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Урок "Review Units 5-6"

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LESSON 6: Review Units 5-6

School Murager


Teacher name: Nurtaza Aizhan

CLASS: 4 “J”

Number present: 10 absent: -

Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to

1Lesson aims

To review the language of the previous two units

2. Jobs, Prepositions, Transport, Animals, Landscape,

Colours. He wants to be a ... It's/They've got... It's!

They're (white). He likes ... ing.

3. to review the new materials.


Flashcards (Jobs and Natural world}; toy animals, astronauts, police officers, etc.; two boxes; DVD;

Consolidation and extension worksheet 6


Planned timings (minute)

Planned activities


2 min



8 min

10 min

5 min

Beginning of the lesson

Starting the lesson

Tell pupils (L1) you are going to draw an animal and

they have to help. Ask a pupil Has it got a curly tail?

Pupil answers No, it hasn't. It 's got ... Ask another

pupil Can it climb? Continue and draw the animal

according to their answers.

PB pages 52-53

16. Read, think and find.

Direct pupils' attention to the picture. Tell the class to

look at it very carefully, then read the eight clues and

find the items in the picture.

When they have found them, they circle them on the

picture. Check the answers orally.


1 farmer (with the cows}, 2 cats (in the tree on the

left}, 3 ballet dancer, 4 basketball player (opposite

the man fishing}, 5 bird (in the tree next to the

waterfall}, 6 builder, 7 fish (between the waterfall

and the bridge}, 8 snake (yellow and orange, to the

left of the house on the right)

17. Ask and answer.

Focus pupils' attention on the speech bubbles. Divide

the class into pairs. Pupil A reads a clue from Activity

16 and Pupil B gives the answer. Then they swap roles.


Divide the class into pairs. Pupil A describes an item

or person in the picture, e.g. She's cleaning the house.

Pupil B says where the thing or person is, e.g. She's in

the house. Then they swap roles.

Tell the class to write down the clues and the items

they find. Encourage them to find as many items as

possible. The pair with the most clues and items is

the winner.

As an alternative activity, Pupil A gives a clue, e.g.

It 's next to the car. Pupil B tries to guess by asking

questions, e.g. Is it a man? Is he wearing a blue



Play Prepositions race. Divide the class into two

teams and tell them to stand in lines at one end of the

room. Put two big boxes on the floor at the other end.

Put some toys or flashcards relating to the vocabulary

from Units 5 and 6 on the floor in front of the first

pupil of each row. Say, e.g. Put the crocodile behind

the box. Blow a whistle or clap your hands to start.

Pupils get the correct flashcard or toy and run to the

other end of the room to carry out your orders and

run back to their lines. The first pupil to get back to

the line gets a point for the team. If he/she gets the

wrong item or puts it in the wrong place, the team

gets no points

  • Read, think and find.

1 He likes animals. He's in a car.

2 They eat f ish. They're in a tree.

3 She can dance. She's behind the waterfall.

4 He wants to be a champion. He's next to the r iver.

5 It's got a tail. It's black. It's in a tree.

6 He likes building. He's under the bridge.

7 They haven't got legs. They're in the river.

8 It's got strong jaws. It's long. It's next to a house.

Play a Mime and guess game. Call one pupil to the

board and ask What do you want to be? The pupil

mimes the job, e.g. tennis player. The class guesses

what job it is.

Divide the class into two teams and turn this activity

into a class competition.

Consolidation and extension worksheet 6

Pupils complete the Consolidation and extension activities

on worksheet

Ending the lesson

Play Pass the secret using the language of

this unit, e.g. The crocodile is under the bridge. Hippos

have got short legs and big feet.


Vocabulary game

Play Stop the bus see p. 25.

Spot the difference

Arrange some toys or flashcards (Natural world or

Jobs) at the front of the class, so that each thing is

next to, under, on, in front of or behind something

else. Pupils describe what they can see.


Additional information



If learners understand to point right answers.

Cross-curricular links

Health and safety check ----

ICT links


Value links

Homework: A.B. page 50-51

Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?

What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?

What have I learned from this lesson about the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?



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