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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Тренажер по чтению. Английский язык (2-3 класс)

Тренажер по чтению. Английский язык (2-3 класс)

57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
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  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Правила чтения.


Safe, name, late, Jane, Kate, babe, hate, lake, Dave, made, fame, date, take, plate, pale, dame, bake, gate, rate, sale, wave, cake.

Mat, hat, sandwich, bad, Ann, bat, lab, mad, Max, sad, dad, rat, bag, fan, am, and, flag, jam, Pat.


Pete, he, meet, green, tree, me, see, read, speak, eat, we, meat, dream, seem, sea, seat, sleep, weep, please, stream, feed, deep, peal.

Pen, ten, let, red, bed, pencil, dress, left, desk, spell, nest, tent, test, rest, vest, then, net, well, bell, hen, men, pen, Pete, red, read, well, we, then, these, spell, see, tent, tea, set, sea.

Ii, Yy

Iceberg, fine, hi, bye, like, bike, I, my, type, sky, skype, fly, mine.

It, film, this, is, in, milk, villa, gorilla, pin, sit, fist, lip, his, him, kill, mill, ill, hill.

It, kite, sky, in, mine, my, is, nice, tie, lip, like, fly, pin, pine, pie, fist, five, by, sit, milk, his, time, line, hi.


OK, hello, nose, sofa, go, close, home, note, coke, bone, stone, so, stove, toe, tone.

Dog, on, not, stop, bottle, box, drop, smog, clock, top, hot, lot, fox, sock, pot, lock, coffee, doctor, robot, song, sorry, doll, nomination, nominee, Moscow, dolphin, bottle, body, boxing.

Some, mother, month, love, Monday, monkey, brother, country, cousin, does, London


Pete, he, meet, green, tree, me, see, read, speak, eat, we, meat, dream, seem, sea, seat, sleep, weep, please, stream, feed, deep, peal, street, Lee, feel, tea, peace, team, cream, read.

Bread, head, ready, steady,

Weather, feather, healthy,

Health, dreadful.

13 – thirteen

14 – fourteen

15 – fifteen

16 – sixteen

17 – seventeen

18 – eighteen

19 – nineteen

20 – twenty


Computer, student, tulip, music, pupil, cube, tune, use, blue, lute, user

Bus, cup, up, sun, shut, plus, run, but, rub, much, such, fun, gum, bubble, number.




Giraffe, gym, gentleman, Germany, page, large, charge, flag, bag, go, leg, big, grey, gum, jump, gymnastics, orange

Get, give, girl, glue

Jane James German large why Winnie Val music

George page big flag where villa volleyball pupil

leg dog grey garden what video computer blue

go John Joe game wigwam visit student number

but funny – забавный beautiful clever strong funny

up beautiful – красивый old great big little

bubble clever – умная kind young weak sad

fun strong – сильный

kind – добрый

human hundred hunt puzzle puma under unusual use usual

usually butter budgie bus stop lucky Lucky You! Rucksack study

subject sunbathe Sunday sunglasses puma suntan manuscript puzzle


e,i,y a,o,u ck

Cycling, cyclist, face, place, pencil, clock, cat, black, close, climb, climate

Face, close, cake, cat, pencil, nice, cube, cap, place, black, stick, Dick, back,

Pick, Nick, neck, sick, thick, cock, clock, o’clock

mother this thank three

that these thanks month

father with thin think

brother then thick Mathematics

This is – это This is a pen. This is a face.

That is – то This isn’t a tie. This isn’t a fist.

These are – эти This is a nose. This isn’t a table.

Those are – те This isn’t a lip. This is a plate.

er, ir, ur

Her, service, person, university, verb, term, interpreter, per, percent, German, Germany, serve, servant.

Girl, bird, skirt, fir, dirt, sir, first, third, circle, shirt, stir, thirty, thirteen, birthday.

Fur, mur, murder, curl, turn, burn, burnt, curtain, purple, burglar, surname, hamburger.


