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Конспект на тему "Different kinds of houses" (7 класс)

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Theme of the lesson:Different kinds of houses.

Aims of the lesson:
a) educational: to enrich pupil’s knowledge about housing , to

enlarge their vocabulary, give them more information about kinds of homes.

) developing; to develop their speaking, reading, writing and logical thinking ,listening.

, to develop communication skills and abilities.

) cultural to bring up pupils to love and to respect their native

and foreign languages, to teach them to respect each other and

to educate them to be a honesty, to love their family, homes.

The type of the lesson:open lesson
The kind of the lesson: practical
The methods of the lesson: question-answer, game ‘Snowballs’, individual work, pair- work, group work .
Visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, slides, , video about houses.
Connection with other subjects: Kazakh.Russian.

The procedure of the lesson:
І. Organization moment

  1. Good morning, children!

How are you?

What is the date today?

What is the weather like today?

Today we have an open lesson. At first I want you to be active at the lesson .

II.Asking the homework. Pupil’s presentation . ‘My ideal house’

III. Game ‘Snowballs’.

This is your favourite game . Your task is to name all the rooms you remember

VI. Dividing the class into groups. Living room, dining room, bedroom.

V.Watching video “The most beautiful houses in the World”

1.Did you like this video?

2.Do you want to have such houses?

3.What kind of home do you live in?

4.Which of these houses do you like most of all?


VI.Group work. Method «Тұлғаны таны».

THE TERRACED HOUSE. Terraced houses are attached to each other in a long row. They are usually found in towns and cities and were earlier called townhouses. They usually have several storeys.

THE SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE.These houses share a central wall. Typically a semi has a small garden in front and a fence divides a larger garden at the back.

THE DETACHED HOUSE. A detached house has land all around it. More and more modern homes are detached, although in areas where building land is expensive the houses may be very close to each other.THE COUNTRYCOTTAGE. Country Cottages are often stone buildings which were part of a farm. Some country cottages are very old and they may have a thatched or tiled roof. Today many people who work in the cities buy cottages so that they have a place to go for the weekend.

A BUNGALOW. A bungalow is a house where all the rooms are on the ground floor. As there are no stairs, many older people dream of going to live in a bungalow when they retire.

A BLOCK OF FLATS (AM. E. APARTMENT BLOCKS).A block of flats is a large building divided into separate parts (especially flats or offices).

VII.Individual work .Match the words with the pictures.

Ex 4 p31 . mansion, palace, semi- detached, house, tent,terraced- house, windwill, bungalow, block of flats, caravan castle, cottage, detached, house, houseboat, lighthouse.

VIII .Pair-work.Method Question- answer.’

  1. What kind of houses do you know?

  2. What is a bungalow?/ cottage ,detached house, , semi- detached, house,terraced house./

  3. What kind of houses are there in your town?

4. What kind of homes do you live?

5. How many rooms are there in your house?

6.What is a roof? /chandelie, a roof, a chimney, a fence, a gate/

1. Watching the video “kinds of houses.

IX. Group work . My house is my castle.

X. Proverbs.

1. East or West, home is best.

2.Men make houses, women make homes.

3. Home is where your heart is.

4. The house shows the owner.

5.Early to bed and to rise makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise.

6. Good health is above wealth.

XI. Giving homework.
XII. Evaluation

Only true education,

Brings us to civilization,

Gives us prosperity,

Peace, pleasure and modesty.
Pupils you are very active today, your marks are excellent, good etc
- The lesson is over
- Good-bye, pupils
- Good-bye, teacher.

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