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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Большой английский концерт"

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КГУ «Узункольская средняя школа №1»

Внеклассное мероприятие

по английскому языку

"Большой английский концерт"



Hello, everybody! How are you? I hope, you are fine!

  1. Привет, мальчишки и девчёнки! Как у вас дела, Надеюсь, всё хорошо

1. We are glad to see you at our concert “Enjoy English”

2. Мы рады видеть вас на нашем концерте “Enjoy English” («Наслаждайся английским»).

1. Today you will listen to the English songs and rhymes.

2. Сегодня вы услышите стихи и песни на английском языке.

1. We hope you will understand everything and enjoy our concert. Мы надеемся, что вы всё поймёте и вам понравится наш концерт.

2. From my point of view you are very talented children and you can proof it.

1. Я думаю, что вы очень талантливые ребята и сможете это доказать.

2. Now, let’s start. Be active and attentive during our concert.

1. Итак, мы начинаем. Будьте активными и внимательными во время нашего концерта.

  1. Kirill, do you like poems?

  2. Yes, I do. I like poems very much.

  1. Kirill, who is your favourire poet?

  2. Now I will recite the poem “The Arrow and the Song” by Henry Wordsworth Longfello.

  3. (Slesar Denis) I would like to recite the translation of this poem.


  1. My Granny often says: “How time flies!”

  2. I am of the same opinion. And I want this party won’t come to the end.

  1. Now listen to the song “Blue train”. Meet the Girls from the tenth form.

  2. Thanks, everybody. It was great!

  1. By the way, what do you want to be?

  2. I don’t know. But the next participant of our party knows what she wants to be. Чиканаева Ганна will tell us about her dreams.

  1. Good for you. May your dreams come true.

Yana: Kirill, what is your favourite season?

Kirill: I like autumn best of all. Let’s listen to the poem “October Party” recited by Sidorenko Nadezhda.


  1. Yana, how are you today?

  2. III am so-so.

  1. I hope, that the song “Smile” in the performance of the pupils of the tenth form will make your spirit higher. Girls, welcome, please!

  2. Girls, you are so talented. Thank you very much!

  1. Are you proud of living in Kazakhstan?

  2. Yes, I am happy to live in Kazakhstan, such a pieceful and hospitable country. Do you like the poems about our Motherland?

  1. It goes without saying. Let’s listen a poem “My Motherland” recited by Irina Kartashova.

  2. It’s a wonderful poem. Thanks a lot.

  1. I think, it is time to listen to a song about piece and friendship “Bright Blue the Sky”. Meet our talented pupils.

  2. Thanks a lot.

  1. Do you know the greatest and the most famous writer in Great Britain in 15-th century?

  2. Yes, of course. It was W. Shakespeare. He wrote sonnets, songs and plays. And now I want to recite one of his famous sonnet.

  3. Nikolai--- I would like to recite the translation of the sonnet by Marshak.

  1. Good for you.

  1. I think there some pupils in our school who is fond of English and likes to sing popular English songs. One of them is Zhusupova Aliya. She will sing a song “Super Hero”

  2. Meet her, please!

1.What do you know about English pop-group “Beatles”

  1. Oh, it is one of most popular British musical group which influenced greatly on the development of pop music.

  1. I want you to listen to one of their famous songs “Yesterday”.

  2. What a wonderful song! Do you like it?

  1. Of course, I like it!

  1. Do you know what English writer told us about the main human traits of character in his poems?

1. I think it is Ridyard Kipling.

2. The pupils of the 11-th form Zaskalko Ekaterina and Ivanova Kristina will tell us what kind of man must be.


  1. I would like to continue the love’s theme in English music.

  2. As for me., I would like to listen something funnier. Country music, for example.

  3. Let’s try to join with useful things. Meet the pupils of the 11-th form.

  1. You know, that English people have a lot of traditions. They celebrate a lot of holidays. But their favourite holiday is Christmas.

  2. They give presents to each other, decorate Christmas tree and sing Christmas songs. Let’s finish our party with a song “Jingle Bells”

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