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"A special day in the English teacher’s life" тақырыбында эссе


A special day in the English teacher’s life


It is well-known that the success of work in teaching our students the English language depends on many factors, e.g. the teacher, the means and devices which they has at their disposal, the capacity of learners and some other factors.

Many people have said that language is the most important of all human activities. Some added that learning to talk is the most remarkable intellectual achievement that most people ever manage. People use language to talk about things, relations, actions, other people and objects. Language functions are different. They include communicating: 1)factual information; 2)intellectual views; 3) emotional attitudes and influencing the behavior of others.


In big cities those students who have access to television, radio, computer, magazines and periodicals, libraries with the textbooks needed, museums are also those with the most elaborate visual aids in their classrooms, videotapes, films, slide projectors, film strips. Besides, they very often have foreign language encounters surrounding them and greater opportunities to communicate with native speakers. Consequently they have more possibilities to develop their competencies.

As for us, the teachers of a little village, we often work in classrooms where a rough blackboard is the only instrument for visual reinforcement, yet the need for visual aids remains

The Chinese proverb has it:

I heard and I forgot,

I saw and I remembered,

I did and I learned.

All that I mentioned above doesn’t mean that because of lack of visuals and equipment we don’t succeed in teaching the language and that we don’t have talented students.

The majority of our gifted learners fortunately enter departments and colleges of foreign languages after graduating from school.

It means that our success depends on the teachers’ creativity and their choice of language training program.

Every experienced teacher tries to find the one program, the main textbooks which will let him/her have a chance to develop the skills and abilities of his/her learners.

A competency-based program approach is particularly well-suited to talented adult learners, who bring many advantages to the language classroom. First, they are experienced learners whose cognitive skills are fully-developed. This means they can make generalizations, understand semantic and syntactic relationships and integrate the new language into their already developed native language.

Second, talented adult learners are self-directed and independent. They have strong feelings about how and what they need to learn, and they take responsibility for that learning.

Finally, talented adult learners are highly motivated. They understand the importance of being able to communicate in the new language.

Basing instruction on competencies means that goals are clear and concrete. The learners know what success will look like from the start and can access their own progress.

The main purpose for using dialogues in the classroom is to motivate students to communicate in the foreign language. Students should concentrate on the meaning of the message they are conveying in the dialogue and not on the form. This focus lends itself to natural repetition as students practice their lines in the most effective way to communicate the meaning or the relationship among speakers in that particular speech event.


Competency based language programs are flexible in terms of time, learning style and instructional techniques. Within these programs there is always room for experimenting with new methods, and combining them with more familiar ones.


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Abisheva Aknur

The teacher of English of school

named after B.Almanov

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