Marks. The lesson is over! You were very active today. The marks are … Good-bye!

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