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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Технологическая карта урока английского языка "Современные технологии или новые неприятности?"

Технологическая карта урока английского языка "Современные технологии или новые неприятности?"

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Название документа конспект урока 7а Современные технологии.docx

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Lesson plan components

Level and number learners\ class profile

Pre-Intermediate; 12 students


Modern marvels or new nasties?

Timetable fit

students have already known the names of some gadgets; students have already known words connected with health problems (thumb arthritis, hearing loss, skin infection, rash, eye strain etc.)

Main aim

to find arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ gadgets and to prepare to essay

Subsidiary aims

to revise vocabulary for “gadgets”, “health problems"

to describe pictures;

to organize ideas into essay (2 main paragraphs) with the help of linking words ;


students know enough vocabulary for gadgets and health problem;

students are able to do short statements using Present Simple;

students are able to use Present Continuous to describe what are happening in the picture

Anticipated problems

students may make lots of mistakes while speaking

Possible solution

correct only serious errors; ignore mistakes that don’t cause misunderstanding



Stage aims

Aids and materials

Interaction pattern

1 min

Students remember and name gadgets they know

1. Warmer: to revise vocabulary for gadgets

whole class



Students are divided into groups. Each group has a worksheet and students discuss and write down so many advantages of named gadgets as they know (all students in group discuss – one student writes the ideas down). Then each group should share their opinion but not repeat each other.

2. Warmer: to provide an opportunity for students to improve their spoken language; 3. to develop attention to each other



group work

6 min

Students look at the pictures. They are given 30 seconds to think and then they describe what they can see in the pictures. From this students guess about the topic of the lesson.

4. Lead-in to involve students into the topic (they should guess the topic from the pictures);

5. to give students further fluency practice describing pictures


clock timer

individual work


to the whole class

10 min

(TAG-OF-WAR) Each group has a big worksheet. Students draw the horizontal line and write down a dilemma at the top of the worksheets (the dilemma is identical to the topic of the lesson). Then students divide the paper into to equal parts and write “advantages” and “disadvantages”.

Each student in the group has six small pieces of paper and they get the instruction to write down three ideas ‘for’ gadgets and three ‘against’ on these papers.

After the work is finished the groups get the instruction to put their written ideas all together (each group works) and arrange these ideas in the following order: the most important are closer to the center and the least important are further from the center.

6. to develop critical thinking

7. to think in English

big worksheets, small worksheets,

clock timer

group work


individual work


to the group

8 min

Teacher elicits the students’ ideas: groups choose their three the most important ideas ‘for’ gadgets and present them to class. Then students do the same with ideas ‘against’ gadgets. Students should be careful and not repeat each other.

8. to give students further fluency practice

9. to develop students’ attention to their partners

worksheet on the board

group work


to the whole class



Students look at the board and remember words – connectors. They are given instruction to choose one gadget and write their own opinion and opposed opinion using these linking words

10. to arrange ideas into the written form



2 min

teacher assesses each students’ work

11. to give formative assessment


3 min

teacher gives Ss homework

to choose another gadget and write their own opinion and opposed opinion using these linking words with introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph

12. to give Ss an opportunity to develop written skills on the topic


Краткое описание документа:

Технологическая карта урока английского языка "Современные технологии или новые неприятности?" была разработана на основе УМК "Звездный английский -7" авторов Дж.Дули, К.Баранова. Оформление технологической карты поддерживает формат, предложенный преподавателями University of Cambridge. "The Teacher Training Course. Modules 1, 2 and 3" авторов Mary Spratt, Alan Pulverness, Melanie William.

В данном уроке использовались современные методики, предложенные сообществом сингапурских учителей по программе "Преобразование обучения XI века".

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