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Сценарий праздника по английскому языку "Времена года"

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Сценарий праздника «Времена года»

Ход мероприятия:

  1. Участвуют 4 команды (4 времени года)

Участники делятся на четыре группы. Разыгрывается название команды.

Песня «Времена года».

Spring is green.

Summer is bright.

Autumn is yellow.

Winter is white.

  1. Представление ведущих праздника: четыре времени года.

I am winter, I am winter,

Snowy, cold and white.

Why don’t you like me, dear boy?

Can you tell me, why?

Take warm things, put on your mittens,

Take your skies or skates,

And make snowballs, play outdoors,

Have a lovely day!

I am spring, I am spring

When everything is fresh and green.

I am warm and I am sunny.

Birds come back,

And bees make honey.

I am spring, I am spring

When everything is fresh and green.

I am summer, I am summer

And the sun is my best friend.

Let us have a rest in summer.

Days are long and nights are short.

And it can be very hot.

Birds can sing, we can swim…

Flowers grow… Lots of fun, oh!

Autumn comes in September.

And children go to school.

We like learning and playing

And make friends as a rule.

Then will come fresh October,

Dull November can be so cool.

Beautiful, beautiful season…

I am autumn in Britain

In America I am fall.

  1. Вступительное слово ведущего.

Dear friends,

We live in a unique country, we have an opportunity to see all the seasons of the year and enjoy their beauty. A lot of songs, poems, works of art are devoted to wonderful beauty of our nature.

Ребята, мы живем в уникальной стране, у нас есть возможность видеть все времена года и наслаждаться их красотой. Прекрасным явлениям природы посвящено много песен, стихов, замечательных картин.

Let’s listen to Pushkin’s fascinating “Winter morning”.

Послушаем как А.С. Пушкин описал «Зимнее утро» в своем замечательном стихотворении.


Зимнее утро

Мороз и солнце; день чудесный!

Еще ты дремлешь, друг прелестный!

Пора, красавица, проснись:

Открой сомкнуты негой взоры,

Навстречу северной Авроры,

Звездою севера явись!

Вся комната янтарным блеском

Озарена. Веселым треском

Трещит затопленная печь.

Приятно думать у лежанки.

Но, знаешь, не велеть ли в санки

Кобылку бурую запрячь?

Скользя по утреннему снегу,

Друг милый, предадимся бегу

Нетерпеливого коня,

И навестим поля пустые,

Леса, недавно столь густые,

И берег, милый для меня.

Snow, frost and sunshine … Lovely morning!

Yet you, dear love, its magic scoring,

Are still abed… Awake, me sweet!..

Cast sleep away, I beg, and, rising,

Yourself a northern star, the blazing

Aurora, northern beauty, meet.

A mellow glow like that of amber

Illumes the room… ‘Tis good to linger

Beside the gaily crackling stove,

And think and dream… But let our honest

Brown mare without delay be harnessed

That we may take a sledge ride, love.

We’ll give free rein to her, and lightly,

The snow of morning gleaming brightly,

Skim over it, and, full of glee,

Cross empty fields and empty meadows,

A once green wood with trees like shadows,

A stream and bank long dear to me. (Translated by Irina Zheleznova)

  1. Загадки о временах года, о природе (за правильный ответ команде присуждается 1 очко).

A cейчас, загадки о природе.

And now the riddles about nature.

  1. What is the shortest English month? (May)

  2. Where does June come before May? (in the dictionary)

  3. How does English summer always begin? (letter “S”)

  4. What man cannot live inside the house? (a snowman)

  5. It’s blue by night,

By day it’s white.

It is cold and not dry

It falls from the sky. (snow)

  1. It is white, it is cold. We can skate on it. What is it? (ice)

  2. It’s so weak that a little wind can move it. It is so strong that you can cut it with a knife and leave no mark. (water)

  3. A blue sheet which covers the whole world. What is it? (the sky)

  4. What is without hands and without feet, without a head or a body, but it can open the door? (the wind)

  5. What is it that can catch me in the garden and make me wet, but cannot reach me when I am in the house. (rain)

  6. Give me food – and I will live,

Give me water – I will die.

What am I? (fire)

  1. Вспоминаем названия месяцев. Стихотворение «12 месяцев».

Do you remember the names of the months ?

Давайте вспомним названия месяцев.

January brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

February brings the rain,

Thaws the frozen lake again.

March brings sunny days and winds,

So we know that spring begins.

April brings the primrose sweet,

Scatters daisies at your feet.

May brings flowers, joy and grass,

And the holidays for us.

June brings tulips. Lilies, roses,

Fills the children’s hands with poises.

Hot July brings apricots and cherries

And a lot of other berries.

August brings us golden corn,

Then the harvest home is born.

Warm September brings us school,

Days are shorter, nights are cool.

Fresh October brings much fruit

Then to gather them is good.

Dull November brings the blast,

Then the leaves are whirling fast.

Gold December brings the sleet,

Blazing fire and New Year tree.

  1. Угадай мелодию «Времена года».

Listen to the melody. Guess what season is it about?

Угадайте какому времени года посвящена эта мелодия?

Звучат 4 отрывка П.И. Чайковский (январь, апрель, июль, октябрь)

  1. Угадай время года. Стихи-загадки.

Стихи-загадки. О каком времени года идет речь?

Now you will listen to the poems. What season are they about?

This is the season This is the season

When nights are long and dark With a New Year’s tree

And children go skiing When dear Santa Claus

And skating in the park. Gives presents to me.

This is the season This is the season

When flowers bloom, Women like very much

When nobody likes Because they get flowers

To sit in the room. On the 8th of March.

This is the season This is the season

When nights are warm and short, When the sky is grey,

When children have holidays When it is rainy

And go in for sport. And birds fly away.

This is the season This is the season

When fruit is sweet, When the sky is very blue,

When lessons begin When the sun is very bright

And schoolchildren meet. And your dreams come true.

(последняя загадка о лете)

В это время года мы можем наблюдать очень красивое явление природы – радугу. Кто может назвать все цвета радуги по-английски?

  1. Песня «Радуга».

Let’s sing a song “Rainbow”.

Rainbow purple, rainbow blue,

Rainbow green and yellow, too.

Rainbow orange, rainbow red,

Rainbow shining over head.

Come and count the colours with me.

How many colours can you see?

One, two, three on down to green,

Four, five, six colours can be seen.

  1. Игра - ассоциации. Написать как можно больше слов-ассоциаций о временах года (посчитать очки).

Do you like to play?

Вы любите играть?

The gameassociations.

Игра – ассоциации. Наши помощники подойдут к командам и запишут все слова, которые ассоциируются у вас с вашим временем года.

  1. Песня «Пусть снег идет»

It’s the beginning of winter now. It’s time of snow and frost.

Сейчас начало зимы. Зима это время морозов и снега.

It’s so beautiful when everything is covered with white glittering snow.

Так красиво когда все покрыто белым сверкающим снегом.

Let’s sing a song “Let it snow”.

Сейчас мы споем песню «Пусть снег идет».

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful.

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let it snow! Let it show! Let it snow!

It doesn’t show signs of stopping,

And I brought some corn for popping,

The lights are turned way down low,

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

When we finally kiss good-night,

How I’ll hate going out in the storm!

But if you really hold me tight,

All the way home I’ll be warm.

  1. Игра «Снежки».

It’s time to play snowballs.

Время поиграть в снежки. И получить дополнительные очки. Надо забросить снежок в ведерко. (снежок из бумаги)

  1. Подведение итогов. Награждение победителей.

Our holiday is coming to the end. Who is the winner?

Наш праздник подошел к концу. Кто же победитель?

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