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Урок на тему "Eternal country"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Date: 5.12.2011

Theme: “Kazakhstan is my Motherland.”

The Objective:

1.students will be able to speak about geography and the national symbols of Kazakhstan.

2.to develop understanding, logical thinking and oral speech.

3.to bring up the patriots of Kazakhstan, to able to protect it.

Accessories: computer, Interactive board, flashcards, the state symbol, the map of our Republic, cards, pictures.

Inter subject connection: Kazakh, geography, history and music.

The Procedure of the lesson:

I.The org.moment

Good morning students! Good morning teacher!

Sit down please. Who is on duty today? I’m on duty today.

Who is absent? P1 is absent today and the rest are present.

What date is it today? Today is ……… .

What day is today? It is ……………. .

II. The lesson begins with singing the anthem of Kazakhstan.

Today we have unusual lesson. In this year we celebrated “ The 20th year of the Independence of Kazakhstan”. Our lesson is dedict to this anniversary and theme of our lesson called “Kazakhstan is my Motherland”.Let's devide our group into two teams. The first team will be called “Eagle” and the second team “Tulpar”.

III.Now begin our lesson. Attention please. Let’s start the first round.

We check up our hometask. You have to retell the text: “ The Ecological Association “Tabigat”

IV. The second round:

Read this text: “Kazakhstan is my Motherland” in 3 minutes. Then you will answer questions.

1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

2.What is the population of Kazakhstan?

3 .What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know?

4. What countries does it border on?

5.Is the country rich in mineral resources?

6.Are residents happy to share hospitality with their visitors?

V. The third round:

There is 'jigsaw task'. You should put the words in right order.

1. /is/ Kazakhstan/ the/ Astana/ of/ capital.

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

2./ is/ language/ official/ the/ Kazakh/.

The official language is Kazakh.

3. /rich/ the / country/ resources/ with/ such / copper/ mineral/as/ gold/ silver/oil/.

The country is rich with mineral resources such as copper,gold, silver,oil.

4./was/ December/ it/ was / to Akmola/Almaty/the/ capital/1997/ until/then/moved/.

Almaty was the capital until December 1997 then it was moved to Akmola.

VI. The fourth round:


Give the translation of the words into Kazakh,Russian,English.

Look at the interboard and say the names of the pictures in three languages.

1. ту,флаг,flag hello_html_4c0218e3.gif

2. әнұран,гимн, hymn, hello_html_m713941c0.jpg

3. елтаңба,герб,emblem, hello_html_m778a7113.jpg

4. елбасы,глава государства,the head of state/hello_html_m7c596e2.jpg

5.карта,карта, map hello_html_m7b821cea.png

6. тау,гора,mountain hello_html_m1853f349.jpg

7. өзен, река,river hello_html_3000f56b.jpg

8.«Ақорда»-Қазақстан Республикасы Президентінің Резиденциясы, „Акорда„-Резиденция Президента Республики Казахстан, «Akorda»-President residence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


9.„Бәйтерек„ , „Байтерек” ,“ Baiterek” hello_html_m663fe755.jpg

10. Министрліктер үйі, Дом министерств,Ministries House hello_html_552c395c.jpg

11.Бейбітшілік және келісім сарайы, Дворец мира и согласия. Palace of peace and consent. hello_html_560dede8.jpg

12.Әуежай,Аэропорт,Airport hello_html_1d7c6f4a.jpg

VII. The fifth round


Geography History General

50 Where is Kazakhstan What kind of state is When does Kazakhstan celebrate the

situated? Kazakhstan? Independence Day?

\in the centre of the Eurasian| \democratic.independent\ \on 16 December\

100 How many regions are Who is the author Who is the author of the

there in Kazakhstan? of the state Hymn? of the state Emblem?

\14\ Zhumeken Nazhimedenov. \Zhandarbek Malibekov

Nursultan Nazarbaev. and Shota Ualikhanov\

200 What can you say When is birthday of Where is the standard of the

about population? the State Symbols? state Emblem and the state Flag

/about 16 million people/ \The 4th of June 1992\ placed?

\In the residence of Kazakhstan


300 What is the highest When did Kazakhstan When was the first President

mountain peak of Kazakhstan? become an independence of the Republic elected?

/The Khan tengri/ state? \1991\ /in 199

VIII.Giving up the hometask

Your hometask for next time will be

Home task

Ex 12,13 p89-90


Thank you for your activity. Your marks. The lesson is over. Good bye.

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