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Урок-соревнование по теме "Present Perfect Tense"

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Theme: Competition.


  1. Revision of the Present Perfect Tense.

  2. Using the known words.

  3. Enrichment of pupil’s knowledge.


  1. Warm-up. Today we have a competition. I divide you in two teams: A and B. You have some tasks and for your right answer you’ll get a sweet. During four lessons we have learned a lot about countries, sightseeing in these countries. Look at the map of the world. What countries do you know?

  2. Do you remember what Ned’s father is?

In which countries has he been? Take the name, put on the board and read the sentence. He has been to… hello_html_75db78c5.jpg

  1. What has he seen there? Write the sentences. Look at the example.hello_html_7a748f7c.jpg

  1. Let’s have a music pause. Have you ever seen a lassie?

  2. You have a sheet of paper with sentences. Correct the mistakes.

Correct the mistakes:

  1. She have gone to London.

  2. They has not swum in the sea.

  3. Has you been to Africa?

  4. I has walked across the desert.

Correct the mistakes:

1. We has not lived in the hotel.

2. He have sailed on a boat.

  1. Has they gone to Clifton?

  2. She have climbed the mountain.

  1. Look at the board. How many sentences can you make-up?

I have been to… I have seen a…. hello_html_2d7ab8f5.jpg

  1. Let’s write your homework: you’ll do the travelling project like this.

  2. Our competition is over. How many sweets do you have? Who is the winner?

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