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Topic: The first President of Kazakhstan

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Topic: The first President of Kazakhstan

Ж. М. Бактигереева

Б.Бегалиев атындағы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Атырау облысы, Құрманғазы ауданы

Grade: 10 а

Main idea: Today's dynamic and successful development of Kazakhstan is associated with the name of the 1st President of Kazakhstan, N.Nazarbayev.

Aim of learning: to deep students’ knowledge on the theme, to improve logical thinking skills, increase interest in English language, to teach to be responsible attitude to learning, bring up patriots of their Motherland.

Objectives: to develop creative abilities of students.

Teaching out comes: ability to express their ideas, to respect the opinions of others;

  • Development of the dialogue in the classroom and use of ICT;

  • Formation of freedom of thinking through group work;

Module: critical thinking, dialogue, working with students in a group, creative work;

Introduction: 1. Greeting. Creating a favourable psychological climate. Training “Circle of happiness” Students stood in front of each other and make two lines 2 min

2. divide the class into 2 groups. And I’ll divide class into two groups G- A; G:-B.

2 min.

All the students

Majority of students:

Certain students:


Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity


Bringing the interest

3 min


1. What was this video about? 2. What is Kazakhstan for you?

3. What can you say about your Native land?

4. Who is the head of our country?

Students answer for the questions of the teacher in a group: PL1 about Kazakhstan, Pl2: about Astana. etc.




5 min


T: And now look at the screen again please. What was this film about? What is the name of this film who knows?

  1. What do you know about our President?

  2. Where does he work?

  3. What does he do?

  4. And say me please What is the position of the leader of Kazakhstan?

Yes, you’re right. Theme of today’s lesson is The first President of Kazakhstan.

About the life of our president.

The name of this film is about “The Sky of my Childhood”

Students write the theme.
PL1:the president of the USA Barack Obama told that The president Nazarbayev is one of exemplary leaders in the world in questions of non-proliferation and nuclear safety. PL2: The official residence of president is the Ak Orda. The President signs the bills and they become law.


He rules the country officially.

The President is Commander in Chief of the country’s armed forces. We are all proud of our president.

Pl4 Today's dynamic and successful development of Kazakhstan is associated with the name of the 1st President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Video, projector, computer




mow [mәu ] шөп шабу

Hay [hei] пішен

Scholarship [skolә(r)’Sip] шәкірт ақы

government-funded [gAvәnment- fAndid] үкімет тағайындаған labourer [leibәrә] жұмысшы

аchievement[ә’tSi:vmәnt] жетістік

Students acquainted with the new words


Revealing the main point



Reading the text:

Work in a small group: students read the text.

Books, cards

Creative work


Work with the poster: The 1st group: The childhood and youth of the president

2nd group: Achievements of the President

Each group presents a poster on suggest theme.

Cluster, markers, posters, pictures, photographs

Project work


Individual work: As the project work you were given several tasks. Are you ready?

Students project works:  each student present their project works about N.A. Nazarbaev

project works, slides power point

Relaxation moment


«Our leader - among the world leaders» relaxation moment:

Musical Slide show about The president «Қазақтай ел қайда»

The student’s presentation. The students sing the song all together with MUSART group.

Musical Slide show about The president «Қазақтай ел қайда»

The Question Key


Group work: Five questions. Kazakhstan is my Motherland!

The head of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the President.

Students write their own 5 questions to the given topics

A4, markers


5 min.


Students write test

Test, cards

Home work.

1 min

To read the text about “Ak Orda”

Students should



At the beginning of the lesson for the Leader pupils were given list of assessment. End now your assessments please.

The Leader pupils write their assessments on the sheets.

Cards for evaluation


1 min

Children, what interesting facts did you learn from our lesson ? What was the most interesting part of the lesson? Why ? What were the best things ? What difficulties have you met?

Children answers : In today’s lesson we

reviewed about …

talked about ….

gave reasons for being ….

Cards for Reflection

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