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Проверочное задание ДЛЯ 9 класаа с углубленным изучением иностранного языка УМК Афанасьева Михеева


Read the text and make it complete with the help of the words.

Louis 14.

Part 1.

In the middle of the17th century the most (1 characterize)form of government in Europe was absolute (2 monarch). The archetype of this kind of ruling was Louis 4,

King of France (1643-1715) , whom many of the other (3 rule) took as their model. Before his reign for much of the first half of the 17th century, France had been ruled by two chief ministers. Louis13 (1601-1643) had given great power to Cardinal Richelieu, and when Louis died , his widow acted as regent for his son Louis 14, then a child. Nevertheless a lot of power was in the hands of another chief minister, Cardinal Mazarini.

When Mazarini died in 1661, the 23-year-old Louis declared that henceforth he would rule (4 personal). He did so until his death in 1715. His (5 persistent) owed a great deal to his belief (6 common) held at that time, that kings ruled by divine right, receiving their power from God, and so must rule (7 just) in person. This belief is summed up in the (8 fame)words attributed to Louis 14 “I am the state”.

Louis had a number of capable ministers, but made it clear that they were his (9 serve) and (10 depend) on his favour . He also adopted the Sun as his (11 person) emblem and commissioned (12 art) and (13 write) to (14 glory) him as the Sun King.

Read the text and make it complete.

Louis 14.

Part 2.

Louis` (1 identify) of himself with the state was most (2 evidence) in his foreign policy. He was always (3 jealously) of his personal reputation or glory which he considered to be (4 separable) from that of France. Louis ` main concern , however , was France`s (5 vulnerable), and for this reason he had great fortresses built along the (6 east) and northeastern borders. Between 1667 and 1713 Louis fought a series of increasingly large-scale and (7 expense) wars in an effort to (8 strength) France`s (9 front) and assert his own prestige and (10 dynasty) rights.

When Louis died in 1715, he left France (11 territorial) strengthened, but at a heavy (12 economy) and social cost. French influence in Europe was great. Other rulers envied Louis` authority in France and his success abroad. Those who had not already introduced (13 absolute) measures copied his bureaucracy, his tax system, his standing army, his academies, and his style of personal rule. In (14 imitate) of Versailles many set up court in great new places away from their capitals, and (15 France) fashions and manners , were (16 wide) imitated.

Card 1.

Use Future Simple or Present Simple.

1.If she (tell) you that Mary is a sympathetic girl, (not, believe) her. 2. If he (apologise) for being late, Miss Jackson (forgive) him. 3. If the novel (not, have) a happy end , I (not, read) it. 4. Jane (be) very much hurt if you (mention) her big nose. 5. If your work (not,be) satisfactory, you (have to) rewrite it. 6. Ask her when she (return) the books to the library. 7. If somebody (phone)while I (be) out, (ask) them to call back in an hour. 8. I hope they (not, be) very tired when they (arrive). 9. If the service in the hotel (not, be) very good, I (complain) to the manager.10.If Pauline (give) me a hand with the dishes, we (clean) the kitchen much earlier.

Card 2.

Use Future Simple or Present Simple.

1.When he (finish) his new novel, he (give ) it to his wife to read. 2. When Alice (return) from Australia, she (come) to us. 3. Jack (not, be) sure when he (finish) his new novel. 4. They never tell their granny when they (come) back for her not to worry in case they (return) late. 5. I am not sure he (find) learning English very easy after he (begin)doing it. 6. If the service in the hotel (not, be) very good , I (complain) to the manager. 7. If Pauline (give) me a hand with the dishes, we` (clean) the kitchen much earlier.8. If Grace (marry) William, I don`t think they (live) in happiness. 9. Sally (be) very much hurt if you (mention) her big nose.10. I hope they (not, be) very tired when they (arrive).

Card 1.

Use Present Simple or Present Progressive.

1.Are you sure it`s chocolate? It (taste) bitter. 2.Kate (think) of moving to London next summer. 3.Well, Sam, you always(lose) your keys. You`ve lost at least three keys recently! 4. Can`t you hear what I (say)? I (ask) you to help me. 5. Have you got any idea when our exams (begin)? 6. May I ask you to dance with me?- Sorry, I (not, dance).

Card 2.

Use Present Simple or Present Progressive.

1.I`m afraid I (forget) when the film (start): at 5.30 or 7.30. 2. Well, Jack, there is one thing I know for sure: you constantly (lie) to me! 3. The airplane (arrive) at 7. We won`t be late don`t worry.4. I (hear) you (get) married. Take my congratulations. 5. I know that on Saturdays the museum (close) an hour earlier than usual. 6.I`ve read all your books, Mr Clark. And what you (write) now?

Complete the sentences. Use the right articles with the nouns.

Word combinations: medieval, notorious, 19th century, famous, small brown, young savage, popular modern, new blue, large expensive, big Australian, large round.

Nouns : boy, one, fruit, astronomer, writer, bird, book character, car, singer, pirate, city.

1.The robin,……………, is a symbol of winter and is often shown on Christmas cards. 2. Zola, …………, described life in a realistic manner. 3. Tarzan,…………, is a character from Edgar Rice Burroughs` stories about a boy raised by apes. 4.Range Rover, ……., can be driven on rough ground. 5. My neighbor`s car,…………., always look clean and shiny. 6. Peter Pan, ………, fights with Captain Hook,……….. 7. Sting, …………, has written many successful songs. 8. Copernicus, ………..,is known for the Copernican system. 9.The melon,………, is often eaten as a first course, but can also be eaten as a dessert. 10. Perth,……, is the capital of the state of Western Australia.

Card 1.

Use Past Simple or Past Progressive.

1.When we (arrive) at the hotel there (be)no rooms available. The conference of ecologist (open) that day. 2.When I (enter) the dining room Kitty (sit) at the table. Not being hungry she (pick) at her food. 3. We (walk) along the street when suddenly we (see) Graham. He (drive) a brand-new Mitsubishi. 4. Jane (sit) in the armchair for a quarter of an hour and then (fall) asleep. 5. John was an obedient child as a rule but that day he (be) extremely naughty. 6. The boys (play) football all day long.7. We all (stay) in the sitting room during the ceremony.

Card 2.

Use Past Simple or Past Progressive.

1.The whole day all members of the family (prepare)their cottage for the occasion. 2.The old gentleman (stroll) along the path for a while, then abruptly (turn) back and (start)for the house. 3. Jack(tell) me that his elderly aunt (feel)much better at the moment. 4.I (phone) you several times in the morning but nobody (answer). 5.I wonder what he (do) at 9 o`clock in the evening.6. While Jenny (clean) the floors her little sister (play) on the computer.7. It (be) early autumn. The sun (shine) in the blue sky but the trees (get) yellow and the birds (fly) to warm countries.

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