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Сценарий для недели английского языка

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The story.

Green: (with delight) Oh, what a wonderful morning! Everything is breathing by freshness, isn’t it?

Dry: (with discontent) I’m amazed by the way you think. Morning as morning… There are no wonderful things!

G: (don’t pay attention) Look! The birds have flown!

D: It’s no big deal! They fly to and frow every year, you should be used to it.

G: (with delight) But I can’t do it! Every time I look forward with a sinking heart to being the site for building their nests. I dream about their singing. You know how cute their baby birds are, it makes one laugh how they peep.

D: I’m no stranger to all these things. (with discontent) I stand here with you not the first year. And every year I hear creak and squeak, hue-and-cry.

G: It seems to me that you envy me. There haven’t been any “roomers” on your branches after all.

D: This is a daft idea! What shall I be jealous of? They are noisy. They jump on branches. It looks as if they break them. And how much dirt is made by these birds!

G: But do you remember those days, when there have been a lot of birdhouses on you? And do you remember how birds completed in mastery of singing?

D: (stiffens in smile.. then collects oneself) I don’t remember.

The hoodlum runs out onto the stage, looks around and comes to the trees. He gets a shame penknife and makes a cut on the trunk.

Boy: That’s cool! Here I’ve left my own mark. So, that’s done. (scratches the tree) My specialty pin! Everybody will know that I’m main person here! (looks around, runs away)

D: Ouch! That hurt!

G: Are you in much pain?

D: Of course, I am! You think that if I’m completely dry, I can’t feel anything, don’t you?

G: I haven’t so to speak. Sorry…

D: What “sorry”? Sorry… I’m none the better for it. If I had two legs, I’d…You’ll get what’s coming to you! Let someone try to touch me! I’ll scratch everyone!

G: What’s with you? It’s no go! You shouldn’t revenge on everyone because of that boy! I’m sure, he didn’t do it purposely. He is just a little silly boy.

D: Really? And what about adults, who’ve invented those cars? They didn’t poison me by exhaust, did they? Are they ill-mannered too?

G: You shouldn’t bear a grudge against everybody. It is necessary to forgive. So, your life would become easier.

D: Really? It’s easy for you to think about that – you are green, you have birds. Everybody admire you and take a rest under your shadow. But nobody loves me. And that comes natural for them.

G: Your mood is at the bottom of it.

D: What do you mean?

G: It’s easy. As the call so the echo. Love everybody, and, as a result, yo’ll be loved. At that you should begin first.

D: And should I love that boy too?

G: Yes

D: (hems and thinks) Will it really help?

G: (Nods one’s approval)

D: Ok, I forgive them (without enthusiasm)

G: And what about the inventors of cars?

D: Shall I forgive them too? All right, I’ve done it?

G: You should do it whole-heartedly. Don’t think about them bad. Imagine that you hold them by your branches very lightly. And now let them go…

D: Oh… (deepen) You know, I really feel better. Ouch! What’s the deal? Something is purling inside me.

G: Maybe it is sap!..

D: Sap! Wow! My sap! Ouch-ouch… it has run straight to branches! It tickles me! Hihi!

G: Look! Look! What is there on your branches?

D: Where? What?! That’s impossible! A leaf! There are already too! Oh…

G: Hush! Careful, someone is coming here!

Two lumbermen come with axe and saw.

1: We ought to cut down brushwood.

2: Look! There is it!

1: Yeah, indeed. It should be cut. Give me an axe.

(The tree shivers because of fear)

2: Hold on! It seems that there is a leaf. Look!

1: That is true! A leaf! Genuine! Fresh!

2: Let’s wait don’t cut it. It can revive.

1: Yes, for sure we should hold on. Let’s come in a month and check it.

2: Right you are!

D: (breaths freely)

G: Splendid! I’ve already told you that today morning is excellent!

D: Thank you! But for you and your secret…

G: But keep in mind! Offences envy and unforgiven things dry us out. And you know, what happens with dry trees.

D: They are cut and thrown into fire. It’s frightful! (Pause) Can I ask all your birds to tell this story to all other trees to avoid a trouble?

G: Of course! But now take a rest. You have to have a strength to get the sap from the ground, to let green after all. And there is not enough time to do it!

P: Our state and health depend on our mood. And our mood depends on the ability to forgive. There is a wonder verse in Bible: A merry doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Forgive each other and always be happy!

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