Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыРазработка урока по английскому языку на тему“Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan”"

Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему“Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan”"

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Theme: Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

Aims of the lesson:

1.     To provide students with an opportunity for free speaking practice.

2.     To develop their skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing.

3.     To communicate about the theme.

4.     The new words on the theme. Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

5.     Bring up them to be more curious, responsible and hardworking.

Visual aids: video(1.Beautiful places of Kazakhstan. 2.Kara Zhorga. 3.The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi), presentation(lesson.)

The procedure of the lesson:

1.     Organization moment: T-group, T-P1, P2

2.     Slaid 1The new theme Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

video Beautiful places of Kazakhstan

slaid 2-5

work with the textbook – p.169 ex. 2 Cultural property – reading text

p.169 ex.3 - matchig

p.169 ex.2- filling in the table

III. slaid 6 Kara zhorga and Orteke – in UNESCO list

·         A Kazakhstani national dance “Kara zhorga” and “Orteke” doll art will be proposed by Kazakhstan for entering into a World list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

·         It was reported during the regular meeting of the National committee on protection of intangible cultural heritage on the topic: “Modern condition of spiritual heritage of the Kazakh nation, relevant problems of its protection and development”.  

Physical exercises - Kara Zhorga dancing

1.     slaid 7 - Historical and cultural monuments of Kazakhstan in terms of the program "Madeni Mura" - "Мәдени Мұра" бағдарламасының аясындағы Қазақстанныңтарихи және мәдени ескерткіштері

·         In 2004 under the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan  Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbaev there was elaborated and adopted the State program “Cultural heritage”. One of the priorities of the program is restoration, conservation and museumification of monuments of history and culture.

·         Form the moment of adoption of the state program “Cultural heritage” till the present time there were completed restoration works at 51 monuments of history and culture such as: mausoleums of Aisha Bibi, Arystan Baba, Abat Baitak, Esimkhan, Kara Sopy, Makul Tam, Iskak Ata, Dzhabrail Ata, necropolis Karaman Ata, complex “Abylai khan Residence” in Petropalovsk, 39 ancient settlements and barrows were archeologically examined. The National list of monuments of history and culture with 218 objects was prepared. 30 applied research of architectural and archeological monuments that are of special significance for the national culture were made.

·         In terms of the program “Cultural heritage” the state works on restoration of monuments abroad. In Damask (Syria) in 2007 they started construction of mausoleum and historical and cultural center of Al-Farabi, in Cairo (Egypt) they are restoring the mosque of Sultan Az-Zakhir Beibars.

Slaid 8 Music Legacy - Асыл мұра

Traditional music of the Kazakh people is a rich treasury of spiritual heritage. It embodies all the talent and wisdom of the people; in third millennium it acquired special historical significance, especial artistic and cultural value.

In terms of the National program “Cultural heritage” they created the project Anthology of the Kazakh traditional music “Mangilik saryn: kazaktyn 1000 kui, 1000 ani” (“Immortal melodies: 1000 kui, 1000 songs”). This is a grand and unprecedented work on collection, preparation, processing, restoration, digitalization and release of CDs with the Kazakh traditional music in authentic performance in the history of the national culture.The Anthology of the Kazakh traditional music is a unique full collection of the works of the Kazakh traditional art (many songs and almost all significant dombra, sybyzgy and kobyz kui) in the digital media. The majority of the records were unavailable before to the wide audience. Now all who wish can listen to the classical samples of the performance perfection.

slaid 9 -Published books under Goverment program - "Мәдени мұрамемлекеттікбағдарламасы аясында кітаптар басып шығару

·         During the embodiment of the program an integrated system study of the national cultural heritage have been created. For the first time since independence in the republic the steps of establishment of full-fledged fund of liberal education in the state language have been taken.

·         Over 350 books have been published, amongst which there are unique series of history, archeology, ethnography, new encyclopaedic dictionaries, for example, 100-volume series of “Babalar sozi”, that is represented as a collection of recorded folklore monuments, book series of “The history of Kazakh literature”, series of “The Library of World Literature”, which includes advanced literary art of Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

·         The series of "Philosophical heritage of the Kazakh people from ancient times to the present day” is a consociation of the best works, which represent a rich philosophical heritage of the Kazakh people. Philosophical views of the prominent sons of Great Steppe, started in the utterances of Korkyt-ata and continued in the views of Abai and Shakarim are rightly considered as a pearl of the world humanistic spiritual culture.

·         Each of these publications is a result of collective work of scientists, writers, translators, artists, archivists, librarians.

·          The information about conditions of obtaining electronic copies of books published under the  state program «Cultural Heritage», you can find by e-mail:  kitapkhana@nabrk.kz

slaid 10 Archeological excavations - "Мәдени мұрабағдарламасы аясындағыархеологиялық зерттеулер

·         Archeology is a very important part of the spiritual and material dimensions in the preservation of cultural heritage. Due to the program «Cultural heritage», in four years that it has existed, enormous material has been received, a lot of new information has been found, which allow us  to understand and  know our history more deeply and widely.

·         The results of Kazakh-French archeological expedition in the East Kazakhstan region have become a real sensation. Expedition under the leadership of a Famous Kazakh archaeologist Zeynulla Samashev discovered well-preserved tomb with graves of man and woman  in the burial mound near the village of Berel in Chiliktin Valley. There also have been found thirteen-riding horses, adorned with jewelry, preserved due to the permafrost of burial mound. Age of horses from Berel burial mound is 2500 years.

·          Thanks to the original construction of burial mound’s building there have been preserved not only the meat in it’s fresh form, but also a powerful story of decorative art and unique objects of ancient jeweller's art. They are made in  Scythian-Siberian animal style, including the ceremonial decoration of Berel Chieftain’s horse, which were found in the burial mound. They were exhibited in the museum of the Presidential Center of Culture of Republic Kazakhstan after restoration and reconstruction. The secrets of the masters of Saki's period, who managed technology of manufacturing of gold ornaments, known in  populace as white gold, are not yet solved. In modern technology it is produced by electrolysis.


Slaid 11 - West Kazakhstan region

1.BukeevskayaOrda XIX AD

2.Building of the first military school

1.     Group work – reading texts and answer the questions -p.173-175 Ex.4

Video “The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi’

The severn wonders of Kazakhstan

1.Tamgaly Gorge

2.The mausoleum on the rock in Mangistau

3.The mausoleum of Khoja Ahmet Yasawi

4.Altyn Adam



7.The Baiterek


H/t – project work p. 172 Ex12

Marks for the lesson.




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