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Англиский язык Holidays 6 сынып

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For the 6th form

Theme: Holidays

Aim of the lesson:

1. To develop pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speaking; to enrich their vocabulary;

2. To develop their reading,writing, listening skills and grammar, lexical habits;

3. To bring up pupils to be attentive, to write neatly and correctly;

Teacher methods:Explanation, question-answer, listening, pair work and group work.

Visual aids: pictures of the holidays,cards

Literature: 1.English:Ағылшын тілі.Жалпы білім беретін мектептің қоғамдық-гуманитарлық бағытындағы 6-сыныбына арналған оқулық/ Т.Аяпова,Д.Ұқпаева, З.Әбілдаева.

Procedure of lesson plan

I.Organization moment

a) Greeting

b) Making absents

II.Main stage

a)Checking-up homework

b)Speaking about holidays

c)Describing pictures

d) Answering the questions

e) Presenting new words

I. a) Greeting

T:Good morning pupils!

P:Good morning teacher!

T: How are you?

P:We are fine.

b) Making absents.

T: Who`s on duty today?

P: I`m on duty today

T: Who is absent today?

P: ……………….are absent / there are present

c) Warming exercises.

T:What is the date today?

P: Today is the………….

T: What is the weather like today?

P: It`s cold

T: Thank you. Let`s begin our lesson

Warm-up.How many complete English words can you find in the word whitewash? Make as many words as possible.Do not use names.

Example: whitewash





Today our new lesson is about holidays.As you know there are many kind of holidays.For example: New Year`s Day,Valentine`s Day,Halloween Thankgiving,Chistmas Day.For the first I read the kind of holidays and try to find the name of these holidays.

  1. People begin celebrating this holiday on December 31.Sometimes they have parties where guests dress up in costumes and cover their faces with masks.Next day people visit friends,realitives, neighbours.There is a lot to eat and drink.Many families watch television.

  2. On this day many people send cards to people they love.They usually do not sign these cards.These also send gifts,sweets or flowers.

  3. It`s holiday for children.Children dres-sed in costumes and knock on their neighbours` doors and ask if he/she would like or .If you give them ,(money or sweet) they go away.If you don’t ,they play a trick on you.

  4. People in many countries decorate Christmas trees and give each other presents.Children leave a long sock or stocking at the end of the bed on December 24.They hope that Santa Claus will come down the chimney during the night and bring them presents.The special food is a big turkey and Christmas pudding.

  5. On this day families in the USA gather together usually in a home for a traditional Thankgiving dinner,which includes roast turkey,sweet potatoes,and pumpkin pie.All give thanks together for the good things that they have.

It`s an Irish holiday .It`s a day when people wear green shirts,ties, hair ribbons and hats,because green is one of the signs of spring.There`s usually a parade and lots of parties.

Teacher:dear pupils let`s play game.I`ll divide you into two groups.Each team take three kind of holiday and describe its by gesture and other team must find the name of holiday.And they must talk about this holiday or they must give information about this holiday.

Group A: New Year`s Day,Valentine`s Day,Halloween.

Group B: Thankgiving,Chistmas Day,Patrick`s Day

New words:






6.to light











17.pumpkin pie


Text about holiday: Bonfire night

Bonfire night it on the fifth of Nobember.It`s a very interesting night for English children.On that evening they make bonfires and have fireworks.Some days before bonfire night they make a guy.They make him of sticks and straw and then put an old hat on his head and old gloves on the sticks that are his hands.When the bonfire is ready children or their parents put the guy on the bonfire and then light it.

Teacher:let`s do exercises according the text.Read the sentence and match True(T)or False(F).

a)Bonfire Night is on the fifth of November.

b)It`s a boring night for children.

c)Some days before Bonfire Night they make a guy.

d)They make him of sticks and straw.

e)They put and old hat on his head and a coat.

f)They put an old hat on his head and old gloves on the stick hands.

g)They put the guy on the guy on the bonfire and then light it.

Teacher:Look at the blackboard and find the words in the charts. Halloween turkey trick costume

Christmas pudding treat

Bonfire gift fireworks

VI. Conclusion stage:

  1. Giving marks

  2. Giving homeworks.(ex:8,11)

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