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Fuying food ашық сабақ

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Бекітемін________ оқу ісінің меңгерушісі: Г.Умирзакова

Form: 6

Theme: Buying food

The aims of the lesson:

Learning words related to buying food..To teach make up dialogue. Answer the questions and to speak about foods To talking about healthy and unhealthy food.

The developing aim:

To develop the pupils’ thinking understanding, listening and speaking .. To develop pupils oral speech and pronunciation.

Bringing-up: To bring up interest in learning language and love the world around us.

Methods of the lesson: Individual work, pair work, group work answer the question, dialogue.

The type of the lesson: new lesson

Visual aids of the lesson: Interactive board, electronic book, video, pictures.

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

a) greeting

report with duty

b) Pupils’ today I believe you will be very active in the lesson. Let’s go dancing “Flesh mob”

c) Division of pupils into three groups. It gives some pictures of fruits, vegetables and drink.

1st group “ Fruit”

2nd group “ Vegetable”

3rd group “Drinks”

  1. Warm- up

Food quiz

  • One red fruit, one green fruit, one yellow fruit.

  • Three things people have for breakfast.

  • Four kinds of vegetables from which we can make salad

  1. To checking homework

Pupils last lesson you learn a lot of names of food. Today you must find some words and translate into Kazakh. The task is “ Puzzle words”. If you find food of names we solving key words. That key word is our today’s lessons theme. Let’s find lessons name.


Buying food

Excellent. You are clever. Our new lesson is buying food. Open your exercises copy book. And write today’s date and theme.

  1. New theme.

We are going to speak about healthy and unhealthy food. Which food is good for you and which is not so good, you will learn about food which make you strong, help to grow and give you energy.

Useful information:

Bananas give you energy

Carrots help you to see in the dark

Green tea protects your teeth

Onion is good for your nerves

V.To work with pictures. (group work)


VI.Speaking rules.(Doing exercises)

Pupils now I will check you knowledge. I give 2 sentences for groups. They read the sentences and complete the rules with some, any, or a\an.


VII Puzzle time “Solute” “You are clever”

VII. To work with dialogue.

  1. Listen

  2. Read

VIII.“Put (ˠ)” get more information New words

Flavour- хош иісті

Altogether- барлығы


Strawberry- құлпынай

Can I help you?- Мен сізге көмектесе аламын ба?

Here you are- Мінекейіңіз

Anything else?- Тағы не қалайсыз

How much is that?- қанша тұрады?

IX. Creative work.

X. Conclusion. “Spider net”

1.Where were Zora and Mike?

2.Who were they with?

3.What did they buy?

4.Do you like potatoes?

5.What flavours do you like?

6.How often do you buy?

XI. To put marks.

XII. To give homework.

Make up dialogue “At a food shop”

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