Car, park, yard, garden, March, market, supermarket, arm, art, bar, bark, carp, carpet, carton, dark, darts, farmer, hard, harm, park, party, star, start, star Wars, far, are.


work world

worker worse

work metal worm

work wood worst


Corner, borsch, boring, door, floor, forest, form, norm, horn, forty, horse, or, short, sorry, tortoise, explore, more, indoor

Letter, doctor, under, duster, supper, better, butter, character, summer, upper, paper, ruler, winter, bigger, calendar, clever, over, dinner, Peter, teacher, baker, beggar, center, computer

Cooker, cooler, corner, dancer, dinner, engineer, eraser, explorer, farmer, father, flower, former, governor, grandfather, grandmother, hamburger, hamster, kindergarten, letter, looser, modern, never, number, November, September, October, December, number one film.

offer over ruler

rider river reporter

runner sister baby-sitter

story teller summer together

traveler under upper

visitor player waiter

warmer water weather

winter wonder worker


spoon book tool tooth blood, flood, door

too look good shook bookcase bookshop food spoon

boot cook foot Moon booklet choose good fun good bye

cool took goose school bookshelf cookie noon Liverpool

room mushroom logbook shoot zoo look after – заботиться

Book, look, exercise-book, booklet – брошюра, bookshelf, bookshop, cook, food, cooker, good, took, school, tool, school-bag, cool, Moon, room, too, tooth, zoo.

Wh – [w]

What – что, какой

Where – где, куда

When – когда

Why – почему, зачем

Which – который

White – белый, wheel – колесо, whiskers – усы у животных

Who – кто

Whom – кому, кем, кого

With whom – с кем

a book – books a tie – ties a class - classes

a stop – stops an apple – apples a match – matches

a dog – dogs


Funny, sunny, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, happy, history, Italy, heavy, hockey, lovely.

sixty any berry daddy lucky walky-talky ninety noisy

forty army biology doggy party mystery story study

fifty anybody party foggy sunny snowy ugly usually

seventy baby country funny very twenty symbol many


Yes, yet, yellow, yesterday, yard, you, year, yogurt, young, your, yummy.

-oi- /oy-

Toy, boy, joy, enjoy, Roy, coin, point, noise, noisy, spoil, toilet, oil, choice

-ou-/-ow- в середине слова

house mouth now round

out mouse how sound

count town brown cloud - облако

round down bowl – чашка owl -сова

counter-фишка ground loud South -юг

country – страна, сель. Местность mountain outer space shout at – крич

shoulder underground sound track ать на

found How old? Powder Wow!-Ух ты!

How are you? How many? Power clown

-ow- в конце слова

window yellow follow rainbow - радуга

sorrow elbow grow show - представление

widow fellow hollow swallow

pillow narrow own – собственный tomorrow

marlow Moscow owner – хозяин low

Thank, safe, Jane, hate, how, name, Kate, lake, fine, late, babe, Dave, sandwich, dad, batman, mad, hat, Ann, lab, Max, bad, bat, laboratory, mat, finish, film, flag, fine, football, Fanny, jeans, jazz, jam, jelly, jacket, Jane, juice, pizza, stop, sport, computer, Pat, class, jump, jungle, like, bye, my, hi, fine, iceberg.

I, it, I am, film, milk, your test, this, villa, mum, is, gorilla, nut, in, Thank you! Zebra, zigzag, Liz, zip, is, music, busy, vase, nose, sofa, safe, stop, sport, Sam, bicycle, doctor, meet, elf, yes, office, cassette, Clem, green, let’s, Ed, iceberg, computer, Pete, tree, pen, pencil, he, me, ten, I’m from Russia, Where are you from?


Air, chair, hair, fair, pair, Clair.

Do, colour, good, foot, put, chair, where, cat, cake, car, let, Lena, third, pin, five, first, not, note, sport, sun, cube, circle, read, nine, rub, watch, too, coin, climb, cross, five, home, let, name, thin, shut, club, crossword, me, chin, three, stop, good, leg, budgie, time, sit, left, shake, boy, but, crisps, curtain, amusement park, door, my, run, thick, text, plus.


Dear, hear, fear, near, clear, ear, beard.

-all-/ -al-

All, small, call, tall, ball, mall, hall, wall, fall, always, also, at all – вообще, совсем.

Animal, balloon, colour, do, touch, chair, put.

Baseball, basketball, volleyball, call, football, floor ball, hall, fall, stall.


Telephone, photo, geography, alphabet, physical, dolphin, physics, phone, biography, bibliography.

Yogurt, your, yes, yellow, you, York, yummy-yummy, prickly, funny, fluffy, pretty, baby


Wall, what, well, white, where, when, why, who.

Tree, read, he, ball, small, street, please, we, see, speak, me, all, tall, this, that, these, those, think, thick, then, three, football, call, take, face, lake, name, time, five, line, nine, make, mine, my, men, take, time, tie, ten, walk, talk, wall, wash, swap, motorbike, hot, Ride my bike.

