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Сочинение учителя по теме: "Подвиг учителей во время Бесланской трагедии."

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Dear readers! I love my profession and I am grateful for destiny that I am doing things I love. I try my everyday life will not to be like at each other. I would like children to get pleasure from my lessons very much. I think my pupils study in a favorable atmosphere. Every morning I plan the impossible number of things I can do. I appreciate every moment of life.

Please forgive this composition, it inadequately expresses my sorrow. I mean far more than I am able to write.

I decided to write about the teachers of Beslan school. It was the first thought when I read the nominations, excuse if not on a subject.

Terrorists crossed through all barriers separating the person from bad people. The world did not know such barbarity, such indescribable wildness. The blood freezes from stories escaped from this hell. Among shouts, pain, powerlessness teachers kept firmly and with dignity. Their hour, the important hour of professional and human feat punched when the action began. From explosions windows were broken out in the gym, adults began to place children. Teachers left the last, as captains on a perishing ship. They risked – placed the small, weakened children on the broken windowsill from which they jumped off and ran in different directions. Children were shot at backs but teachers did not see it. They continued to rescue remained in the gym.

Ivan Konstantinovich Kanidi – physical education teacher remains the real hero in our memory. The teacher took away several pupils in a safe place. Kanidi began to clear of mines children.

Having noticed it, bandits coolly shot the 74-year-old teacher.

Gadzhinova Rita Aleksandrovna lost her two daughters during school capture by fighters. I can not imagine that great despair while she was waiting for news about their destiny. She was very happy to know that her daughters were alive.

70-year-old Tsalieva Lidia Aleksandrovna - principal got to hospital with a gunshot wound.

Lidia is a person of the high intelligence and kindness to people. Even in desperate conditions she did not lose courage and did everything possible for bandits did not begin to punish hostages.

The teacher rescuing the pupils gave them the only own chance to survive, opened a way to freedom.

At such a time it seems vain to try and express one’s feelings of intense regrets, they are too overwhelming. But you may derive some of comfort in knowing that there are friends near you, dear teachers, who can share your sorrows. Believe all of us are deeply saddened.

And only when you compare misfortune with small failures you understand that you are happy in this life. Nothing is as contagious as the desire to live.

Thank you.

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