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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок на тему Music in the life of teens с использованием НМК Oxford Team 2 by Norman Whitney and Lindsay White.
ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

Дистанционный курс "Оказание первой помощи детям и взрослым" от проекта "Инфоурок" даёт Вам возможность привести свои знания в соответствие с требованиями закона и получить удостоверение о повышении квалификации установленного образца (180 часов). Начало обучения новой группы: 24 мая.

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  • Иностранные языки

Урок на тему Music in the life of teens с использованием НМК Oxford Team 2 by Norman Whitney and Lindsay White.



Level – pre- intermediate

Learning objectives:

- to develop students’ cognitive and creative skills;

- to enrich the learners’ vocabulary to the topic;

- to provide the opportunity to practise speaking;

- to foster student’ reading habits;

- to encourage students to use prior knowledge on the topic.


- to teach pupils to work in groups and in pairs.


A cassette with different kinds of music, pictures, handouts.


  1. Warming-up

  1. Good morning, dear friends! I am glad to see you happy in our class. Last time we spoke about the teenagers and their problems. But, in fact, their life is also very interesting. They have many hobbies and there are many ways in what teens can entertain themselves.


T. Let’s think and say how teens can spend their free time.

Have a picnic

Play computer games


T. You are right. And today we are going to speak about the role of music in the life of teenagers.

2. Listening

T. Listen to the story. What types of music are mentioned in it? (HMK Oxford team -2, unit1a)


heavy metal






It was a beautiful day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The sun shone on the bay with its blue water and yellow sand. There were only three people on the beach. They were Sarah, Lee – her friend from school – and Alex, Sarah’s brother. Sarah and Lee danced to the music on the radio. Alex was bored.

Alex Could you change the station? I don’t like disco.

Sarah You used to like it.

Alex I used to like it when I was eight. That was three years ago! Disco’ horrible!

Sarah OK.

Alex What about this?

Lee I hate heavy metal.

Alex I love it. I think it’s great.

Sarah Could you find something different?

Alex OK.

Lee Rap! That’s really cool.

Alex Oh no. I can’t stand rap. See you later.

T. (post-listening) Are the sentences true or false?

  1. There were four people on the beach.

  2. Sarah and Alex danced to the music.

  3. Alex likes heavy metal.

  4. Alex doesn’t like rap.

  5. Lee loves heavy metal.


T. Continue the sentences and say:

a) what music you used to listen to when you were eight:

b) what type of music you can’t stand

e.g. I used to listen to disco when I was eight.

I can’t stand rap.

3. Lexical drill (group-work)

3a (The teacher divides the group into two teams )

T. Match the pictures with the words in the box. Put them down to your vocabularies. ( HMK Oxford Team.- Unit1c)

3b Phonetic warm-up

T. Listen and repeat..

Orchestra audience soloist

Concert hall conductor stage

3c Writing

T. Complete the text. Use the words from exercise 1. (HMK Oxford Team 2, 1c )

We went to the opera last night. There were lots of people in the audience. First the (1) …. came in. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. He lifted his arms and the (2) …. began to play. After about ten minutes the (3) …. started to sing. She had a beautiful voice. At the end, everyone clapped a lot and we left the (4) …. .

T. You are right . And here is another task for you to relax.

Find the types of music and complete the puzzle. (HMK Oxford Team, Workbook2, 1c)

3d Reading (the whole-class work)

T. Read the description of four concerts at the Glazebury Music Festival. What was Christopher’s opinion of the concerts? What words does he use to describe the music, the musicians, and the concert? (HMK Oxford Team, Workbook2, 1c)

4. Speaking (pair-work)

T. Now let’s sum up our lesson. Ask and answer with a partner. Use the words from our today’s lesson to describe the music you like or dislike.

e.g. – What’s your favourite type of music?

- Disco.

- Why?

- Because I like the songs. They’re fantastic!

- Do you like opera?

- No, I don’t.

- Why not?

- Because I don’t like the singers.

  1. Summarizing

T. Our lesson has come to end. Let’s have a rest and listen to music. Match the extracts with the types of music.

T. I liked your work today. You were great! (the teacher puts the marks to the pupils).

6. Home assignment

T. Put down the home task for the next lesson. 1)Use your Workbooks. Do exercise 1, complete the conversation, and be ready to role-play it in the classroom. 2) Write 10 sentences about what you used to do when you were a child, but you don’t do anymore.

Додаток до уроку Music In the Life of Teenagers

3d Christopher Smith

The Glazebury Music Festival

A The Westbury Orchestra played to a big audience. The new concert hall was full. The

violin soloist was awful and the concert was terrible. It was a very bad concert.

B Twenty thousand people were at Big End’s concert. One guitarist fell off the stage. One

singer forgot the words of the song. But the music was very loud and the rhythm was

sensational. The audience loved it! It was a terrific concert!

C The Jackson Singers were on stage for two hours. The rhythm was fantastic. It was a great concert and we really enjoyed dancing.

D The Jon Trevis Four played some tunes from their new CD. The saxophone player was very good but the singer was terrible and the melodies were awful. It was a boring concert.

Додаток до завдання 3с: Find the types of music and complete the puzzle.













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