Foggy, frosty, cold, dog, camera, odd – нечётные, even – чётные, run, result, but, lunch, summer, music, Russia, under, duck, blue, museum, sun, Sunday, thus.

June, student, plus, suit, fruit, superman, fun, numerals, cut, but, flute, usually, buy, American, funny, number, mutt, thunder, mute, cinema, idea, films, musical, instruments, supper, duster, pupil, cup, upper, ruler, cube, cut, hundred, tulip, tube, customer.

Want, was, watch, warn, wardrobe, wash, water, war, warn, Washington, waxwork, wasp.


Ass, glass, pass, class, brass.


Bring, sing, long, spring, ink, looking, drink, think, sink, English, jungle, bingo, stronger, longer, thing, reading, kangaroo, orange, engineer, everything, fishing, dangerous, boring, evening, England, climbing, cringe, going, angry, traveling, doing, hungry, skating.

Long, strong, wrong, king, sing, going, watching, playing, swimming, dancing, reading.


Shelf, she, shake, shine, dish, selfish, fish, shake, shape, shone, shelf, shame.

Bench, chest, cheek, chin, chips, chat, chose, much, such, match, change, catch, teacher, kitchen, cheap, chips, watch, witch, which, each, catch, match, sketch, Scotch, chess, chest, chair, cheese.

Close, Kate, meet, kite, cube, take, tea, tie, toe, tube, plate, street, sky, stone, blue, name, me, my, no, tune, bad, beg, pig, dog, but, pan, pen, pin, on, run, man, net, milk, not, nut, back, neck, Nick, clock, plus, sit, toe, stop, note, pick, see, tube, stick, neck, pen, sock, take, stand, nine, plus, such, ten, stone, name, pot, this, chin, shut, cat, face, lace, then, cheek, shake, bring, sing, brass, ass, pass me, biography, phone, watch, water, cup, ice, those, match, she, clock, dear, hear, year, air, fair, fairy, pencil, three, much, ship, sheep, sheet, neck, place, six, cap, cup, bus, bake, blue, Sue, watch, thin, sat, safe, box, clock, bottle, shake, stop, shut, bone, lamp, stand, chest, cup, bed, plate, street, face, close, bad, left, text.

Doctor, sandwich, Max, Jane, Dave, cassette, tractor, taxi, telephone, kiosk, kilogram, dog, warm, want, bear, metro, million, macaroni, hello, music, Ted, kangaroo, Kate, computer, banana, bye, hi, football, Helen, lily, zero, hero, heavy, hockey, you, say.


Picture, adventure, temperature, culture, literature, capture, lecture, future, nature, creature, feature, furniture.

White, with, what, who, colour, do, touch, call, football, always, animal, small, call, hall, telephone.


Right, light, high, bright, tight, tights – колготки, slight, sight, night, light-blue, midnight, might, flight.


Square, queen, questionnaire - анкета, question, quiet, racquet, aquarium, aqua-park.

-ei (ey)/ ai(ay)

Eight, straight, they, grey, say, play, wait, day, day book, way, tail, stay, lay, daily, Sydney, spray, rain, laid, bay, gain, rainbow, rainy, lain, chain, away, pay, May, grain, gay, may be, pain, main, stain, waist, jail.

Guinea pig, hedgehog, garden, giraffe, good, budgie, gorilla.


Saw, law, raw, jaw, draw, straw, strawberry, withdraw.


Brought, bought, though, caught, taught, fought.


Mouse, out, cloud, cloudy, about, mountain, house, south, sound, ground, now, how, wow, cow, down, town, brown, clown, gown, crown, cowboy.


Our, flower, tower, shower, flour, sour.

Four, your.

Mum, sun, mother, young, bus, love, come, bun, stuff, some, brother, done, son, country, cover, cut, summer.

Colour, does, study.

Any, breakfast, clever, eleven, friend, never, present, said, says, second, seven.


Dangerous, poisonous, famous, continuous, humorous, vigorous, generous, nervous, previous.

Guide, engineer, legend, Bengali, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Singapore, Germany, Portuguese, agent, ecology, geography, geology, bagpipe, Pilgrims, Gulliver.

-o(ou) + m,n,v,th-

Son, done, come, young, brother, stomach, cover, country, money, monkey, glove, none, stomachache.

57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
ПЕРЕЙТИ к бесплатному просмотру
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