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Урок английского языка в 10 классе "Work and money"

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Date 23.04.2015

Class 10

Lesson 59

The theme of the lesson: “Work and money”

The aim of the lesson: To active and practice lexic and grammar by the theme, to form communicative competence using group and individual forms of the work.


1.Developing:developing listening, reading and speaking skills

2.Educating: practicing lexical vocabulary by the theme and grammar exercises; to develop all aspects of the speech: writing, reading, speaking,listening

3.Bringing-up:to bring up sense of responsibility in choosing their future jobs and careers, promoting interest in the culture of England, to bring-up interest to the foreign languages and ability to apply in life

Equipments: writing blackboard, cards with the tasks, computer, interactive board

Type of the lesson: lesson conference, combined

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment


T- Be ready for the lesson. Good morning, students! I’m glad to see you!

Ch - Good morning, teacher!We are glad to see you too!

- How are you?

- I’m OK and you?

- I’m OK too.

.Sit down, please.

II Introduction

Dear friends, today we will have an unusual lesson: we will talk about your future professions. It’s time for you to travel in the world of different professions and to find out which of them will be top in the nearest future. I advise you to listen and work at the lesson very attentively, because you will have a rather difficult choice-Whom do you want to be?

1.Mind the vocabulary

Profession – is an occupation in which special education is required (doctor, architect…)

Job – is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

Job application – is a special formal letter to apply a position (job).

2.Phonetic exercise

But first of all let’s train our tongues.Listen and repeat after me the poem:

Cobbler, cobbler mend my shoe

Get it done by half past two

Stitch it up and stitch it down

And then I’ll give you half a crown

-Repeat after me by one sentence.

Ok, who can read this poem?(P1,P2…)Translate it.

-Answer my questions:Who is a cobbler?

-Whom do you want to be a cobbler or a king?(P1,P2…) Of course you want to be a king and nobody wants to be a cobbler because being a king is more prestigiouse.Am I right?

III. The main part

1.Training and fixation the lexic by the theme Professions

Look at the blackboard.You see the job descriptions and the pictures with some professions. Your task will be to name the profession according their description.


2.Working with the conference

T: Dear students, let’s congratulate you our guests from England.They came to us to tell some information about job and career in Great Britain.

Pupil show a presentation about Work in Britain and say some information.

T:Thank you very much. Please, students Have you any questions to our guests?

Working in form S1-S2

T:Our students want to tell you some information about Univesities and perspectives for students in our country

(Video Nazarbaev University)

3. Dynamic pause

Let’s do dynamic pause!Sing a song “Two kind…”

Two kind doctors met in a lane

Hello, hello what’s your name.

How are you how are you

How are you again…

4 .Working with lexic

Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the words from the box above.

Income, fee, salary, wage, bonus, scholarship

1. _________ is a sum of money paid above the regular pay.

2. _________ is a payment received for work or services.

3. _________ is amount of money earned from work.

4. _________ is a fixed regular monthly payment.

5. _________ is a payment for professional services.

6. _________ is a sum of money awarded to a clever student.

5.Training the lexic

Choose the professions from the list in your hand-outs

Postman, policeman, fireman, businessman, housewife,

a photographer, a teacher, a servant, a surgeon, a conductor, a bus driver, a hunter, a tennis-player , a shoemaker, a worker, a dressmaker, a judge, a lawyer, a shop-assistant,, a fashion-designer, a litter-man, a computer programmer, an architect, a hair-dresser, a nurse, a vet, a baker, an astrologer, an engineer, a dentist, a politician, a musician, a scientist.

All this jobs can be divided into











IV.Hometask, marks

You had a good job.What new did you know?

Tell me please who was the best?(P1,P2)

Your hometask:

Ex.2p.195 (in your copy-books)

Find the meaning of the words

СОШ №53

The open lesson in the 10th form

Work and money”



учитель английского языка

Тажиева Ж.Ж.


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