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Статья на тему Part Time Job for Teenagers

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Part Time Job for Teenagers

Nowadays, teenagers become more active. They want to be successful in life. That’s why, most of students wish to have pocket money. It shows their independence, they try to earn money themselves. And to achieve the aim, they come across various problems.

Students all over the world have been engaging in part-time job, especially in the developed countries. However, in our country it`s really hard to find a suitable job for teenagers.

Benefits for teenagers’ work are that they get some useful experiences which cannot learn at school. Students can learn how to arrange their time, appreciate the value of money. They work hard and realize how it`s difficult to make money. Also teenagers become more responsible, punctual, hardworking and learn to work in a team.

In our small town, where there are a few vacancies, it`s extremely difficult to find a work. I`m convinced of it from my personal experience.

Last summer I was looking for a part-time job. I managed to get a job in a shop only after two months of searching.

There are a few reasons of teenagers’ part-time job. The employer is very interested in the career development of his employees and he didn`t enjoy working with children. Teenagers haven`t professional skills and experience of work. If there`s a job, in which can claim both adults and teenagers, an employer will choose adult who is more experienced.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that future of our country depends on young generation. In my opinion, students should be allowed to do some part-time job. It will help them to organize their own pocket money and then give independence for their adult life.

Alice Evseeva, 9-th Form

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