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Дополнительный материал по теме "Защита окружающей среды"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Are you a friend of the planet?

Active Vocabulary: a container, to damage, to destroy, to disturb, the environment, glass, grass, to keep off, nature, to plant, plastic, to pollute, pollution, to protect, to recycle, to reduce, to reuse, to spoil, to throw away, wildlife, air, to disappear, the Earth, a (river) bank, a plant, wild, chemical, for this reason, however, hunt, more than that, an otter, a specialist, in charge of, to be concerned, to find worrying, an aim, an alligator, to cover, a national park, a naturalist, a nature reserve, aerosol, atmosphere, deforestation, endangered animals, garbage, global warming, greenhouse effect, a racoon, ozone layer, to waste Grammar: Passive Voice

I. Listen to the text.


More people are against cruelty to animals in sports, such as foxhunting. Some people think that it is also cruel to use animals for scientific research. I don't think so. My mum works in a medical laboratory. They create new medicines and then test them on animals. Mum says it's necessary. Some animal research leads directly to the development of important new medicines that save hundreds of lives. It's not the same: to kill animals for sport or for life-saving research in medicine.

Research - исследование, изучение

True or False?

  1. More people are against cruelty to animals in sport.

  2. More people think that it is also cruel to use animals for scientific research.

  3. Jack’s mum works in a hospital.

  4. She cures animals.

  5. She creates new medicines and then tests them on animals.

  6. Jack agrees with his mum, that it's necessary to use animals for scientific research.

II. Read the text. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-F for each part (1-5) of the text. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use.

A.Man the destroyer

B. The greenhouse effect

C. The anger of nature

D. Global warming

E. Man wants to live in harmony with nature

F. Cruelty to animals


  1. An important environmental problem in the atmosphere is the greenhouse effect. Some gases in the atmosphere work like glass in a greenhouse. They are known as "greenhouse gases". They let heat in, but they don't let much heat out. So the atmosphere becomes warmer. The greenhouse effect is very important; if it did not occur at all, the temperature of the planet would be 40 degrees lower and the oceans would freeze. But an increase in the greenhouse effect (caused by an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere) may lead to global warming.

  2. We tend to imagine that ancient people were "environmentally friendly" and lived in harmony with nature. Some people (such as the American Indians) did indeed respect and protect their environment. But there are many examples of ancient people who destroyed the land they lived on.

The great city of Ur was destroyed by floods after its people removed the trees on the banks of the river Euphrates to use as fuel for their fires. Although the Bible says that the cause of floods was the anger of God, the real cause of the flood was probably environmental damage by man.

anger гнев

flood наводнение

  1. The dodo was a large bird, rather like a turkey, that lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. When the first man arrived in Mauritius in the early 16th century, they found that the dodos were very tame. The settlers killed the dodos partly for food and partly for sport. By 1680, less than 200 years after the first man settled on Mauritius, the last dodo was dead. Only the expression "as dead as a dodo" lives on in the English language.

  2. People are cutting down the rainforests, which control the world's weather. They act as the lungs of our planet. Deforestation destroys the Earth. Our ocean and seas are polluted because Man put chemicals and litter into them.

  3. Some people cut down the forests, but some people plant and grow trees and protect the environment. People develop new safe technologies that don't destroy and damage the environment. People made many great discoveries in science and technology. And they know how to protect and take care of nature. More and more people are beginning to understand that a clean and healthy environment is important


Read the dialogues. Learn by heart three of them. Think of your own dialogues.

  • What does “to give a hoot” mean in Russian?

  • - Look up in the dictionary.

  • - A lot of teens think about changing the world for the better. Let’start our own society.

  • - What society?

  • The Helpful Work Society.

  • What will we do?

  • We'll organise environment groups and take care of animals, birds, and forests. There is a lot of work to do.

  • Are you worried about nature?

  • Silly question. Of course, I am.

  • We are going to make a protected area for birds and other wild animals. Will you join us?

- Our lovely park behind the school is in a terrible mess. A lot of litter is left. Trees are painted. Flowers are pulled out.

1 think it's necessary to pick up the litter and take care of the trees.

- And our park will be a great place to meet and play again.

  • I think we need special laws for people who pollute.

  • What do you mean?

  • People who pollute should pay money for their carelessness.

- We'll have an ecology class tomorrow. I am asked to make a report.

What about?

"The Earth is damaged by people's activity." I have got a lot of examples.


I. Word Puzzle Down

1. The word means simply what is around

us. (11 letters)


  1. Don't wildlife. (7 letters)

  2. They are asked to trees. (5 letters)

  3. The tropical rainforests about nine million square kilometres. (5 letters)

  1. Don't leave . (6 letters)

  2. Don't garbage in water. (5 letters)

  3. Don't gardens - don't break trees. (5 letters)

7. An increase in the effect may lead to global warming. (10 letters)

  1. Building motor roads can countryside. (6 letters)

  2. Greenpeace help to nature. (7 letters)

  1. Don't rare animals. (4 letters)

  1. Most of the in big cities comes from cars and buses (9 letters)

II. Read a sentence and write another sentence with the same meaning. Example: They speak about the problem of the environment on TV, radio, and in the newspapers.

  1. Cars pollute the air.

  2. We cut down trees.

  3. Tourists often leave glass bottles in the forest.

  4. We recycle newspapers, bottles and metal cans.

5.Sometimes children break rules

III. Complete the questions below and write your own answers.

Do you think about the future of the planet?

  1. are some global environmental problems?

  2. you like to join an environmental group?

3. you ever planted trees?

  1. could you reduce your use of?

  2. can you save energy at home?

  3. is it important to remember the three R's: re-

duce, reuse, recycle?

IV. The below is what Laura wrote in her project about ecological problems in her hometown. Her project is convincing. But there are eight mistakes. Correct them.

There is a lot of factories and plants in the my hometown. They throw a lot of chemicals and dirty into the air. They poison the water in our lovely river. Fish can't to live in it. Both clean air and clean water are necessary to our health. Our factories, plants, cars and buses need in good filters. When they will have them?

Besides, I'm very concerned about that new roads destroy the countryside.

I think people should find the right balance between our natural environment, industry and the building of new roads.

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