Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыТест 10 класс "Модальные глаголы" 2 варианта

Тест 10 класс "Модальные глаголы" 2 варианта

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Modal verbs test. Variant 1

Task 1. Write the right modal verb.

1.____ I use your credit card? 2. The students ____ submit their course papers before the examination. 3. You ____ clean your room up if you don't want to be punished", - my mother said strictly. 4. "____ you like to go to the restaurant or have dinner at home?" 5. We ____ come back home as we were late for the train and ____ to wait for two hours for the next one.

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1. Applications ... by the 1st of December.

a) must be received b) have received; c) must receive; d) will receive

2. I ….. to work next Friday.

a) will; b) could; c) need; d) have

3.You’ve been so busy all week. You ... be tired.

a) will; b) need to; c) might; d) must

4. You ... so much flour. I have already bought some.

a) doesn’t need to buy; b) should; c) must buy; d) needn’t have bought

5. “She should be here right now.” – “She ... the bus.”

a) can miss; b) must have missed; c) must be missed; d) must miss

6. I ... wear contact lenses every day because of my bad vision.

a) must; b) has to; c) should; d) have to

7. I ..... leave the reunion early yesterday. I wasn’t well at all.

a) was; b) have to; c) had to; d) must

8. “How do you think can he hurt somebody?” – “You ... be joking! He can’t hurt anyone.”

a) can; b) must; c) might; d) should

9. You must ..... to California before.

a) have been; b) be; c) has been; d) been

10. John ..... get bored in the office. His job is so boring.

a) can; b) must; c) can’t; d) mustn`t


Modal verbs test. Variant 2

Task 1. Write the right modal verb.

1. The judge ____ look through the case about the bank robbery before pronouncing the verdict. 2. We ___ play tennis because it has been raining all day and the tennis court is wet. 3. Jack decided to become a surge on because he realized that he ____ help people. 4. I was greatly surprised when I found out that Lucy ___ speak five foreign languages. 5. They ____ be still waiting for us on the square. You ____ check it.

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

1. … you wait a minute, please?

a) might b) must; c) can; d) should

2. It’s strange that they ..... be late.

a) would; b) should; c) can; d) should

3. You ... go to the party. It’s going to be really interesting.

a) must; b) should; c) might; d) can

4. Tyler is the luckiest husband! He ..., because Jessica does cooking for him.

a) doesn’t need to cook; b) needn’t have cooked; c) needn’t cook; d) don’t need to cook

5.  If you want to become a good specialist, you ... go to the university.

a) should; b) must; c) can; d) have to

6. “Where is Ashley?” – “She ..... be in her room”.

a) might; b) must; c) would; d) need

7. Small children … talk with strangers at the street.

a) can’t; b) don’t; c) mustn’t; d) needn’t

8. “Must we hurry?” – “You ... hurry cause we are not late yet”.

a) can; b) needn’t; c) will; d) wouldn’t

9. You ... an umbrella. It didn’t rain at all.

a) don`t need to take; b) needn’t take; c) mustn’t have taken; d) needn’t have taken

10. That man on the motorbike ... a helmet.

a) have to wear; b) must wearing; c) will be wearing; d) should be wearing

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